Over the past several months, we have covered 20 of the top national parks in the state of Queensland. Queensland is known for the Great Barrier Reef and so much diversity. With so much variety of landscapes and holiday adventures and so much to do, we wanted to recap the Queensland National Parks we featured. Here are 4 of the National Parks featured on our travel tips blog.

Boodjamulla National Park: The Oasis in the Outback


View over Lawn Hill Gorge Photo Credit: Queensland.com


Water Lilies carpet Lawn Hill Creek Photo Credit: Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing


Indarri Falls Photo Credit: Wikipedia

We previously featured a blog post on Boodjamulla National Park in the remote outback of Queensland. It is known as the oasis of the outback, which is not surprising when you see the photographs from the park. They probably don’t fit into what you think of when you think of the Australian Outback or even remote Australia. This national park is located in western Queensland near the Northern Territory state border. Lawn Hill Gorge is one of the main attractions in the park. You can hike the tracks near the gorge or enjoy the Lawn Hill Creek by boat or swimming. The creek is great for canoeing or you can go on a cruise. You can swim in the waters near Indarri Falls. There are 20 km of walking tracks within the park that all fan out from Lawn Hill Gorge. The variety of tracks available mean there is something for everyone with varying lengths and degrees of difficulty.

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Nearby Queensland National Parks include:

Barron Gorge NP – Kuranda National Park

Porcupine Gorge National Park (White Mountains National Park and Dalrymple National Park)

Hinchinbrook Island National Park: Untouched Tropical Paradise

Currawinya National Park (Channel Country)

Getting to Boodjamulla National Park


Boodjamula National Park Photo Credit: Google Maps


Boodjamulla Car Hire Map Photo credit: Budget.com.au

Boodjamulla National Park is located 340 km northwest of Mount Isa, which is the nearest large city to the park. If you are driving across the state to get to the park, it is 1837 km from Brisbane. There are many different Budget locations where you can rent a vehicle in Queensland. If you fly into Mt. Isa, you can hire a car at the Mt. Isa Airport. Of course, if you are driving in from other parts of Queensland, you can experience the vast differences of the landscape of the state. Consult your car rental agent for the best type of vehicle to traverse the territory in and on the way to Boodjamulla National Park. Hiring a car allows you to see the sights on your on schedule and at your leisure. Make sure to take safety precautions and bring reserve supplies anytime you are travelling in the outback.

Bunya Mountains National Park: Give Yourself a Timeout


Bunya Mountains Rainforest Photo Credit: BunyaMountains.com.au


Bunya Mountains View in the Clouds Photo Credit: BunyaMountains.com.au


Coomba Falls at Maidenwell Photo Credit: BunyaMountains.com.au

Probably the most popular thing to do in Bunya Mountains National Park is nothing! Relax and experience the tranquil calm of the mountains, rainforest, and be among the clouds during the morning mist and sunrise. The best explanation is that your worries become as light as the clouds and float off into oblivion. Of course, you can make an appointment to meet the Chocolate Wattled Bats near the old timber school house at Dandabah. They come out every night at dusk. That is the only type of appointment you need here in the mountains. They are filled with so much diversity, you can spend the rest of your time exploring the new plants and looking for the native animals in the park like the 200 + species of frogs and reptiles that call the park home, marsupials, pademelons, rock wallabies, and swamp wallabies. Bird watching is also very popular here in this Important Bird Area. You can also explore some of the walking paths, go swimming in the pools of Coomba Falls, or visit the café or general store for some creature comforts.

Hiring a Vehicle and Getting to Bunya Mountains National Park


Bunya Mountains National Park Map Photo Credit: Google Maps


Queensland Car Rental Map Photo Credit: Budget.com.au

The Bunya Mountains are north-west of Brisbane or south-west of Sunshine Coast. It takes about 3 hours to get to the park from either hub. You can hire a car in Brisbane or rent a vehicle in Sunshine Coast and then head west to the mountains. Remember to let your car rental agent know where you are headed so that they can get you the right vehicle to traverse the steep and winding mountains roads you will need to access the heart of the park. Click on either link to get a quick rate quote and see the best vehicle hire rates in Queensland.

