Normally when we talk about The Twelve Apostles, it is usually in reference to the world famous Great Ocean Road trip. The road trip is a beautifully scenic and iconic one that takes you from Melbourne along the southern coast of Victoria passing by The Twelve Apostles on the way to Port Fairy at the western end of the road trip. The Twelve Apostles is definitely one of the scenic highlights along the way. For our focus today, we will be talking all about walking along The Twelve Apostles which can be an add on to The Great Ocean Road trip or a holiday on its own. The Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk is a four day walk. Of course, you can choose to modify the walk to make it shorter to accommodate your own abilities or time restraints. Do your research if you are not an experienced and advanced level bushwalker. No matter the length of your walk, be sure to plan ahead, understand the fitness level requirements, have the right shoes and attire, plenty of drinking water, emergency supplies, and make sure that someone knows when you are expected back. Taking all the necessary safety precautions ensures that you will have the most enjoyable bushwalking holiday. It is also important to remember that you are a guest in nature and much of this land is a protected national park. Bring a bag with you to take your own rubbish away. Leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but pictures.


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Hiring a Car to get to The Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk


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Hire a car in Melbourne  to head out to The Twelve Apostles along the famed Great Ocean Road. Once you leave Melbourne, make your way southwest along the coastline of the Bass Strait to see the amazing sights. There are more than 20 different car rental locations in Melbourne, so finding one that is convenient for you is a breeze. When you are hiring a car, be sure to let your car rental agent know your plans so that they can recommend the best vehicle and give you route maps and safety tips for your road trip. Here are some previous posts about this area from our blog:

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The Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk Itinerary


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The walk includes Great Otway National Park and Port Campbell National Park. Along the way, you will get to explore secluded beaches, grasstree forests, and learn about the history of the region. The unique thing about this multi-day walk is that you head back to the lodge each night, so you only need to carry your daily supplies, water, and lunch with you each day. The guided walks are booked for up to only 12 people at a time so that it remains quaint and intimate. The total walking itinerary for the four days covers 55 km and is graded moderate level. There are easy and more challenging sections. As we already mentioned, you can of course, very easily modify the walk to suit your needs. To give you an idea of what the walk is like, we will list the highlights of the four day itinerary for The Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk. The Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk covers part of a larger walk known simply as The Twelve Apostles Walk. The walking tours operate from September to May, which is a great time for spotting flora and fauna. The types of wildlife you will see both on land and in the ocean include birds, fur seals. Wallabies, koalas, and more.

The Twelve Apostles Lodge


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During this great 4 day and 3 night holiday, you will stay in luxury at the Twelve Apostles Lodge. Included in your stay is dining and pampering. The lodge is located at Johanna Beach which is at the mid point of the trail. The accommodation amenities include eco-luxe villas with ensuite bathrooms, flushing toilets, and hot showers. Fresh linens are provided as well as many other luxurious yet eco-friendly comforts. The meals served are expertly prepared from local products and local wines.

Day 1: Castle Cove to Johanna Beach


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After driving from Melbourne to the Lodge, the first day’s walk is a moderate walk from Castle Cove to Johanna Beach. The day one walk is a distance of 7.5 km; this includes 2 km of beach walking to admire that amazing scenery of the coastal walk, ocean views, and tea-trees. Then there is an option of a 3 km lodge walk option at the end.

Day 2: Milanesia Gate to Moonlight Head


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Day two’s walk is rated hard because the trail from Milanesia to Moonlight Head includes wild, rugged coastal cliffs and varying terrain. The walk from the lodge to Milanesia is 8 km, then the distance of the standard walk is 12.5 km. This is the most challenging walk out of all four days; however, the reward is untouched beaches. Ascend the 138 steps on the trail and catch a panorama of coastal views to Cape Volney and Cape Otway.

Day 3: Moonlight Head to Princetown


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This is a moderate walk for a distance of 12.5 km with a 5 km additional option. Today you will see the lush green forest trail, a contrast to the second part of the trail which is Wreck Beach. Learn of the shipwrecks that happened just off the coast here in days gone by. You will be able to see the Twelve Apostles off in the distance and more sweeping coastal views at the Gellibrand lookout. The last part of the walk is an easier trail to the river flats at Princetown. Depending on the weather, you might be able to swim at Princetown.

Day 4: Princetown to Twelve Apostles


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This is what you have been waiting for! It is the 8 km walk to The Twelve Apostles. Learn about the geographic beauties dotting the coast and the other iconic geographical sites in this area like Gibson Steps. Then enjoy an aerial view with the scenic helicopter flight that is included with the tour.

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