When you are travelling away from home, your vacation can be cut short fast if you forget an essential item. We aren’t talking about your toothbrush or underwear. While those are important to have, there are certain must-have things you need to take on a trip with you. Make sure to make a list of essentials and check it twice.

Protection for Your Passport, ID and Tickets

One of the most important things to remember besides to have your passport, ID and any paper tickets you need for your travel is to have some place safe and on your person to keep them in. Whether it is your sock, a money belt, or a fanny pack, make sure to keep all your important documents on your person and never inside your luggage or even a purse or carry on.

Backup Document Copies

Each country is different in what they might allow for this, but make sure to have a backup copy of your documents in case yours get lost or stolen. You should keep backup copies in your hotel safe or in different places as well as digitally cloud based copies too, so you can access them from anywhere in case of an emergency.

Universal Adapters

Before you travel research what type of AC power is used where you are going. Then you can purchase a universal adapter. If you can find one with a phone charger in it, that will come in handy too. If you travel with a lot of electronics, make sure to bring enough adapters. You always want to have a way to charge your phones and cameras and anything else of importance. Nowadays, losing the ability to use your mobile phone can cause travel problems very fast since we rely on them so much.

Bring Your Medications and First Aid

Bring more than enough of your medications with you just in case your trip is delayed or extended. You should also carry a list of your medications and keep copies of that list digitally. Let everyone in your party know about the list or have an extra copy. You should also travel with a mini first aid kit. A suggested ingredient list for your first aid kit is:

  • Bandages, plasters, and dressings of different sizes
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Painkillers
  • Eye wash
  • Distilled water

If you or anyone in your family or traveling party is allergic, keep a list of that and have the allergy medicine on hand too.

Waterproof Clothing

Since umbrellas are too big and bulky to carry, make sure to bring some waterproof clothing with you, even if rain isn’t expected. You can find parkas that fold up very small and don’t take much room in your luggage.

Versatile Clothing

When you pack, versatile clothing will go a long way toward helping you look good without over packing. This means solid clothing with neutral colours so that you can easily mix and match. Check the temperature ahead of time so that you can see the range of weather to expect to plan for.