Sydney’s Best Snorkelling Spots

You may not associate snorkelling with Sydney, but there is some world class snorkelling right in Sydney that will fulfill your need for adventures with a mask and fins. No need to travel far and wide, clear waters and unique marine life awaits you right off of the coast and beaches of Sydney. Here are seven places you should definitely check out and plan a snorkel and see adventure soon.

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January 27th, 2017
Magnetic Island - Featured

How Attracted Will You be to Magnetic Island and the Port City of Townsville?

Magnetic Island sits in Cleveland Bay 8 km off the coast of Townsville, Queensland. You can see its beautiful, majestic mountains from the shoreline. It is in the tropical north and just inland from the central part of the Great Barrier Reef. The island is home to a little over 2,000 residents that mainly support the tourism industry there. Even though there are resorts and hotels on the island to support the guests on holiday, most of the island still remains the natural island paradise. More than half the island is encompassed with Magnetic Island National Park and a bird sanctuary so the unspoilt natural elements can be enjoyed by all who visit and live there. Magnetic Island is home to the Wulgurukaba (“canoe”) people who are the recognised original […]

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October 1st, 2014
OceanPark - featured

Shark Bay World Heritage Area: Nature’s Protection for Rare Species

Shark Bay is a beautiful, untouched vacation spot in Western Australia. Actually, it is the most western location in Australia. The Shark Bay area refers to a variety of peninsulas, islands, inlets, and the bay just off the coast in Western Australia and located on the Indian Ocean. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, named so in 1991 and is one of only 4 worldwide locations that meet all 4 natural criteria for a World Heritage Site and is a very important wilderness region:

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February 25th, 2014