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Jindabyne and The Snowy Mountains of Australia

Jindabyne is known as the gateway to The Snowy Mountains and is located in New South Wales with a population of 2,441. Jindabyne is the opening to the mountain range and is a lovely mountain village there at the base of the mountains. When most people think of touring or holiday in Australia, it involves either exciting cityscapes or ocean adventures; however, the beautiful snow-capped mountains make for a peaceful and amazing getaway anytime of the year. The ski season in The Snowy Mountains runs from June to early October, which makes for a great winter escape in the Southern Hemisphere.  Jindabyne and The Snowy Mountains are not all about snow and ski; there are many things to do year round. When you visit Jindabyne, you may feel like you […]

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November 23rd, 2013
One Tree Hill Vineyard

Visiting Barossa Valley

A short 50 kilometers or so north of Adelaide, one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations has found itself with the good geographical luck to be near a major metropolitan area. Good for the tourists, anyway. Meet the Barossa Valley, known as one of the country’s oldest wine producing regions.  Way back in 1843 the […]

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November 20th, 2013