In conjunction with our ongoing #BudgetTurns50 contest, we have been featuring different Australian food festivals all month. Foodie road trips has been the theme and so far we have covered A Chocoholic’s Guide to Brisbane, the Margaret River Great Escape, the Taste of Tasmania, and the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival. Now, we are featuring the Kangaroo Island Food Safari.


Kangaroo Island Food Safari Photo Credit:


Kangaroo Island Food Safari Photo Credit:


Kangaroo Island Food Safari Photo Credit:


Kangaroo Island Food Safari Photo Credit:

You have plenty of time your trip to the Kangaroo Island Food Safari. It will take place in August of 2016 from the 20th to the 27th. The venue for the Food Safari is the Southern Ocean Lodge. Actually, you should plan early because the previous 4 years have been sold out. Australian food legend, Maggie Beer will be the 2016 Safari Leader. Her “side kick” culinary renown chef is yet to be announced. The guests at the Safari will be treated to a hands-on, muddy-boots paddock and vineyard discovery of Kangaroo Island, and its produce as it makes it’s way to the menus and plates at the Southern Ocean Lodge.

What is the KI Food Safari?


Kangaroo Island Food Safari Photo Credit:


Kangaroo Island Food Safari Photo Credit:


Kangaroo Island Food Safari Photo Credit:

Kangaroo Island is known to the locals as KI for short. Imagine a 7 day holiday filled with expeditions and adventures around Kangaroo Island. Follow the Safari Leaders as they guide you to delicious and fun adventures from farm to winery and other island locations to help find the freshest produce for each evening’s feast. Some of the past excursion destinations have included a Sheep Milk Dairy, wine tastings at the The Islander Estate, and touring the green pastures of Southrock Lamb. Delicious meals are also provided at scenic locations around the island like barbecues during sunset at Remarkable Rocks, cooking demonstrations, and lunches at wineries.

Getting to and Around on Kangaroo Island


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Kangaroo Island is just off the coast of South Australia near the capital of the state, Adelaide. If you are visiting South Australia near Adelaide as well as Kangaroo Island for the Food Safari, you can hire a car at Budget’s Adelaide location. Once you get to Kangaroo Island either by the ferry, private boat, or airplane, you can hire a car at the Kangaroo Island Ferry location  or rent a vehicle from the Kangaroo Island Airport. Consult with our agent who can recommend the best vehicle for your needs. There are actually some locations on the island that require 4WD, so we can help ensure that you have the correct vehicle. Having your own car rental allows you to take in your island holiday on your own time and schedule. While in South Australia, you might want to travel around and take in any of the following places we previously covered on our blog:

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About Southern Ocean Lodge


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Kangaroo Island Food Safari Photo Credit:


Kangaroo Island Food Safari Photo Credit:

The Southern Ocean Lodge is a luxury resort designed to be “a sanctuary of comfort, style and personal intimacy, redefining the Australian standard”. The resort is located at Hanson Bay which is on Kangaroo Island’s south west coast next to Flinders Chase and Cape Bouguer / Kelly Hill National Parks. The chic design style and modern luxury meet the stunning views of natural beauty and locally sourced food and beverages. Add in the personalised service and relaxing wellness spa, and you have a retreat lodge.


Kangaroo Island Food Safari Photo Credit:


Kangaroo Island Food Safari Photo Credit:


Kangaroo Island Food Safari Photo Credit:

Kangaroo Island and the Southern Ocean Lodge are the perfect place for a Food Safari. Even when the Food Safari isn’t happening, both KI and the resort are known for fabulous, fresh food and drinks that are locally sourced and expertly prepared. The rich soils and pure rain of South Australia helped gain the state the title of Australia’s culinary capital. Organic and fresh food and wine are regularly produced by artisan growers all over the state, including the unspoilt land of Kangaroo Island. The types of foodie adventures you can expect to delight in during the KI Food
Safari might include:

  • Making ricotta during hands-on lessons at the island’s sheep milk dairy.
  • Lunch with the family who owns and runs a free-range lamb farm.
  • A visit to the Farmer’s Market at Penneshaw.
  • Wine tasting at Dudley Wines.
  • Cooking demonstrations.
  • A trip to Kangaroo Island Premium Oysters.
  • Fishing charters to catch dinner.
  • Boat charters to Seal Bay to see the 3rd largest colony of Australian Sea Lions.
  • Chef Jack Ingram’s three part Masterclass all about the ‘Journey of the Southern Sourdough’.
  • Relaxing spa treatments at the Southern Ocean Lodge’s wellness spa.
  • KI Style foodie challenge.
  • Appetizers and drinks at sunset.
  • Hosted dinners with Safari Leaders and guest celebrity chefs.
  • A morning Safari with highlights of Kangaroo Island’s wilderness and Flinders Chase National Park.
  • A walking tour at Remarkable Rocks.
  • Get up close with the fur seals colony at Admiral Arch.
  • Enjoy island history walking tours where you can hear stories of shipwrecks and early lighthouse keepers.
  • A group tour of Ildoura Fruits Farm where prized honey is made from KI’s Ligurian bees.
  • Barbecue lunches.

About Kangaroo Island


Kangaroos on Kangaroo Island Photo Credit: WikiTravel


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Kangaroo Island is just a quick ferry ride away from the South Australian mainland near the capital city of Adelaide. KI (as it is referred to by the locals) is considered the Galapagos of Australia because of its diverse and unique wildlife. Of course, you will see kangaroos on the island, but that isn’t all. A great deal of wildlife calls the island home. While on the island, you can also see koalas, wallabies, possums, pelicans, penguins, many birds, seals, sea lions, platypus, and a host of other marine life in and along the coastlines. It is Australia’s 3rd largest island and has so much to offer visitors. There are beaches and the glorious Southern Ocean, off road adventuring in the sand, scenic views, and Flinders Chase National Park. The Kangaroo Island Ferry operates daily to bring passengers from Cape Jervis on the mainland across the 13.5 km trip to the east end of the island where it docks in a town on the island called Penneshaw.


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The Admiral’s Arch Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Don’t think that a small island limits the things you have to do. There are activities for everyone and a great variety to mix it up. Kangaroo Island can be a perfect day long getaway or make a holiday out of it. There are things to explore both on land and in the surrounding waters, visit with the wildlife, learn about the history and culture of the island, and of course, experience the delicious food and drinks the island has to offer.


Remarkable Rocks in Flinders Chase National Park Photo Credit: TripAdvisor

Flinders Chase National Park takes up 328 square kilometres of Kangaroo Island, which is large by national park standards, but only a fraction of the more than 4400 square kilometres that make up Kangaroo Island. A group of protected areas make up Flinders National Park and these varying landscapes make for a variety of different things to see and do while visiting the park. The park areas are: coastal landscapes, Cape du Couedic, Rocky River, the Gosse Lands, and Cape Borda Lightstation. Camping facilities are available as well as other lodging and accommodations within the park. The park is home to some dramatic rock formations and structures, beautiful wildflowers, bushwalking trails, farm land, stunning beaches, forests, and is also a sanctuary for wild animals native to the island and from the Australian mainland.

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