How to Pack Less and Travel Light

Sometimes packing light isn’t all about making decision on what to take and what not to take. Sure, that does play a big part of it, but there are other factors that help you to know what to take and what not to take and think outside the box to be creative about saving space […]

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March 12th, 2017

Captivating Capertee National Park and Gardens of Stone National Park in New South Wales

Now, we are continuing our journey through the National Parks of New South Wales and we hope you are enjoying the trip! Did you know that there are over 850 national parks in New South Wales? We probably won’t be able to cover them all, but we are doing our best! (I know, it’s a tough job!) First, we featured some of the best National Park in Queensland and now we are on a journey, exploring the national parks in New South Wales. We will be highlighting some of the most popular and some of our favourite national parks in the state of New South Wales. When it comes to choosing a favourite national park in New South Wales, there is often a debate. Of course, it is a matter […]

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September 19th, 2015
Asparagus - Featured

Eat and Play Your Way through the Swan Valley

The picturesque Swan Valley wine country is located just north east of Perth. Perth is the capital city of Western Australia and the 4th most populous city in the country. The valley is on the Swan River and is the oldest wine region in Australia. Besides sampling some of the wine from Swan Valley’s state-of-the-art boutique wineries on a self-drive tour of the Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail, you can also experience some of the best food from fine dining restaurants to casual cafes. Other things to do include bike riding through the historic Swan Valley Heritage Trail, tour around in a romantic horse-drawn carriage, or take a gourmet cruise on the Swan River. There are plenty of walking trails to explore and parks for family fun. For more […]

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November 28th, 2014
Taronga Giraffes - Featured

Things to do at the Taronga Zoo Western Plains

The Taronga Zoo Western Plains is in Dubbo, New South Wales, about a 5 hour drive from the Taronga Zoo in Sydney. It is also close to the same distance from Canberra. The Taronga Zoo Western Plains houses hundreds of animals from all over the world in the natural bushland habitat. The zoo opened in […]

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October 18th, 2014

10 Best Road Trips in Australia – #9 Drive the Coral Coast (Part 2)

This post is #9 out of the top 10 best road trips in Australia named by We have been detailing the accounts of each of the road trips featuring highlights of things to do and the places to see at each destination. We are on #9 in our count down, which is the Coral […]

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July 17th, 2014

Things to Do in and around Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide is the 5th largest city in Australia and that means that there is plenty to see and do in the city and the more rural surrounds too.  Adelaide is in a geographically unique position, which means an immense amount of diversity for travelers to the city. Adelaide is a plain surrounded by the Mount […]

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April 8th, 2014
Turtle - Featured

Visiting the Great Barrier Reef with Kids Part 2

The Great Barrier Reef might not be the first family destination that comes to mind when vacationing with kids, but you might be surprised to learn all of the different things the whole family can do out on the reef. If swimming out in the Coral Sea over the Great Barrier Reef is a concern, don’t fear because there are plenty of ways to explore the reef up close and still have plenty of adventure without the dangers of the open ocean.

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March 28th, 2014
Budget Blog - Fraser Island Featured

Fraser Island: World Heritage Site Wonders for Tourists

Fraser Island is one of Australia’s World Heritage Sites, protected for its natural beauty and because it is the world’s largest sand dune island. Fraser Island is 160,000 Hectares and is located just off the southern coast of Queensland. Fraser Island was formed during the Ice Age millions of years ago when the winds pushed […]

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January 23rd, 2014
Budget Blog - Cooper Pedy Featured

Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy, according to the Explore Australia road atlas, is taken from the local Aboriginal language and means, “white man’s hole in the ground.” An amusing and apt name for a town that is as active below ground as it is above. Located on the Stuart Highway (A-87) about halfway between Adelaide and Alice Springs, Coober Pedy is an Outback mining town that has a wild west feel to it.

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December 13th, 2013