Australia’s Winter Wonderland in Kosciuszko National Park

Kosciuszko Main Range Photo Credit: Wikipedia Perisher Ski Resort in the Perisher-Thredbo area of Kosciuszko National Park Image Credit: Thredbo Ski Resort Image Credit: When you think of a holiday in Australia, skiing on snow topped mountains may not immediately come to mind, but that is exactly what you can experience in Kosciuszko National Park, located in New South Wales. It is part of the Australian Alps National Parks and Reserves and home to Mt. Kosciuszko, the tallest peak in all of Australia, sitting at 2,228 metres above sea level. Nestled in this park are the Snowy Mountains and caves to explore. Here you can climb Australia’s highest mountain, go camping, horseback riding, skiing, and stay in heritage accommodations. Come along with us today as we explore the […]

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September 11th, 2017

More Things to Do in Australia in Winter

Last week we did a feature on things to do in Australia in winter and we highlighted five different things to do including relaxing in Noosa, Kakadu National Park, winter festivals, whale watching in Hervey Bay and skiing in the mountains. Today, we have 5 more things to do in Australia in winter: Christmas in July, The Great Barrier Reef, Hobart, Swimming with Whale Sharks, and a Top End Road Trip.

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July 13th, 2017

5 Things to Do in Australia this Winter

Visiting Australia in the winter is a great time because of the varying temperatures, different options, and variety of festivals available. Depending on where you decide to travel, you can experience the tropics in the north, the mountains in the southeast, the Great Barrier Reef and whale watching along the coasts. If you plan for a road trip, you can get to see a little bit of everything. Here are 5 things to do in Australia this winter.

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July 7th, 2017
Budget Blog - Christmas in July - featured

Winter in Australia Part Three – Whale Watching Locations and Winter Festivals, Holidays, and Events around the Country

Australia’s winter begins in June and runs through August for most of the country. When most people think of holiday or travel in Australia, they probably think of fun in the sun, white powder beaches, and swimming in the beautiful ocean waters. However, winter is Australia also has so much more to offer. In part one, we learned all about skiing in the Australian Alps, driving through the wildflower trails of Western Australia, and soaking up the warmth and sunshine in the tropical north of Queensland. Part two of winter in Australia told us all about a South Australia Desert Adventure, Tasmania in winter, and the Northern Territory’s Top End Dry Season. In this, part three of our series, discover the majestic whale watching opportunities that come to the cooler […]

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July 30th, 2014