In the past, we featured many of the National Parks of NSW near Sydney. One of the national parks there with the most to see and do is Yengo National Park. First, we featured the campgrounds and accommodations in Yengo National Park. Then, we focused on the walking trails and lookouts in Yengo National Park. We previously told you all about Berowra Valley National Park, Marramarra National Park, Kanangra-Boyd National Park, Gardens of Stone National Park, Thirlmere Lakes National Park, Brisbane Water National Park, and Dharug National Park. We also just did a feature on the Nature in Nattai National Park. Yengo National Park is adjacent to Dharug National Park directly to the east and in the Lower Hunter region of New South Wales. Yengo National Park is located about 85 km northwest of Sydney’s CBD. It takes about 2 hours to drive there from Sydney. The park is vast, covering 154,328 hectares of land. This protected park along with seven other national parks all make up the UNESCO World Heritage listed Greater Blue Mountains Area. Yengo National Park features walking trails, campgrounds, accommodations, cycle trails, bushwalking, horseback riding, bird watching, panoramic lookouts, scenic drives, and Aboriginal cultural heritage sites. This is part three of our blog series on Yengo National Park. In part one, we highlighted the places to stay in Yengo National Park: The Big Yango House and the four different campgrounds in Yengo National Park plus the Big Yango House. The campgrounds are Mogo campground, Finchley campground, Mountain Arm campground, and Blue Gums campground. In part two, we explored the walking trails and picturesque lookouts available inside Yengo National Park. Today, we will be exploring the bike trails and scenic four wheel drives in the park.

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Biking Trails in Yengo National Park

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Do your research about the requirements and details of the bike trail you choose. No matter the length of your ride, be sure to plan ahead, understand the fitness level requirements, use sunscreen and hats to protect your skin from the sun, have the right shoes and attire, bring plenty of drinking water, have emergency supplies with you, and make sure that someone not travelling with you knows when you are expected back. Check the weather before your ride so you know what type of conditions and temperatures you can expect. When you take all these necessary safety precautions, it ensures that you will have the most enjoyable holiday. The weather in Yengo National Park can be extreme and unpredictable, so be sure to come prepared for different weather scenarios. It is also important to always remember that you are a guest in nature. Bring a bag with you to take your own rubbish away. Leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but pictures. Here is a little bit about the two bike trails in Yengo National Park: Old Great North Road Bike Ride and Devines Hill Loop.

Old Great North Road Bike Ride

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The Old Great North Road Bike Ride runs through both Dharug National Park and Yengo National Park. It also connects with Devines Hill Loop bike trail, which we will tell you about next. The Old Great North Road has a fascinating history here where colonial era convicts were chained together and forced to build the road. The Old Great North Road Bike Ride is 43 km each way, so it is a hard level course that will take you all day to complete. Be sure to bring extra water, as this is a long bike trail and water is scarce in this area. Water from the tanks must be boiled or treated before drinking. Pay close attention to the signs asking you to heed walkers along the trail and for safety to walk your bike down Devine’s Hill The Old Great North Road also has two of the oldest surviving stone bridges in mainland Australia. The Clares Bridge and Circuit Flat Bridge were also built by the convicts that built the Old Great North Road.

Devines Hill Loop

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Devines Hill Loop runs between Dharug National Park and Yengo National Park. It is near Wisemans Ferry and is great for a bike ride, but you can also walk the 28 km loop. The bike ride takes about 6 hours long. It is a medium grade biking trail. There is a terrific hill to climb, which makes for an amazing bike ride. Parts of Devines Hill lop is on the Old Great North Road, which is a great history lesson in addition to being a great, scenic trail to ride on. The Old Great North Road was built by Australian convicts. There are interpretive panels along the way, so you can get off of your bike to read all about the fascinating colonial history of this road and this region.

Scenic Four Wheel Drives in Yengo National Park

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There are two scenic drives in Yengo National Park. Since this park is rugged and remote, you will need a four wheel drive to get to the park and to traverse these four wheel drive trails within the park. Here is a little bit about the Big Yango Loop Trail and Howes Trail. As you can see, biking, driving, and bushwalking can all be combined on many of these trails throughout the park.

Big Yango Loop Trail

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The Big Yango Loop Trail also can play double duty as a 4WD touring road or a mountain biking trail. It is close to the Blue Gums Campground and the Big Yango House. It is a 22 km loop. Driving it takes about 1 hour and it is rated a medium level four wheel drive course. The road includes some steep climbs and descents, plus some tight switchbacks. It is one of the best ways to explore the rugged landscapes of Yengo National Park. You will also get a chance to stop and see some spectacular views of the wilderness of Yengo National Park that covers the expanse of the Wollemi wilderness with views as far as Newnes and Rylstone.

Howes Trail

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Howes Trail in Yengo National Park Photo Credit:

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The Howes Trail is definitely one of the top things to see and do in Yengo National Park. This trail is a drive through open forests. It is 30 km one-way and takes approximately 2 hours 30 minutes. This is graded a hard 4WD trail. Always check ahead of time because the Howes Trail can sometimes be closed down due to weather or fire danger during the dry season. This trail takes you along the northern section of Yengo National Park near Windsor. You will see the ironbark forests. Motorbikes and bike riders also use this route, so use caution when driving and lookout for others. Be sure to take some time out of your vehicle to appreciate the nature and wildlife in this section of the park. You can pack a picnic and some binoculars for bird watching. There are over 200 species of birds in Yengo National Park; look out for raucous glossy black and gang gang cockatoos and lyrebirds.

Hiring a Car in Sydney to get to Yengo National Park

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It’s convenient and easy to hire a car in Sydney  at one of many convenient locations. If you flew into Sydney on holiday, you can hire a car right at the Sydney Airport. Other locations in Sydney where you can rent a car at a great price include Sydney east location in Alexandria, or the Sydney southwest location in Ravensby. If you want to hire your car or four wheel drive vehicle closer to Yengo National Park, then choose the city of Gosford Budget location. Click through any of the links to get a quick and easy rate quote for the best car rental rates in Sydney. Be sure to let your car rental agent know your travel itinerary so that they can ensure you have the best vehicle for your trip. Our helpful car rental agents can also assist you with local maps, holiday tips and pointers, and travel safety information. While in Sydney, check out these other holiday ideas from our blog:

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