The surrounds of Perth are unique because there is so much protected land around this growing city and greater metropolitan area. Perth is the capital of Western Australia and it is one of Australia’s fastest growing cities. Surrounding the growing metropolis are 15 national parks, 7 regional parks, 3 marine parks, and 3 nature reserves; plus an interesting mix of forest land, caves, and coastline. In our first blog post about National Parks near Perth, we visited Avon Valley National Park, John Forrest National Park, Serpentine National Park, Yanchep National Park, and Beelu National Park. Our second blog post on national parks near Perth  included a closer look at Walyunga National Park, Yalgorup National Park, Wandoo National Park, Kalamunda National Park, and Greenmount National Park. Come with us again as we explore five more national parks in the surround region of Perth including Korung National Park, Midgegooroo National Park, Gooseberry Hill National Park, Helena National Park, and Neerabup National Park. These national parks highlight the natural surrounds of metropolitan Perth including the Perth Hills, caves, forests, and walking trails in Perth’s surrounds.

Korung National Park


Pickering Brook near Korung National Park Photo Credit; (Wikipedia) By Photographs by Gnangarra…, CC BY 2.5 au,


Korung National Park Map Photo Credit: Google Maps

Korung National Park is just about a 30 minute drive west of Perth and is located in the Perth Hills. The park covers 6,000 hectares of land. We already did a whole feature blog post on Korung National Park, but we are revisiting it for this blog series about all of the National Parks near Perth.  The national park was formerly but unofficially known as Pickering Brook National Park. You might see it referred to that name. Korung National Park has many bushwalking trails. When it comes to bushwalking or taking nature walks in Australia (even in national parks), it is so important to be well prepared and do your research about the requirements and details of the walk you choose. No matter the length of your walk, be sure to plan ahead, understand the fitness level requirements, have the right shoes and attire, bring plenty of drinking water, have emergency supplies with you, and make sure that someone not travelling with you ows when you are expected back. When you take all these necessary safety precautions, it ensures that you will have the most enjoyable bushwalking holiday. It is also important to always remember that you are a guest in nature. Bring a bag with you to take your own rubbish away. Leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but pictures. Here are some of the walks and trails in Korung National Park:

  • Camel Walk Trail: Distance: 5.1km Time: Allow 1.5 hours Class: 3 Moderately Easy.
  • Mason & Bird Heritage Trail: The distance for trail is 3 km. Allow about 1 hour for the class 3, moderately easy trail.
  • Lions Lookout Walk Trail: The distance for the Lions Lookout Walk Trail is 4 km and you should allow 1 and ½ hours to complete it. However, you might want to allow some extra time to stop in at Kanyana Wildlife Sanctuary where you can see how the Western Australia’s endangered creatures are being protected.
  • Victoria Reservoir Walk Trail: Allow 2 hours for the class 3 moderately easy trail.
  • Channel Ten Tower Walk: Allow about an hour for this class 2 easy trail.

Midgegooroo National Park


Jarrah Tree Photo Credit: (Wikipedia) By Amanda Slater from Coventry, West Midlands, UK – King Jarrah. Pemberton WAUploaded by berichard, CC BY-SA 2.0,


Midgegooroo National Park Map Photo Credit:  Google Maps

Midgegooroo National Park is about an hour’s drive southwest of Perth. The park is 2,500 hectares of mostly jarrah forest. The focus on conservation here applies to many plant and animal species that call the park home. It is also an important water catchment area for the reservoir. The park is named after an Indigenous Australian elder of the Nyungar nation. It was formerly called Canning National Park but renamed in honour of Midgegooroo.

Gooseberry Hill National Park


Gooseberry Hill Photo Credit: (Wikipedia) By Photographs by Gnangarra…, CC BY 2.5 au,


Kalamunda National Park Photo Credit:


Gooseberry Hill from Perth’s Statham’s Quarry Photo Credit: (Wikipedia) Von Photographs by JarrahTree…, CC BY 2.5 au,


Gooseberry National Park Zig Zag Statham’s Quarry Photo Credit: (Wikipedia) By Photographs by Gnangarra…, CC BY 2.5 au,


Gooseberry Hill National Park Map Photo Credit: Google Maps

Gooseberry National Park is a small, 33 hectare park close to Perth and on the edge of Kalamunda National Park. It is about a 30 minute drive due west of Perth. The hilly park features some of the best sweeping, panoramic views of the Swan Coastal Plain. Photography and birdwatching are very popular in the park. There is a well-known scenic drive that takes you one way through the park, it is call the Zig-Zag.

