Faure Island and Shark Bay Wildlife Sanctuaries

On the heels of Shark Week, the message is clear: we must protect the sharks in our oceans or suffer the consequences of the imbalance in nature. That prompted me to look to see how many of the growing shark sanctuaries around the world has been established in Australia. Actually, I thought that I would find several. Sadly, I found none. While there are wildlife sanctuaries and marine parks, there are no sanctuaries implicitly set up for sharks. There is a movement to make Shark Bay in Western Australia a shark sanctuary,  but for now, we will have to hope that the protections of the marine wildlife sanctuary is enough to help keep the many species of sharks here safe from human dangers. People who are so afraid of shark […]

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August 11th, 2017

Australia Winter Festivals for 2017

We have been featuring things to do in Australia during the winter time. Winter in Australia is filled with festivals that make for great things to do on holiday or just with friends all over the country. We told you about some of the winter festivals in our feature on Things to Do in Australia in Winter, but now we will go into more detail about upcoming festivals still happening this winter.

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July 22nd, 2017

5 Things to Do in Australia this Winter

Visiting Australia in the winter is a great time because of the varying temperatures, different options, and variety of festivals available. Depending on where you decide to travel, you can experience the tropics in the north, the mountains in the southeast, the Great Barrier Reef and whale watching along the coasts. If you plan for a road trip, you can get to see a little bit of everything. Here are 5 things to do in Australia this winter.

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July 7th, 2017

Upcoming Festivals and Events in Victoria

There is always something to do in Australia and it is easy to find all different kinds of events and festivals happening everywhere all the time. We already told you about upcoming festivals and events in New South Wales, Western Australia, and Queensland part one and Queensland Festivals part two. Today we are featuring some of the festivals and events that are coming up in Victoria including the Melbourne Jazz Festival, Great Ocean Road Running Festival, the High Country Harvest, Van Gogh and the Seasons at the National Gallery of Victoria, and the Chevrolet Brasil Global Tour Match 1. Add these great events to your social calendar now! Here’s a little bit about each:

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May 27th, 2017

Top Destinations for Autumn in Australia (Part Two)

Earlier this week, we featured part one of our top autumn destinations in Australia. We featured the Adelaide Hills, the Yarra Valley, Cradle Mountain, and the Margaret River Region. The colours and the weather are a winning combination! You may not even realise that you can find some picturesque and amazing Autumn colour scenes in […]

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April 27th, 2017

The Most Instagrammed Places in Australia (Part Two – Queensland)

Australia’s scenery is vast and magnificent. There are no shortage of beautiful locations just waiting for you and your camera. Earlier this week, we featured part one of our most instagrammed places in Australia that included the Sydney Harbour, Bondi Beach, Taronga Zoo, Cape Byron Lighthouse, Darling Harbour, Jenolan Caves, St Kilda Beach, National Gallery […]

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March 19th, 2017

The Most Instagrammed Places in Australia (Part One)

When you are looking for the most scenic places, Australia does not disappoint and there is no shortage of beautiful scenery. As you will see from the most Instagrammed places in Australia, that there is also a big variety in the different types of beauty our country has to offer. Here are 10 of the most Instagrammed places in Australia (in no particular order).

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March 17th, 2017

The People’s Choice Best Australian Travel Destinations Part Two

There are so many different places to visit and things to do while on holiday in Australia. There is something for everyone, but if you like lists, we have compiled some of the best Australian travel destinations with the help of AustralianTraveller.com. Read on to find some of the winners of their people’s choice awards for best food and wine region, best outback adventure, best historical site, most scenic road trip, best walk, best annual festival, and best guided tour. In part one, we covered the first four destinations on our list. Now, for part two, will be covering the three best travel destinations from our list that all happen to be in or near Sydney.

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February 15th, 2017

Sydney’s Best Snorkelling Spots

You may not associate snorkelling with Sydney, but there is some world class snorkelling right in Sydney that will fulfill your need for adventures with a mask and fins. No need to travel far and wide, clear waters and unique marine life awaits you right off of the coast and beaches of Sydney. Here are seven places you should definitely check out and plan a snorkel and see adventure soon.

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January 27th, 2017

A Long Distance Bushwalking Adventure: The Bicentennial National Trail Part Two

This is part two of our blog series all about the Bicentennial National Trail. In part one, we covered the northern part of the trail, sections 1 through 6 that take you from the Far North of Queensland in Cooktown to the Queensland and New South Wales Border. If you are into long distance trekking, then you should consider The Bicentennial National Trail for your next holiday adventure. Originally known as the National Horse Trail, the Bicentennial National Trail is a challenging hike stretching over 5,330 km from Cooktown, Queensland through New South Wales, the ACT, and ending in Healesville, Victoria near Melbourne. The trail was originally intended for horses, and is now one of the longest non-motorised trails in the world. It is classified as multi-use, so horses are […]

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January 24th, 2017