Carnarvon National Park: Hiking and Camping in the Queensland Outback


Carnarvon Gorge Photo Credit: carnarvongorge.com

Camping in Carnarvon National Park.

Carnarvon Gorge Visitor Area Campground Photo Credit: nprsr.qld.gov.au


Walking Trails in Carnarvon National Park Photo Credit: Takaru.com.au

Carnarvon National Park is located in central Queensland in the heart of the outback. It is growing in size and is an immense park. There is so much ground to cover here; we actually featured 3 blog posts on the park:

Carnarvon National Park Walking Trails

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The walks in Carnarvon National Park are all graded according to the Australian system. Keep in mind that the most difficult part of the trail is what qualifies that rating so many of the walks might be a bit easier for the most part. There are plenty of camping options throughout the park. There are bush camping, campgrounds, and even a wilderness lodge. Many of the walks are located near camping sites, so you can plan your adventure that way. Carnarvon National Park is growing. The Carnarvon Gorge is now only one of 7 sections of the national park. The other 6 sections are:

  1. Goodlife
  2. Salvator Rosa
  3. Ka Ka Mundi
  4. Buckland Tableland
  5. Mount Moffatt
  6. Moolayember

Hiring a Car to get to Carnarvon National Park


Carnarvon National Park Car Hire Map Photo Credit: Budget.com.au


Carnarvon National Park Map Photo Credit: Google Maps

If you are already in Queensland, you can find a convenient car hire location in close proximity to drive to Carnarvon National Park. Choose from any of the following Queensland car hire locations:

Hire a car in Hervey Bay, Queensland

Hire a vehicle in Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Hire a car in Rockhampton, Queensland

Be sure to tell your car rental agent that you are heading into the Outback so that they can recommend the best vehicle with 4WD capabilities to keep you safe and on track. They can also inform you of any safety guidelines or restrictions for your trip. It is strongly advised that you keep a first aid kit, extra drinking water, and have a way to contact friends, family, or the car rental office in case of emergencies.

Girringun National Park: Gorgeous Waterfalls of Girringun


Girringun National Park Photo Credit: GoAustralia.com


Blencoe Falls Photo Credit: Wikipedia


Wallaman Falls Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Girringun National Park is known for its dramatic, cascading waterfalls. They are some of the most popular waterfalls in all of Australia. The park is located in northern Queensland near Townsville and is part of the Queensland Wet Tropics World Heritage Site. Wallaman falls is the longest single-drop waterfall in Australia. The landscape here is very unique with breathtaking views and some of the oldest rainforests left on the Earth. Things to do in the park include hiking, camping, fishing, sightseeing, and exploring for the wildlife.

Getting to Girringun National Park


Girringun National Park Map Photo Credit: Google Maps


Townsville Car Hire Map Photo Credit: Budget.com.au

Townsville is 150 miles south of Girringun National Park and located along the central section of the Great Barrier Reef. It is one of the more metropolitan cities on the coast of Queensland. Although Townsville is a pretty urban city, there is still plenty of fun things to do around town. You can hire a car in Townsville and that will give you the mobility to see and do things around the city and to Girringun National Park. In addition to sightseeing in the National Park, some of the top things to do in Townsville and surrounds include visiting the Reef HQ Aquarium, the Billabong Sanctuary, and the Museum of Tropical Queensland. Nearby is Castle Hill, which is a pink granite monolith that is a popular hiking destination.

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Nearby National Parks to Girringun National Park include:

Barron Gorge NP – Kuranda National Park

Porcupine Gorge National Park (White Mountains National Park and Dalrymple National Park)

Hinchinbrook Island National Park: Untouched Tropical Paradise

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