Helena National Park


Mount Dale Walking Circuit Photo Credit:


View from the Mount Dale Summit in Helena National Park Photo Credit: (Wikipedia) By Zamphuor – Own work (My own photo), CC BY 2.5,


Mount Dale Campsite Photo Credit:


Helena National Park Photo Credit: Google Maps

Helena National Park is one of the largest national parks in the Perth region at 8,000 hectares. It is located a little over 60 km southwest of Perth. It takes a little over an hour and 15 minutes to drive there. The famous Bibbulmun Track passes through Helena National Park; it runs from Kalamunda to Albany. The Bibbulmun Track is one of the world’s longest distance walking trails. It is also one of the best walking trails in Australia. Throughout the entire Bibbulmun Track, there are plenty of options for shorter walks so that you still can explore the area without taking the entire walk down to Albany. It ties into the Mount Dale Walking Circuit which is a trail up Mount Dale to the highest point on the Darling Scarp. At the top, you will find panoramic views of the Darling Ranges, the Darkin River Valley, Helena National Park; plus the surrounding National Parks, and State Forest areas too. This highest peak hill top in the region was once a fire lookout site. Below the peak is the Mount Dale recreation site which has been upgraded and makes a great spot for a picnic.

Neerabup National Park

Short-Billed Black-Cockatoo

Short Billed Black Cockatoo Photo Credit: (Wikipedia) By Helenabella – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail Photo Credit:


Neerabup National Park Photo Credit: Google Maps

Neerabup National Park is less than 30 km north of Perth and less than a 30 minute drive away. It is in the city of Wanneroo. Even though it is so close to Perth, it is isolated and a very peaceful nature scene. The national park itself is very small, just 12 km long. The national park protects an area of historical, cultural, and natural significance to the Indigenous Australian people; specifically it is an ancient migration route between Lake Joondalup and Loch McNess in Yanchep National Park. It is also part of the Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail, a challenging 28 km walk for experienced or advanced bushwalkers only. Neerabup National park is an Important Bird Area of the Northern Swan Coastal Plain. You will find thousands of short-billed black cockatoos here. The only access through the park is the walking trail. While on the trail, you will notice that the limestone caprock throughout the park and the vegetation and forests which include jarrah, tuart woodlands, banksia woodlands, hakea, dryandra, heathlands, kangaroo paws, scrub sheoak, one-sided bottlebrush, native buttercups, native wisteria, dodder, old man’s beard and prickly moses. During spring time, the colours come alive with the wild flowers. In addition to the various types of plants, forest, and vegetation in the park, you might also see western grey kangaroos, emus, echidnas, brushtail possums, brush wallabies, and the endangered Carnaby’s black-cockatoos.

Hiring a Car in Perth


Perth Car Hire Map Photo Credit:


Perth Map Photo Credit: Google Maps

There are plenty of car rental locations in Perth where you can hire a car so you will find a Budget car hire location that is convenient for wherever your travels are taking you. When you hire a car, you can find the best places to visit and the best deals for your holiday. If you are in Perth City, then you can hire a car  there. Other Perth car hire locations include the Perth Airport car rental or the Perth South car hire location near Fremantle  or in Burswood. When you are hiring a car, be sure to share your travel plans with the car rental agent so that they can give you the guidelines, roadmaps, safety restrictions, and holiday travel tips. This will ensure your best car rental experience in Western Australia. Click on any of the links to get a great rate quote for hiring a car or 4WD vehicle that will be the best one for getting around Western Australia’s rugged terrain. While exploring this region, check out some of our previous blog posts for ideas on what to do here:

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Stay tuned for more parks around Perth including some of the Regional Parks, Marine Parks, and Nature Reserves. So much protected land surround the metropolitan capital of Western Australia and there is a lot of nature to explore in this region of Australia. We hope you are enjoying our features on Perth.