In our last post, we talked about how Australia’s rivers are an important life force for the country. We highlighted some of the most popular rivers where you might take a holiday: the Murray River, the Darling River, the Derwent River and the Murrumbidgee River. In today’s blog post, we have more rivers to tell you about. You can enjoy an Australia holiday on the South Esk River in Tasmania, the Margaret River in Western Australia, the Brisbane River in Queensland, and the Fitzroy River in Queensland.

Australia Rivers

Australian Rivers Map Photo Credit: Wikipedia

South Esk River

Launceston Panorama

Panorama of the confluence of the Tamar River and its tributaries; the South Esk River and the North Esk River Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Hadspen, Tasmania, Australia

South Esk River Photo Credit:

Launceston - Australia

South Esk River Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The South Esk River is the longest river in Tasmania. It ends in Launceston and is used for the city’s Hydro Electricity power. The portion of the South Esk River that isn’t dammed flows into the Cataract Gorge and then combines with the North Esk River to become the Tamar River in Launceston.

Hiring a Vehicle in Launceston

Launceston Car Hire Map

Launceston Car Hire Map Photo Credit:

Budget has two rental locations in Launceston. You can hire a car in the city or rent a vehicle at the Launceston Airport. Check with your car rental agent about safety guidelines for driving in Tasmania’s rugged wilderness, most of the island is not developed so maps and guidelines can help keep you in the right direction. Click through to see the rate quote calculator and get the best car rental rates in Tasmania.

Margaret River

Margaret River

Margaret River Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Margaret River Biking

Margaret River Biking Photo Credit:

Margaret River Canoeing

Margaret River Canoeing Photo Credit:

When you hear Margaret River, most people think of the whole region. The Margaret River Region is rich with amazing holiday happenings. There really is something for everyone here, near the coast, you can swim in the ocean and stay on the beaches, participate in ocean sports or whale watch during season. Then there are the caves that highlight the itineraries of inland adventurers. The big draw to the region for many is the fantastic wines that are grown here. Great wines are also accompanied by fresh produce and gourmet foods making the Margaret River Region one of the top spots in Australia for wine enthusiasts and foodies. You don’t often hear of the Margaret River itself, but this beautiful flowing body of water delivers nourishment that makes much of the wine, food, and caves possible. Boating, canoeing, fishing, and even stand up paddle tours are available to take you through the Margaret River. The lush area is beautiful and temperate all year long. To read more about the Margaret River Region, check out our blog post all about it.

Hiring a Car in the Margaret River Region

Margaret River Car Hire

Margaret River Region Car Rental Map Photo Credit:

Hiring a car for a holiday in the Margaret River Region is a great idea because it allows you to see all the sites on your own time and schedule. The region is about a 3 hour drive south of Perth, where you can find many different Budget Car Rental locations. You can also rent a 4WD vehicle in Bunbury, which is just north of the Margaret River Region and having a utility vehicle is a great idea because some of the terrain is very rugged. Alternatively, you can hire a vehicle in Albany if you are coming from the southern coast. The great thing about the area south east of the Margaret River Region is that you will pass by 5 different national parks and forestland along the way.

Brisbane River

Brisbane River Map

Brisbane River Map Photo Credit: Google Maps

Brisbane River

South Bank Photo Credit: South Bank, Brisbane Facebook Page


Brisbane River Story Bridge and Central Business District Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The Brisbane River is quite a different look than what you might think of as a river in Australia. Instead of cutting through the wilderness, the Brisbane River cuts through the city of Brisbane and empties out into the Moreton Bay. It is the longest river in south east Queensland and has 16 major bridges. There is also a tunnel that helps commuters and travelers navigate through the city. Then there is the CityCat ferry which transports people to different points in the city. Many spots in the city offer river-side dining, shopping, and entertainment. If you are on holiday here, you can opt to take a river cruise through the city for a chance to relax and see the sights. Other holiday happenings around the Brisbane River include scaling the Story Bridge, kayaking or boating in the river, and climbing or abseiling the sheer cliffs at Kangaroo Point. Take a stroll through City Botanic Gardens and visit the famous South Bank. Learn more about planning a holiday in Brisbane with our previous blog posts:

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Renting a Car in Brisbane

Brisbane Car Hire Map

Brisbane Car Rental Map Photo Credit:

Since Brisbane is such a large city, there are many different locations to rent a car in Brisbane. If you are arriving at the Brisbane airport, that would be your first option. If you are planning on renting a car from another location within or near Brisbane, you can choose from Ipswich, Rocklea, or Logan. When you rent a vehicle in Brisbane, be sure to ask your car rental agent for details on the destinations you are planning to visit. Our expert and friendly staff will help you with safety protocols, maps, and insider details all about the best places to go on a Brisbane holiday. Click on any of the links and you can get a customised quote and will see some of the best prices and deals for hiring a car in Queensland.

Fitzroy River

Fitzroy River

Fitzroy River Photo Credit:

Fitzroy River Basin

Fitzroy River Photo Credit:

Fitzroy River

Fitzroy River Photo Credit:

The Fitzroy River together with its catchment makes it the largest river catchment flowing to the eastern coast of Australia. The river originates in the Carnarvon Ranges west of the coast in the Queensland outback and runs east, emptying into Keppel Bay near the port city of Rockhampton. It’s no surprise the Fitzroy River is so large because 36 different rivers and creeks flow into the Fitzroy. If river fishing is your thing, you will be happy with the variety of fish in the river including barramundi, catfish, golden perch, toothless catfish, and yabbies. Learn all about the region with our three part series on Carnarvon National Park or read about things to do near Rockhampton and the Great Barrier Reef.

Rockhampton Car Hire Locations

Rockhampton Car Hire Map

Rockhampton Car Rental Locations Map Photo Credit: Google Maps

Rockhampton is the southernmost port city to the Great Barrier Reef. It is also right near the mouth of the Fitzroy River. There are two car hire locations in Rockhampton; you can hire a car in Rockhampton City or visit the car rental location at the Rockhampton Airport. Also close by is the Yeppoon, where you can hire a car in the coastal city of Yeppoon. If you are driving west to visit Carnarvon National Park in the outback, be sure to let your car rental agent know so that they can recommend the best vehicle for the terrain you will encounter. They can also help with maps and safety instructions.