Maria Island is just off the coast of Tasmania near the capital city of Hobart in the southeast corner of the island state. Maria Island is often described as a holiday paradise and one of the best spots to relax and get in tune with nature. There are no cars allowed on the island; and there are also no stores. It is truly an opportunity to disconnect from the stressors or life. The island is filled with Tasmanian wildlife and beautiful landscapes including beaches, sweeping bays, coastal forests, rugged cliffs, mountains, and historic ruins that represent a time long ago in Tasmania’s past. The Maria Island Walk is part of our series on the Great Walks of Australia. This four day adventure lets you explore nature in all its glory with different accommodations each night.


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Hiring a Car in Tasmania


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There are three locations in Tasmania where you can hire a vehicle for your Tasmanian adventure holiday. While cars are not allowed on Maria Island, you will still want to have your own vehicle to get around Tasmania while on holiday there. You can hire a car in the city of Hobart or at the Hobart International Airport. Hobart is the closest city to Maria Island. Of course, you might have different plans and might fly into Launceston or Devonport, or even take a cruise to Tasmania from the Australian mainland and then rent a car when you disembark. Here are the other two options for hiring a car in Tasmania. Launceston is located in the north of Tasmania where you can rent a car at the Launceston Airport, or hire a vehicle in the city of Launceston location. The coastal city of Devonport is another location where you can hire a car in Tasmania at the Devonport Airport  or rent a vehicle in the city of Devonport. When you do hire a vehicle in Tasmania, be sure to consult with the car rental agent for guidelines about driving in Tasmania and about any specific restrictions. Much of the Tasmanian landscape is rugged terrain so be sure to let your agent know where you are going so that they can provide you with the correct vehicle, proper maps, and driving instructions. Click the links above a see our site to get a rate quote and see what great rates Budget has available for you.

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Itinerary for the Maria Island Walk


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The Maria Island Walk is a four day adventure in nature in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Maria Island is a great placed for a walking vacation because you can choose to go at your own pace and make it relaxing or adventurous. Different itineraries are available; you can even choose to do a pack-free walk if you don’t want to venture out for the four day walk. Do your research if you are not an experienced and advanced level bushwalker. No matter the length of your walk, be sure to plan ahead, understand the fitness level requirements, have the right shoes and attire, plenty of drinking water, emergency supplies, and make sure that someone knows when you are expected back. Taking all the necessary safety precautions ensures that you will have the most enjoyable bushwalking holiday. It is also important to remember that you are a guest in nature and much of this land is a protected national park. Bring a bag with you to take your own rubbish away. Leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but pictures. Here is the suggested itinerary for the four day Maria Island Walk. You can make your own adjustments and just use this itinerary for ideas of what you would like to see if you decide you can’t see it all.

Maria Island Walk Itinerary Day One


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Day one of the Maria Island Walk begins with a boat ride to the centre of the island on the untouched beaches of Shoal Bay. Next is a lunch on the beach followed by a walk to the Casuarina Beach camp. Spend the afternoon walking the trail through the tall eucalypt forest down to beautiful Haunted Bay. It’s a total distance of 8 kms. End the day in the best way with a beach sunset, a glass of wine, and a gourmet Tasmanian dinner.

Maria Island Walk Itinerary Day Two


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Wake up after a refreshing night in the wilderness camp and start out the day right with a hearty breakfast to give you energy for the day’s trek ahead. The 13 km journey for day two takes you past five fabulous beaches. Along the way, you can encounter dolphins in the water, sea eagles  in the air and shells under your feet. In late afternoon your walking tour will arrive at White Gums camp. You can relax with a refreshing swim before another delicious Tasmanian dinner with wine.

Maria Island Walk Itinerary Day Three


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Day three of the Maria Island Walk brings you inland through the forests and a choice of mountains to climb. The trail takes you through the world’s largest stand of giant Tasmanian blue gums. The choice for your mountain hike is between Mt Maria or Bishop and Clerk. Either choice leads to spectacular, sweeping views after a 700 metre climb through rare “cloud” rain forests. After descending the mountain, you will end up at the World Heritage listed settlement of Darlington. Here, the walking tour participants will stay at the beautiful Bernacchi House for the final night’s banquet. Depending on which mountain you choose, the hiking and walking distance for the day is 9 – 17 km.

Maria Island Walk Itinerary Day Four


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The last day of the Maria Island Walk is a 4km walk around the northern tip of Maria Island. Traverse the rugged sea cliffs of Fossil Bay. This is the place where you will likely encounter Tasmanian wildlife like wombats, wallabies, and some rare bird species. Then it is time to head back to Darlington where the guided tour will end with a celebratory farewell lunch.

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