The Great Walks of Australia: The Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk

Normally when we talk about The Twelve Apostles, it is usually in reference to the world famous Great Ocean Road trip. The road trip is a beautifully scenic and iconic one that takes you from Melbourne along the southern coast of Victoria passing by The Twelve Apostles on the way to Port Fairy at the western […]

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April 30th, 2016

Best Yoga Retreats in Australia (Part Two)

There is no doubt that a holiday or travel throughout Australia is usually filled with adventure and excitement. Everyone can always use a little balance in their vacation time, so we are highlighting some of the best yoga retreats in Australia. AustralianTraveller  has listed 10 of the best yoga retreats where you can refresh, renew, and relax. In part one, we highlighted Gaia Retreat and Spa in Byron Bay, Saffire Freycinet in Tasmania, Qualia on Hamilton Island, One and Only Hayman Island, and Billabong Retreat on the New South Wales’ Coast. Now in this blog, we round out the top 10 with Samadhi Retreat in Daylesford, Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat in Gold Coast, Eden Health Retreat in the Currumbin Valley of Queensland, Injidup Spa Retreat in Margaret River, and Mullum Sari […]

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March 11th, 2016
Barossa Valley

South Australian Loop Road Trip

Just when you thought you knew all of the road trips and touring routes in Australia, another one pops up on your radar. Today, we will be exploring the South Australian Loop. This road trip through South Australia takes you from Adelaide to Flinders Rangers, back to Adelaide, around the Fleurieu Peninsula and over to […]

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February 19th, 2016
St Pauls Beach

Outdoor Pools in Melbourne

We recently highlighted some of the best outdoor pools in Sydney and now, it’s Melbourne’s turn to show off the public baths, beach rock pools and outdoor pools in and around Victoria’s capital city. The rock pool name comes because most are naturally occurring rock pools, shallow and sheltered from the tides by rocks strategically placed by nature and a part of some of Melbourne’s beautiful coastal beaches. Melbourne’s rock pools are quite different from the ones we highlighted in Sydney. They are more like tidal pools that appear at low tide. Baths are the historic name from many pools because the rock pools and tidal pools at beaches were used for bathing throughout history. But don’t worry, you won’t find anyone bringing a bar of soap to these newer, […]

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January 15th, 2016

Highlights from the Magical and Remote Kimberley Region

We can’t say enough great things about a road trip holiday in the Kimberley region. In honour of our road trip sign contest this month, we are featuring this remote and scenic region once again. You are sure to find interesting signs and plenty of adventure along the way. We hope you enjoy a wonderful rugged and remote road trip here soon. It is definitely “bucket list” worthy. The Kimberley Region of Western Australia is bordered on the north by the Timor Sea and to the west is the Indian Ocean. The land borders to the region include the Northern Territory on the western border and Great Sandy Desert and Tanami Desert to the south. We have written about it several times, you can read about the most picturesque spots […]

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December 5th, 2015

Australian Christmas Holiday Ideas

If you are dreaming of a white Christmas in Australia, you certainly can have that. However, it might not be the same type of white you were thinking of. Instead, White Christmas in Australia means beautiful, pristine white sand beaches and white capped waves. The southern hemisphere is right in the middle of summer during […]

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November 7th, 2015

A Look at Lane Cove National Park

Welcome back to our series on the National Parks of New South Wales. Did you know that there are over 850 national parks in New South Wales? We probably won’t be able to cover all 850, but we will definitely highlight some of the most popular and some of our favourites. First, we featured some of the best National Park in Queensland and now we are on a journey, exploring the national parks in New South Wales. When it comes to choosing a favourite national park in New South Wales, there is often a debate. Of course, it is a matter of preference as to which one is your favourite and there is definitely no shortage of choices. We started out in the vast wilderness of Barrington Tops National Park. […]

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August 27th, 2015
Cape Howe Cottages

Make it an Amazing Holiday in Awesome Albany, Western Australia

Albany is located on the southwest tip of Australia and is the oldest permanently settled town in Western Australia. Albany is perfect if you want to skip the vacation crowds because (mistakenly) not many people think of taking a holiday in southwestern Australia. It is a beautiful paradise here with beaches, landscapes, and a rich […]

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August 1st, 2015
Lady Elliot Island

Sandy Beaches, Blue Waters, and Whale Watching in Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is a popular tourist spot, it’s in between the Queensland mainland and Fraser Island. It is a mecca for holiday-goers seeking for fun in the sun, sand, and Coral Sea. The town of Hervey Bay is on the mainland coast of the bay and is about a 3 ½ hour drive north of […]

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July 31st, 2015

The Beautiful and Diverse National Parks of Queensland: Great Barrier Reef National Park

Over the past several months, we have covered more than 20 of the top national parks in the state of Queensland. Then we spent the last couple months recapping the blog posts on the National Parks of Queensland in a 5 part series. This last recap covers the undisputed most well-known landmark in Australia is the Great Barrier Reef. However, not many people realize that it is also a national park of Queensland. It has been in the news as of late and also a controversy about whether or not The Great Barrier Reef should still keep its protected status and World Heritage Listing. In this blog post, we will recap our previous blog posts highlighting how diverse, precious, and amazing the Great Barrier Reef is.

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July 25th, 2015