Tasting Australia is a deliciously exciting event that will take place in Adelaide, South Australia and surrounds this May from 01 May 2016 to 08 May 2016. During the annual 8 day festival that celebrates South Australia food and wine, there will be plenty of events, a Town Square, special guests, tastings. South Australia’s food, wine, produce, and culture will be showcased. Food-loving guests will be treated to some tastily unforgettable experiences and South Australia’s premium producers will be highlighted and brought to the forefront. The focus is not only farm to table, but paddock to plate! Tasting Australia aims to celebrate South Australia’s real food heroes.


Tasting Australia Photo Credit: TastingAustralia.com.au


Tasting Australia Photo Credit: TastingAustralia.com.au


Adelaide Laneways Tasting Australia Photo Credit: TastingAustralia.com.au


Sharing Table at Tasting Australia Photo Credit: TastingAustralia.com.au

Hiring a Car in Adelaide


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Tasting Australia events take place in and around Adelaide, but also in several other regions of South Australia. Having your own rental car to get around and keep up with your own desired schedule of events will make the experience much more enjoyable for you. There are 5 different car rental locations in and around Adelaide, so it is quite convenient to hire a car in Adelaide. There are car hire locations in Adelaide City, at the Adelaide Airport, in Adelaide North – Salisbury, Adelaide South – Reynella, and an Adelaide Trucks location close to the airport for hiring trucks, 4 wheel drive, and all-terrain vehicles. Check with your car rental agent about any driving restrictions for the area as well as driving tips and safety guidelines. Even though Adelaide is a major city, most of the surrounds in South Australia feature rugged terrain and a 4WD might be required to safely get around. Be sure to let your rental agent know where you are planning to go so that they can recommend the right vehicle for you and also offer up some maps, guidelines and tips from a local. While in South Australia, you might want to travel around and take in any of the following places we previously covered on our blog:

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Tasting Australia Events


Lunch in the Adelaide Hills Tasting Australia Photo Credit: TastingAustralia.com.au


Eden Valley Tasting Australia Photo Credit: TastingAustralia.com.au


Fleurieu Peninsula Tasting Australia Photo Credit: TastingAustralia.com.au


Africola East End Tasting Australia Photo Credit: TastingAustralia.com.au

During the 8 day food fest there are a number of different events that you can attend. You probably want to plan ahead for the events. At the time of writing some of the events are already sold out.

Tasting Australia Featured Events :

  • A Cheong Liew Retrospective: A showcase dinner from Chef Cheong Liew
  • Loaves and Fishes: Bakers prepare bread served with fresh fish from the Port Adelaide docks.
  • Origins Dinner: Eat until your heart’s content at a secret Adelaide location.
  • Single Sites Dinner: Learn all about Adelaide and South Australian food culture and wines.
  • A Few of my Favourite Things: Different chefs share their favourite South Australia foodie spots.
  • In the Company Of . . .  A long list of lineup that pairs chefs, South Australian venues, and fresh produce into unique dining experiences.

Those are just the featured events. There are more than 200 other special events going on throughout the festival in different regions including Barossa, Adelaide Metro, Adelaide Hills, Kangaroo Island, Flinders Ranges and Outback, and the Fleurieu Peninsula. Each day, there are multiple events in each region.

Tasting Australia Industry Events

Tasting Australia Photo Credit: TastingAustralia.com.au

Wine Day Out Tasting Australia Photo Credit: TastingAustralia.com.au

Tasting Australia Photo Credit: TastingAustralia.com.au

Throughout the Tasting Australia Festival there are a number of industry events to help food and wine professionals advance their skills. Here are the 5 industry events that will take place during the event:

  1. Food South Australia – Think Food: A trade show that focuses on the food and beverage industry that takes place on Monday 2 May in the Town Square Conference Pavilion. Food producers and buyers are brought together in this forum.
  2. Jeffrey Hamelman – Exploring Baking for Professionals: A two day workshop that takes place at the Small World Bakery in Langhorne Creek on Monday 2 May and Tuesday 3 May. Attendees will be able to get some hands-on baking experience to develop new skills and learn during the discussion sessions.
  3. Wine Day Out: Adelaide: A schedule of TEDx-style short talks and panel discussions will help open the lines of communication and fuel controversy. This takes place on Tuesday 3 May in the Town Square Conference Pavilion.
  4. Food South Australia – Summit: On Wednesday 4 may in the Town Square Conference Pavilion this annual event will take place. The theme this year is “Thoughts for Food” and the discussion explores consumer behaviour, food innovations, and how the industry can forecast and prepare for the future eating choices of Australians.
  5. Josey Baker – Whole / Wild / Wet /Slow / Bold: baking real good bread: Josey Baker will be teaching an advanced baking course to chefs and even some home bakers with a high level of experience the nuances of baking including principles like wild yeast, wet dough, slow fermentation, and bold bake. The hands on workshop is Thursday 5 May at the Small World Bakery in Langhorne Creek and will include lessons in preparing sourdough pre-ferments, hand-mixing whole grain dough, shaping high-hydration dough, and baking multiple loaves at a time.

Tasting Australia’s Town Square

Town Square Tasting Australia Photo Credit: TastingAustralia.com.au

The Town Square of the festival is where most attendees begin the food festival journey. It is located in the heart of Adelaide. Each day of the event, the Town Square hosts Eat, Think, and Share sessions. There is also a Mother’s Day Brunch held here on Sunday 8 May. This is a family event with fresh, local produce as the highlight in addition to all the moms. The Town Square is also home to the Town Square Wood Oven which serves two purposes: warming the crisp autumn air and preparing fresh baked goods each day.

Maggie Beer Foundation

Chef Maggie Beer Tasting Australia Photo Credit: TastingAustralia.com.au

Chef Maggie Beer Tasting Australia Photo Credit: TastingAustralia.com.au

Famed South Australian Chef Maggie Beer is a big part of the Tasting Australia Festival. During the festival, she and her Maggie Beer Foundation team will be hosting an event that focused on bringing attention to nutrition in aged care. The purpose of this event is to bring families together to answer everyone’s questions of how to improve nutritional standards, reignite the enjoyment of eating with independence and choice, and return fresh, local and seasonal produce to aged care tables. Maggie along with a host of other excellent chefs will participate in this afternoon of events that include a panel discussion, an intergenerational choir, and cooking demos.

Adelaide Central Market

Adelaide Central Market Tasting Australia Photo Credit: TastingAustralia.com.au

The Adelaide Central Market is a year round from Tuesday to Saturday staple in Adelaide where locals and visitors can go to experience fresh product and prepared foods from a host of vendors. During the Tasting Australia Festival, the Adelaide Central Markets will host a series of events each day of the week-long festival. The Adelaide Central Market Tasting Australia events include: Fine Food Forage, Market Melting Pot, Up Close and Personal with Lucia’s, Culinary Experiences, Market to Market, and Live Music. Some of the events at the Adelaide Central Market are free.