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Walking through Nature in Nattai National Park

Walking through Nature in Nattai National Park

Nattai National Park is located south of the Blue Mountains and is adjacent to Kanangra-Boyd National Park  which we have featured before. It is just a 1 ½ hour to 2 hour drive from Sydney. It is located 150 km south west of Sydney. This protected park along with seven other national parks all make up the UNESCO World Heritage listed Greater Blue Mountains Area. We previously featured some of the national parks in the region north of Sydney in New South Wales including the Greater Blue Mountains Area National Parks as well as other national parks in the region.  We featured Berowra Valley National Park, Marramarra National Park, and Dharug National Park  and Yengo National Park. Previously, we highlighted several other National Parks in this region including Blue Mountains National Park, Ku-ring-ga National Park, Royal National Park, Brisbane Water National Park, Gardens of Stone National Park, and Wollemi National Park.  Today, we are featuring Nattai National Park. Visiting a national park helps contribute to their protection and is an excellent way to be able to enjoy the Australian wilderness. Nattai National Park includes the Nattai River, the Little River, Allum River and the Wollondilly River, the dramatic Hawkesbury sandstone cliffs, Mount Jellore and is heavily forested. Even though it is this close to Sydney, it is one of the more remote national parks and is not as well visited as many of the other national parks of this region. If you are into remote wilderness exploration, then Nattai National Park is for you. While there, you can also visit the Nattai State Conservation Area, the Burragorang State Conservation Area, Lake Burragorang, the Bargo State Conservation Area, the Wombeyan Caves, and the Yerranderie State Conservation Area.

Nattai National Park Photo Credit:

Nattai National Park Photo Credit:

Nattai National Park Photo Credit:

Things to Do in Nattai National Park

Nattai National Park Photo Credit:

Nattai National Park Photo Credit:

Even though Nattai National Park is so close to Sydney, it feels like it is light years away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. Because this park is more remote and less visited than most, you should be sure to take the necessary precautions since there are fewer facilities in this park than in others. If a peaceful getaway away from it all is what you are looking for, then you’ve found it in Nattai National Park. There are walking trails and spectacular views at the lookout in the park. Do your research about the requirements and details of the walking trail you choose. No matter the length of your walk, be sure to plan ahead, understand the fitness level requirements, use sunscreen and hats to protect your skin from the sun, have the right shoes and attire, bring plenty of drinking water, have emergency supplies with you, and make sure that someone not travelling with you knows when you are expected back. Check the weather before your trip so you know what type of conditions and temperatures you can expect. The weather in Nattai National Park can be extreme and unpredictable, so be sure to come prepared for different weather scenarios. When you take all these necessary safety precautions, it ensures that you will have the most enjoyable holiday.  It is also important to always remember that you are a guest in nature. Bring a bag with you to take your own rubbish away. Leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but pictures. The main features in Nattai National Park include the Starlights Trail, the Wollondilly Lookout, and the Couridjah Corridor Walk. You are likely to see plenty of wildlife in the park including wallaroos, emus, wallabies, grey kangaroos, wombats, and dingos. You can also do a fair amount of bird watching as there are more than 160 species of birds in this area.

Wollondilly Lookout

Wollondilly Lookout in Nattai National Park Photo Credit: (Wikipedia) By Stephan Ridgway from Sydney, Australia – Nattai National Park, Wollondilly Lookout, CC BY 2.0,

Wollondilly Lookout in Nattai National Park Photo Credit:

Wollondilly Lookout in Nattai National Park Photo Credit:

Wollondilly Lookout in Nattai National Park Photo Credit:

The Wollondilly Lookout is where you will find some of the most incredible, spectacular and remote views in New South Wales. Like many of these national parks so close to Sydney, it is difficult to imagine that you are so close to the busy city, yet so far away at the same time. The views here at the Wollondilly Lookout scan over the sandstone cliff ridges and eucalypt forests over the vast expanse of the park. This is also a great spot for bird watching and looking for the other wildlife in the park. There are over 160 different species of birds in the park. Wildlife you might spot here includes brush-tailed rock wallabies, wallaroos, eastern grey kangaroos, koalas, and owls. Also keep an eye out for the elusive and shy platypus, you might catch a glimpse of them in the rivers.

Starlights Trail

Starlights Trail in Nattai National Park Photo Credit:

Starlights Trail in Nattai National Park Photo Credit:

Starlights Trail in Nattai National Park Photo Credit:

Starlights Trail in Nattai National Park Photo Credit:

If you are an experienced hiker, then you can take on the grade 4 Starlights trail bushwalk. It is best suited for experienced hikers.. The Starlights trail is part of the Greater Blue Mountains trail network between Mittagong and Katoomba. The distance is an 11 km return and it takes about 4 or 5 hours to complete. If you are on the Greater Blue Mountains trail, that is a multi-day walk that takes seven days and takes you through so much of the unexplored wilderness in this region. The Starlights Trail gives you a taste of this Nattai Wilderness and rewards hikers with amazing views of Nattai River and the astonishing cliffs that surround it. You’ll also enjoy amazing views from the Ahearn lookout over the cliffs and bluffs, the towering Russell’s needle sandstone spur and Mount Jellore. There is a remote campground at the end of Starlights Trail near the Nattai River called Emitts Flat.

Couridjah Corridor Walk

Couridjah Corridor Walk in Nattai National Park Photo Credit:

Couridjah Corridor Walk in Nattai National Park Photo Credit:

Couridjah Corridor Walk in Nattai National Park Photo Credit:

Couridjah Corridor Walk in Nattai National Park Photo Credit:

The Couridjah Corridor Walk takes you through Nattai National Park and another park in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, Thirlmere Lakes National Park. The walk is 14 km return that combines bushwalking and hiking. It is a grade 4 rated walk and the suggested time to complete the walk is 4 to 6 hours. The sights you’ll see along this walk include the Hawkesbury sandstone cliffs, sheltered gorges, eucalypt forests and the wetlands of Thirlmere Lakes. Bird watchers will have plenty to see including the magnificent owls that live in the park and the glossy black cockatoos plus 160 other species of birds. In addition to birds, the local wildlife includes eastern grey kangaroos, wallaroos, brush-tailed rock wallabies and more. There is a strong tie to Aboriginal culture and history in this region of the park. Couridjah means honey in the language of the original land owners, the Gundagurra people. The land has been a treasure for them because of the constant supply of water and the abundant wildlife.

Hiring a Car in Sydney to get to Nattai National Park

Nattai National Park Map Photo Credit: Google Maps

Sydney Car Rental Map Photo Credit:

It’s convenient and easy to hire a car in Sydney  at one of many convenient locations. If you flew into Sydney on holiday, you can hire a car right at the Sydney Airport. Other locations in Sydney where you can rent a car at a great price include Sydney east location in Alexandria, or the Sydney southwest location in Ravensby. Click through any of the links to get a quick and easy rate quote for the best car rental rates in Sydney. Be sure to let your car rental agent know your travel itinerary so that they can ensure you have the best vehicle for your trip. Our helpful car rental agents can also assist you with local maps, holiday tips and pointers, and travel safety information. While in Sydney, check out these other holiday ideas from our blog:

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