Road trips and holiday destinations are very popular in Australia. We have featured so many road trips in the past, some are short, some are long, some are rugged, but all of them are filled with fun and adventure. The important thing is to make sure you and your vehicle are ready before you embark on your road trip.

  • Map Out Your Route: You should map out your route ahead of time. This is especially important if you are heading to a more remote location because some areas do not have mobile phone coverage. Therefore, you can’t expect to have a connection or wifi for GPS mapping systems or mobile phone service. You should have those regular old school paper maps on hand for those just-in-case situations, especially if you are travelling to or through remote areas. Some remote areas can be just an hour or two outside of the biggest cities too. You can never be too careful and need to map your route ahead of time and have an offline backup. Remember that whenever you are travelling through remote areas that someone who is not travelling with you knows where you are going and when you are expected back.
  • Plan Carefully: Plan your trip ahead of time and even plan out alternative options if something doesn’t work out. Careful and thorough planning will help your holiday go smoothly. When you plan for contingencies, nothing can derail your good time. Part of your planning and mapping when driving or road tripping for your holiday should include traffic delays, especially when heading through some of the busy cities. When you plan everything ahead of time and in advance, you can often get reduced rates for air fares, hotel, and your car rental too. Attractions or special events you plan to attend can sell out, so purchasing advance tickets ensures your entrance. You also get a better array of choices for hotel rooms and the types of rental cars available. All of those reservations and advance tickets also help you stay on track with your original plans and keep everything running smoothly.
  • Make Sure Your Car is Ready: A reliable car is vital to a fun and successful road trip. When you hire a car, be sure to tell your agent what your travel plans are so that they can make sure that you have the right vehicle for the trip you are about to embark on. You also know that everything is checked on your car including the tyres, windshield wipers, battery, brake pads, shocks, lights, fluids, and all other security features. If you are taking your own vehicle on a road trip, it is important to take it in for a tune up and make sure that everything is in tip top shape. It is also a great idea to clean your car out so that everyone is comfortable and there isn’t anything taking up more room than necessary. Keep a garbage bag in the car so that you don’t clutter it up on your trip. Continually empty your garbage when you stop at places where you can throw it out. Remember that if you are camping on your road trip, many national parks don’t have places to throw things away so you will need to take your rubbish with you and dispose of it elsewhere.
  • Pack Smart: Your vehicle only has so much space in it! You don’t want to compromise leg room for some extra clothes or anything that you don’t really need, so pack light. Only bring what you need, but leave room for emergency supplies.

Be Prepared with Emergency Supplies: If you are on a road trip, you should always bring emergency supplies with you because you never know when you are going to need them or when you might be out of mobile phone coverage range. Your supplies should include a spare tyre, extra petrol, lots of drinking water, water for your car, an emergency car repair kit, a torch, and plenty of sunscreen. You will likely need sunscreen any time of the year and even if you aren’t planning an extended stay in the sun.