We recently highlighted some of the best outdoor pools in Sydney and now, it’s Melbourne’s turn to show off the public baths, beach rock pools and outdoor pools in and around Victoria’s capital city. In part one, we highlighted the rock pools and tidal pools of the beaches of Melbourne and surrounds. Now, in part two, we are featuring the outdoor public pools and baths.  Baths are the historic name from many pools because the rock pools and tidal pools at beaches were used for bathing throughout history. But don’t worry, you won’t find anyone bringing a bar of soap to these newer, more modern pools!  Before planning to visit any of these outdoor pools, check online for their schedules. Also, websites for the different pools list conditions, entrance fees (if applicable) and special events. Even though we are highlighting these outdoor pools for fun in the summer, most are open all year long and some are even heated in the winter. Research the different outdoor pools in Melbourne and be sure to incorporate some of them into your Victorian holiday.

Sea Baths in Melbourne

Brighton Baths

Brighton Baths Photo Credit: BrightonBathsHealthClub.com.au

Unlike the rock pools, sea baths are sectioned off areas on the coast where swimmers can enjoy the sea without the currents or larger sea life encroaching on the beaches. During strong tides, the sea baths can still experience waves and are not completely devoid of marine life, but they are a safe way to experience the ocean for children, families or those who like to swim in the ocean.

St. Kilda Sea Baths

The St. Kilda Sea Baths have been around since the 19th century. Now, they have some modern upgrades including a 25 metre heated seawater pool and hydrotherapy spa pool. Each of the pools has scenic views of the bay. The St. Kilda Baths also offer other amenities including an aromatherapy room, steam room, a gym, and a cafe.

Brighton Baths

Brighton Baths

Brighton Baths Photo Credit: au.timeout.com

The Brighton Baths have been a popular swimming spot since it was established in 1881. The Brighton Baths have also become a health and spa facility with swimming inside in addition to the outside sea baths, gym, steam rooms, exercise classes, and personal training available. In addition to all that, there is a cafe and bar. All of the facilities come with an amazing view of Port Phillip Bay. The Brighton Baths is home to the famous Icebergers. Since it opened, the Icebergers have a long and proud tradition of swimming all year round, even in the winter without a wetsuit!

Outdoor Pools in Melbourne

fitzroy pool

Fitzroy Pool Photo Credit: ConcretePlayground.com

Many of Melbourne’s outdoor pools incorporate indoor and outdoor pools, fitness centers, and play pools for the kids. You will find a variety of things to do and different ways to experience swimming at the pools in any weather.

Brunswick Baths


Brunswick Baths Indoor Water Play Pool Photo Credit: ActiveMoreLand.com.au


Brunswick Baths Indoor Pool Photo Credit:  ActiveMoreLand.com.au

The Brunswick Baths offer much to see and do for swimmers of any age and level. The Brunswick Baths feature indoor and outdoor pools including an outdoor aquatics pool that is a heated 50 metre lap pool with 8 lanes and is open year round, an indoor heated pool that is 20 metres long and has five lanes, recreation pool, and a water play pool. Outdoors there is also a lawn area with seating and a place to relax after your swim. Inside there is a spa, sauna, and steam room.

Fitzroy Pool


Fitzroy Pool Photo Credit:  ActiveMoreLand.com.au

The Fitzroy Pool is right in the city that features a 50 metre outdoor heated pool with separate lanes to accommodate swimmers of different styles and abilities. It is also a fitness facility with a gym, spa, sauna, and steam room. Other features include group fitness classes and a spinning studio. It is known as being a social gathering space as well as a fitness facility. Sunday afternoons there is a DJ that attracts some of the bigger kids and there is a kiddy pool for smaller tikes. Melburnians have used this pool for exercise and socialising for more than 100 years it has been in existence.

