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How to Start a Travel Blog

How to Start a Travel Blog

One of the many things that the Internet and social media has made possible is the ability to travel and share your experiences with others through a blog and social media. If you love to travel and always wanted to start a blog, we have compiled a list of tips from the experts who are already doing it. Last week, we told you how to make your travel blog a “must read”; today we are taking a step back. Here are 10 tips on how to get started on a travel blog.

  1. Don’t make it about the money. Before you begin a travel blog, the number one rule is that you have to be doing this because you love it. It is not only about a love for traveling, you have to love telling others about your travels and love doing that by writing. If you are planning to start a travel blog to make money to finance said travels, that is definitely a possibility, but don’t do it for the money. You have to have a love for writing, be good at communicating through your words, and you must be passionate about sharing your travel experiences. Once it becomes about the money, then that is the driving force rather than the love of telling others about your travels.
  2. Research the Travel Industry. Before you start any endeavor, you want to understand how others are doing it. Look at other travel blogs, and other travel publications to see what you like and what you don’t like about them. Then, you can begin to find a focus for your blog. Are you going to focus on one region or country? Then also look at other successful blogs outside of the travel industry and study what makes them successful.
  3. Choose a Great Name for Your Blog. Pick something catchy and easy to remember. Try to make your blog name memorable and unique. One of the main things to consider when choosing your blog name is social media handles and the domain name. You should choose your domain name, it can still be run through Word Press and is very easy to set up, but it sounds so much better than a free Word Press domain. After you have decided on an awesome name for your blog, grab the social media handles on every social channel, even if you aren’t planning on being active on all of them right now.
  4. Polish Your Writing Skills. Your audience isn’t the grammar police, but they will still want to see well written posts that aren’t boring and aren’t just a list of things you do while traveling.
  5. Think about Your Writing Style. Once you have polished your writing skills, you should think about your writing style. Make sure that you are being informative and that your travel blog tales are useful to others traveling to the same places. Plan to tell them more than just a list of where you went and what you did there. Include pictures and details about the places, how they make you feel. Paint a picture and be sure not to always just make it about you. Your readers have to be able to picture themselves there or the inspiration to travel just won’t be there for them.
  6. Design an Awesome Blog. Blogging is easy and there are plenty of free blogging platforms out there to choose from. Just be sure not to phone in the design and setup aspect of your blog. Find blog designs that you like and use them for inspiration, but don’t copy everything. Make sure that your style is unique to you and highlight what exactly it is that makes you unique. Your design is something that potential readers will see before they read a single word. No matter how great and engaging your writing is, your design is what can pull them in initially. If necessary, hire a professional to design and awesome blog for you rather than just choosing a stock layout from Word Press. Free tools don’t always benefit your blog. Always remember that moving forward. Sometimes your investment can be easily returned to you if you choose to invest wisely.
  7. Self-Teaching is Going to Be Necessary. In order to keep up with your travel blog competition, you are going to need to know some aspects of the technology. Fortunately, most of it is very easy to learn either through trial or a quick educational video thanks to YouTube. Learn about photography, learn about plugins, how to back up your work, Photoshop, and other photo editing, etc. One of the most important things you should do at the setup of your blog is installing Google Analytics. It is free, and you can learn about it as you go, but at least you can start collecting data on your blog readers from the beginning. If you ever decide to monetize your blog, you will need those stats; and even if you never decide to monetize your blog, the stats can help you connect with your readers and get ideas too.
  8. Plan to Mix up Mediums. Don’t make your blogs text only. Of course, you should and likely would add pictures, but think about also using video, live blogging, social media integration, and even podcasting. Also, as part of your mediums, you should include maps to show where you have been and where you are going. Maps, of course, also help others follow you and get to where they are trying to go.
  9. Layout Your Goals. What is a successful travel blog to you? Before you start a blog, you should look at it as a business. This is the case even if you aren’t going to monetize your blog. What are you goals and what do you want to happen with your blog to consider it a success? Always keep those goals in mind when you write, create, and share your blog.
  10. Network and Collaborate with Other Travel Bloggers. There are plenty of other travel bloggers. If you keep in touch or even plan to travel together, it can be a benefit to both your blog and a partner’s blog if you cross share your posts. You can also plan to host guest posts to help spread the word about your blog and provide consistent content to your readers in between your own posts. Variety is the spice of life and it can be a good thing to spice up your blog too.
  11. Just Do It. Our “bonus” number 11 tip is to Just Do It! To quote the famous slogan, sometimes, you just have to dive in and start somewhere. If you plan to much, you spend all the time planning and think about what to do and no time actually “doing”. So, go for it, and “Just Do It”.

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