Explore the Natural Beauty of the Remote Top End on Nature’s Way Road Trip

Now is the time to start planning your next road trip through the Northern Territory. It is only passable during the dry season, which is the winter. Nature’s Way is a rugged and remote, adventurous road trip through the Top End of Australia’s Northern Territory. The name says it all, this journey really helps you […]

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June 26th, 2017

How to Start a Travel Blog

One of the many things that the Internet and social media has made possible is the ability to travel and share your experiences with others through a blog and social media. If you love to travel and always wanted to start a blog, we have compiled a list of tips from the experts who are […]

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June 21st, 2017

It’s Whale Watching Season in Western Australia!

The height of whale watching season has just begun in Western Australia. The Indian Ocean and Southern Ocean coastlines of Western Australia are home to one of of the longest whale watching seasons in the world. These are also some of the most isolated coastlines, which gives you an amazing opportunity to see these magnificent creatures of the deep up close and personal. The height of whale watching season in Western Australia is from May through September. However, something unique to Western Australia is that if you know where to look (and most of the expert whale watching charter companies do), then you can seek out and find different whales on year long; more on that later.

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June 2nd, 2017

7 Times When You Should Hire a Car

Most people only think about hiring a car when they are on holiday, but there are other reasons to rent a car that can make your life much easier. You might not think about hiring a car other times, but you can also hire a car while your current vehicle is being repaired, when going […]

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May 25th, 2017

Top Destinations for Autumn in Australia (Part Two)

Earlier this week, we featured part one of our top autumn destinations in Australia. We featured the Adelaide Hills, the Yarra Valley, Cradle Mountain, and the Margaret River Region. The colours and the weather are a winning combination! You may not even realise that you can find some picturesque and amazing Autumn colour scenes in […]

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April 27th, 2017

Top Destinations for Autumn in Australia (Part One)

If you are looking for the best places to see the autumn colours in Australia, we’ve got you covered. You may not even realise that you can find some picturesque and amazing autumn colour scenes in Australia. Get your rental car ready and head out to some of these beautiful places between March and May.

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April 24th, 2017

50 Weird and Amazing Facts About Australia

If you are traveling around Australia, it is always fun and interesting to learn strange and weird facts about the place you are visiting. Australia definitely has some of the strangest facts; we are sharing some of them with you here today.

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April 1st, 2017

Best Mobile Apps for Traveling in Australia

Whether you are backpacking or just on holiday traveling around Australia, you can get a boost from technology and get some great benefits with the help of some travel apps. You might think about travel apps to help you with maps or navigation or finding accommodations, and we have some of those in our list […]

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March 25th, 2017

The Most Instagrammed Places in Australia (Part Three)

This is part three in our series featuring the top 20 most Instagrammable places in Australia. We have covered places in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland in our first two blogs on this series. As you have seen, Australia’s scenery is vast and picturesque. There are so many beautiful and awesome places. Earlier this […]

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March 23rd, 2017

The Most Instagrammed Places in Australia (Part One)

When you are looking for the most scenic places, Australia does not disappoint and there is no shortage of beautiful scenery. As you will see from the most Instagrammed places in Australia, that there is also a big variety in the different types of beauty our country has to offer. Here are 10 of the most Instagrammed places in Australia (in no particular order).

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March 17th, 2017