Harold Holt Swim Centre


Harold Holt Swim Centre Photo Credit: Stonnington.vic.gov.au

The Harold Holt Swim Centre is located in Glen Iris. It is a great spot year round for fitness, swimming, and enjoying the outdoors during the summer. The indoor pool is a mosaic tiled masterpiece that is 25 metres. The outdoor pool is a 50 metre pool. Both pools are heated to make them accessible year round. Swim classes are available, so you can learn to swim here. The facilities include a health club, spa, and sauna. Other offerings include group fitness classes and a hydrotherapy program.

Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre


Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre Photo Credit: VisitVictoria.com

This is Melbourne’s largest aquatic centre. There are 50 metre heated indoor and outdoor pools as well as a 25 metre indoor pool. There are also 14 dividing boards and a wave pool and giant water slide for the kids, or the inner kid in you!

Melbourne City Baths


Melbourne City Baths Photo Credit: VisitVictoria.com

The Melbourne City Baths are historic public baths so swimming here is like taking a step back in time. Of course, there have been some modern upgrades over time and the baths feature an indoor heated lap pool that is 30 metres. The public baths have been here for more than 100 years and still appeal to young and old swimmers alike. It first opened in 1860 and still has the largest swimming pool in Melbourne’s CBD. As part of the modern upgrades, it includes a gym and a fitness studio where you can get personal training, private lessons, and more.

Natural Pools in Melbourne


Peninsula Hot Springs Photo Credit: ConcretePlayground.com

Melbourne has some interesting alternative swimming options in addition to the beach baths or rock pools. Check out some of the unusual and great destination outdoor pools that will add some unique relaxing fun to your Melbourne holiday.

Peninsula Hot Springs


Peninsula Hot Springs Cave Pool Photo Credit: PeninsulaHotSprings.com


Peninsula Springs Bath House Foot Baths Photo Credit: PeninsulaHotSprings.com


Peninsula Hot Springs is located on the southern tip of the Mornington Peninsula. A luxury spa getaway has been built utilising the natural hot springs there. You can be close to the beach and enjoy the unique relaxing environment of the Mornington Peninsula. While hot springs may not seem like the ideal refreshing dip in the pool you might be thinking of for a summer holiday; but you will be surprised at what a relaxing getaway this can be. The hilltop pool offers beautiful panoramic views of the springs. In addition to the hilltop pool, there are traditional Turkish baths, a cave pool, thermal mineral pools, thermal mineral showers, a lakeside pool, hand and foot baths, a family bathing area, cold plunge pools, and a hydrotherapy pool. In addition to that, other spa amenities include a reflexology walk, an underground sauna, a picnic area, yoga classes, Qi Gong classes, and a cafe. The Spa Dreaming Centre features poolside lounges, a Hammam steam room, infrared sauna, traditional sauna, a massaging bamboo shower, Zen Chi machines, private bathing pavilions and private outdoor pools. Indeed, a trip to Peninsula Hot Springs could be your entire holiday vacation if you wanted it to. Although, of course, you can decide just to spend a day here.

Old Hepburn Pool


Old Hepburn Pool Photo Credit: ConcretePlayground.com


Old Hepburn Pool Photo Credit: “Hepburn pool from baby pool”. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikipedia

The Old Hepburn Pool is a unique natural swimming hole. It is perfect for a summer swim and picnic lunch. The natural pool was built in the Spring Creek in the early 1930’s. Spring Creek is near the southern section of the Mornington Peninsula. It was renovated in 1993 by a group of locals and is now a great off the beaten path place to relax and enjoy the summer fun. It is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register. You can access the Old Hepburn Pool inside the Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve.

Hiring a Car in Melbourne


Melbourne Map Photo Credit: Google Maps

Melbourne Car Hire Mapv

Melbourne Car Hire Map Photo Credit: Budget.com.au

There are plenty of convenient places to hire a car in Melbourne. Many car rental locations in Melbourne are close to the different beaches and outdoor pools. You can hire a car on Mornington Peninsula  or hire a car in Geelong. Having your own vehicle with your throughout your Melbourne holiday will add a convenience and freedom to go where you want when you want. Here are some other Melbourne holiday ideas from our blog:

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