Are you planning a holiday trip to Tasmania but not sure where to go? Check out these amazingly unique accommodation spots and you might choose your vacation spot according to your favourite. Tasmania is a beautiful place to visit with so many varied differences; you can’t go wrong whether you choose the city, the country, the mountains, or the valleys.

Eagles Nest Retreat

Eagles Nest Retreat

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Eagles Nest

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Eagles Nest Hot Tub

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Eagles Nest Outside

Eagles Nest II Photo Credit:

Eagles Nest

Eagles Nest II Photo Credit:

Eagles Nest 3

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The Eagles Nest luxury retreat is located near Cradle Mountain. When you stay here, you can experience views of the mountain and its rugged surrounds while you are surrounded by luxury. Accommodations include secluded privacy in one of 3 luxury houses, or nests. Multiple bedrooms, spa bathrooms, hot tubs, and fully equipped kitchens come standard. The large private accommodations are perfect for couples seeking a private getaway or families looking for a holiday escape. In sharp contrast to the luxury of the Eagles Nest Retreat, are the Overland Track and the rugged bush terrain of Cradle Mountain.

Bed in the Tree Tops Bed and Breakfast

Bed in The Treetops - Bed and Breakfast

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Bed In Treetops - View

Bed in the Tree Tops Photo Credit:

Bed in Tree Tops - View

Bed in the Tree Tops Photo Credit:

This unique hideaway is called Bed in the Tree Tops is situated 160 metres above the Bay of Fires and Binalong Bay on the northeast coast of Tasmania. Various Tasmanian timbers and whole Celery Top pine logs make up the architecture of this luxury bed & breakfast property. The bed & breakfast consists of two private open plan spa suites and can sleep up to 6 guests. Their website says it is not suitable for children under 12 years old. Staying here puts you close to the beaches with some of the best diving in Australia, national parks, state reserves, and quaint Tasmanian villages. Breakfast is prepared fresh every morning and features fresh baked bread, free range eggs, with vegetables and herbs from their own garden. Complimentary afternoon tea is also offered or a choice of pre-dinner drinks and nibbles. This luxury retreat is in the perfect Tasmanian setting because you can soak in views of the bay, the ocean, as well as the mountains and bush.

The Winged House

Winged House - Rear Side View

The Winged House Photo Credit:

View From Winged House

View from the Winged House Photo Credit:

Winged House - Side View

The Winged House Photo Credit:

The Winged House

The Winged House Photo Credit:

The Winged House - Dining Room

The Winged House Dining Room Photo Credit:

The Winged House - Bathroom

The Winged House Japanese Style Bathroom with a View Photo Credit:

The Winged House is quite a striking architectural retreat high above the Northwest Tasmania Coast. It was designed by artistic architect Richard Goodwin and was built by John De Jong. The house is perched atop Table Cape overlooking the ocean and rugged cliffs on the cape. Accommodations at the Winged House include 2 full service suites, each with their own Japanese style en suite, gourmet kitchen, and 180 degree views of the coast. While staying at the Winged House, the views are exceptional, the luxury and service is high end, and the list of things to do is long. Golfing, fishing, and swimming in the ocean are just a few of the activities to participate in.

Huon Bush Retreats

Huon Bush Retreats - Valley View

Huon Bush Retreats View of the Valley Photo Credit:

Huon Bush Retreat

Huon Bush Retreats Photo Credit:

Huon Bush Retreat - Wildlife

Huon Bush Retreats Wildlife Photo Credit:

Huon Bush Retreats - Bush Walking

Huon Bush Retreats Bush Walking Photo Credit:

Huon Bush Retreats - Accomidation

Huon Bush Retreats Accommodations Photo Credit:

Huon Bush Retreats is in Tasmania’s Huon Valley located just outside of Huonville and a little less than an hour’s drive south of Hobart. This is a bush retreat that is eco-friendly and you will be surrounded by nature. They have won awards for their carbon positive retreat and offer a holiday experience that keeps you deeply in touch with nature and the lovely bush of southern Tasmania. If you are looking for a secluded, private getaway with nature, you will not be disappointed with Huon Bush Retreats. The accommodations include a choice of cabins, tipees, or camping and are located at the end of the valley. The roads in are gravel roads, and while a 4WD is not required, you might consider a 4 wheel drive or utility vehicle rental. The grounds feature a 5 km bush walking track network and an abundance of wildlife in Tasmania’s native forests. Comforts include the fine food this region is known for as well as local wines, solar powered lighting, a cosy wood heater, and a private outdoor bath.

The Henry Jones

The Henry Jones Waterfront

The Henry Jones Waterfront Photo Credit:

The Henry Jones

The Henry Jones Lobby Photo Credit:

Oriental Suite

The Henry Jones Oriental Room Photo Credit:

The Henry Jones Peacock Terrace Entrance

The Henry Jones Peacock Terrace Photo Credit:

Staying at The Henry Jones is a unique experience and quite different from the other places we have highlighted in our blog today. The Henry Jones is an art hotel. It is one of the few art hotels in the world and is Australia’s first dedicated art hotel. The hotel was built within Hobart’s oldest waterfront warehouses and eclectically blends the original 19th century architecture of the city with ultra-modern design and contemporary art. The building dates back to 1804 and has a very rich history. You can bet that a stay here encompasses art, culture, and history all mixed in. The artwork on display is always changing and at any given time, there are over 400 works of art on display in the hotel from a variety of Tasmanian artists. The rooms in the hotel have all the modern comforts you would expect at any fine hotel but you won’t find any cookie cutter rooms. Each room is elegantly designed and different. Room choices include gorgeous suites, spa suites, rooms with views of the harbour, and artist studio lofts. While you are staying in Hobart, check out our previous post that details things to do in Tasmania’s capital city.

Renting a Car in Tasmania

Tasmania Car Rental Map

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When hiring a car in Tasmania, you will almost certainly need a four-wheel drive in order to get through the rugged terrain in many areas. If you opt to travel to Cradle Mountain, there are two car hire locations in Launceston, which is nearest to Cradle Mountain – Lake Saint Clair National Park. It is also closest to the Winged House location. If you take the ferry over from the mainland, you can hire a car at Devonport. That car rental location is closest to the Bed in the Trees Bed & Breakfast in Binalong Bay. If you decide to fly into Tasmania, you can hire a car at the Hobart Airport. The Henry Jones Hotel is right in there in Hobart. In addition, Hobart is less than an hour away from the Huon Valley. Wherever you decide to stay in Tasmania, Budget can help you get there. Be sure to ask your car hire agent for tips, maps, and details about where you are going. In addition to providing you with the right vehicle rental, safety guidelines, and maps, our agents are certified locals and give you the best insider travel tips.