Woorroonooran National Park is located on the east coast of Queensland between Innisfail and Cairns in the Far North. Adjacent to the National Park is the town of Millaa Millaa and the Waterfalls Circuit. The Waterfalls Circuit consists of 6 waterfalls outside of Wooroonooran and 5 waterfalls within the National Park. All of this falls within the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area that covers the land from Townsville north to Cooktown.

Wooroonooran National Park

Wooroonooran National Park Sign Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Wooroonooran National Park Map

Wooroonooran National Park Map Photo Credit: nprsr.qld.gov.au

Wooroonooran National Park Map

Millaa Millaa Waterfalls Circuit Map Photo Credit: MillaaMillaa.com

Views of the Atherton Tableland

Atherton Tableland

View of the Atherton Tableland from the Millaa Millaa lookout Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Walshs Pyramid

Walshs Pyramid Photo Credit: nprsr.qld.gov.au

This protected area is home to some of the oldest surviving rainforests in the world. Wooroonooran National Park is made up of 2 sections: the Palmerston and Josephine sections. This includes the Bellenden Ker Range with some high peaks like Mount Bartle Frere (1622 metres high), Mount Bellenden Ker (15592 metres high) and Walshs Pyramid (922 metres high). They make up a dormant volcanic zone that is just covered in lush green tropical vegetation. The lava flow and drainage is how many of the waterfalls and landscape features of this region were formed.

Getting to Wooroonooran National Park

Wooroonooran - Map

Wooroonooran National Park Photo Credit: Google Maps

Cairns Car Hire Map

Cairns Car Rental Map Photo Credit: Budget.com.au

The tropical north of Queensland is a very popular holiday destination. It is usually warm at wet all year round. However, the mountains in this section mean that visitors can experience some cooler temps. You can hire a vehicle in Cairns to get around and see Wooroonooran National Park and the Waterfalls Circuit at your own pace. Consult with our experts and they will offer up advice on the best type of vehicle you will need for the terrain where you are travelling. Click through the link to get a quick and easy rate quote for the best car rental prices in Queensland. While you are in the Far North of Queensland, here are some other things to do:

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The Waterfalls off Wooroonooran National Park and the Waterfalls Circuit


Views of Wooroonooran Photo Credit: nprsr.qld.gov

There are many different waterfalls throughout the waterfall circuit and Wooroonooran National Park. We are featuring 5 of the falls here with pictures and details of each one. Enjoy the powerful yet calm serene of waterfalls when you visit Wooroonooran National Park and the surrounding area.

Millaa Millaa Falls


Millaa Millaa Falls Photo Credit: MillaaMillaa.com


Millaa Millaa Falls Photo Credit: Wikipedia


Millaa Millaa Falls Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The Millaa Millaa Falls are just south of the town that shares its name. If these falls look picturesque to you, then you are not alone, these are the most photographed falls in Australia. In addition to attracted photographers, the falls are popular for swimming. Nature lovers should keep an eye out for the Ulusses Butterfly and the shy and illusive platypus. Visitors to Millaa Millaa Falls have access to changing rooms, toilets, barbecue, and picnic facilities.

Zillie Falls


Zillie Falls Photo Credit: MillaaMillaa.com

On the same circuit as MIllaa Millaa Falls, Zillie Falls are 7.5 km away. The viewing platform gives you a great perspective of this power waterfall. Barbecue facilities and shelters are available and near the car park. Scenic Theresa Creek Bridge is nearby and provides great views of the rainforest.


Ellinjaa Falls Photo Credit: MillaaMillaa.com

3 kms past Zillie Falls is Ellinjaa Falls. The water cascades over a series of lava columns for quite a spectacular scene. At the car park for Ellinjaa Falls you will find picnic tables and barbecues. There is also a walk and a zig zag track that allows you to explore the surrounds.

Pepina Falls


Pepina Falls Photo Credit: MillaaMillaa.com

About 10 kms from Millaa Millaa on the way to Ravenshoe along the old Palmerston Highway is Pepina Falls. Take the short walk to the base of the falls to see them from different perspectives. Sit back, relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

Mungalli Falls


Mungalli Falls Photo Credit: MillaaMillaa.com

At 90 metres high, Mungalli Falls are the highest falls on the Tablelands. As you can see from the view from the top, they are quite magnificent. These falls can be found by following the Palmerston Highway and continuing on past Pepina Falls.

Josephine Falls


Josephine Falls Photo Credit: Wikipedia


Josephine Falls Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Josephine Falls is a 2 tier waterfall that is fed by the rains atop the tallest peak of the Bellenden Ker Range, Bartle Frere. It is a popular picnic area and also leads to the Bartle Frere trail walk. The Noongyanbudda Ngadjon people are the original land owners here. Bothe Bartle Frere and Josephine Falls are of great significance to them. Adhere to all the signs and stay away from the top section of the falls. They are slippery and many people have been injured or killed on them before access was restricted.

Rainforest Walks in Wooroonooran National Park and Surrounds


Millaa Millaa Walks Photo Credit: MillaaMillaa.com


Mamu Tropical Skywalk Photo Credit: nprsr.qld.gov

Walking the trails is the best way to see the rainforest and experience the magic of it all. In addition to the walks, there are several picnic areas and you can also camp overnight in one of a few camping areas that are available. There is a camping area at Henrietta Creek or you can camp near the Mulgrave River. There are many different trails in Wooroonooran National Park and surrounds. The trails include:

Goldfield Trail: 19 km historic path through the rainforest in Wooroonooran National Park. It is a very beautiful walk with many creeks. The trail takes you on a climb right between the two highest peaks in Queensland: Bartle Frere and Bellenden Ker.

Mamu Tropical Skywalk: It is also called the MA MU Rainforest Canopy Walk and is located on the eastern edge of the World Heritage Area. This is quite literally a walk in the clouds on some days. The skywalk allows you to see the rainforest from both the floor and the canopy. The walk takes you through one of the largest remaining continuous stands of complex vine forest on basalt soils in the Wet Tropics. Keep a look out for the birds, animals and insects of the rainforest.

Bartle Frere Trail: This is a challenging climb of the highest summit, not just in the Bellenden Ker Range, but in all of Queensland. The east end of the trail is near Josephine Falls and the west end of the trail is in the Atherton Tableland.

Walshs Pyramid Walking Track: This is also an advanced climber’s track, it is a steep 6 km return to the summit and back. It may be a challenge but the reward is the breath taking views of the lush green landscape.

Harold West Walk: This is a quick but scenic walk along St. Patricks Creek right in the centre of Millaa Millaa.

K tree to Tchupala Falls: This walk takes about an hour and is 1.2 km.

K tree to Goolagan’s picnic area: This trail is about a one or two hour walk and is 3 km long. This trail takes you past Wallicher Falls. Even though they are small, it doesn’t mean they aren’t fabulous.

Coolagan’s picnic area to Henrietta Creek camping area: This is a short trail that leads you to the Henrietta Campgrounds. It takes about 30 minutes and is 800 metres long.

Nandroya Falls Circuit: This walking track starts at the Henrietta Creek camping area and is 2.5 km long which takes about an hour to an hour and a half. You will see Nandroya Falls and Silver Creek Falls on this walk plus some great swimming holes.