Last year, we ran a series of blog posts on the best road trips in Australia. The whole series itself was very popular. However, 4 of our best road trip blog posts made the list of our most viewed blogs for 2014. The most popular road trips we featured were The Great Ocean Road, Gibb River Road, The Big Lap, and the Legendary Pacific Coast Sydney to Brisbane. Here are highlights from and links to each of those posts. Check out the list of all 10 of the best road trips in Australia. You can see the rest of the list of our top 10 blogs of 2014 too.

Sand Dunes

Stockton Sand Dunes near Newcastle Photo Credit:

The Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road Photo Credit:

Teddys Lookout

The Great Ocean Road Teddy’s Lookout near Lorne Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most iconic drives in Australia and is considered one of the best scenic drives in the entire world. It made #3 on our list of top road trips and is one of the top 10 most popular blog posts of the year. The drive follows the coastline of the Indian Ocean on the southern coast of Australia in Victoria from Melbourne to the surf capital Torquay, the seaside village of Lorne, on to Apollo Bay, Otway National Park, then visit Port Campbell National Park, and the final destination is the historic fishing village of Port Fairy. Along the way are some of the most recognized landscapes and coastline structures like the 12 Apostles, the Grotto, Loch Ard Gorge, and the London Arch. See more details about the journey on the Great Ocean Road.

Hiring a Car for a Road Trip on the Great Ocean Road

Melbourne Car Hire Map

Melbourne Car Rental Map Photo Credit:

Great Ocean Road Map

Great Ocean Road Round Trip Map Photo Credit:

You can hire a car in Melbourne and then make your way southwest along the coastline of the Indian Ocean to see the amazing sights. Click on the link to see the rate quote calculator to get the best car rental rates in Melbourne. There are more than 20 different car rental locations in Melbourne, so you can find one close to you. When you are hiring a car, be sure to let your car rental agent know your plans so that they can recommend the best vehicle and give you route maps and safety tips for your road trip.

Gibb River Road

Gibb River Road

Gibb River Road Photo Credit:

Imintil Wilderness Camp

The Gibb River Road, near Imintji Wilderness Camp Photo Credit: Tourism Western Australia

The Gibb River Road was #7 on our list for best road trips in Australia. It also made 2014’s list of most visited blogs. The Gibb River Road is a more concentrated focus on a part of the Savannah Way in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia from Derby to Kununurra. The Kimberley only has 2 seasons: wet and dry and is only accessible from April through November during the dry season. The road was established during the 1960s to transport cattle to and from outlying stations. Now it is the perfect road trip for adventurous travellers looking for an adventure in Australia’s remote outback. The trip includes stops in 6 national parks plus old cattle stations, magnificent gorges, and beautiful rivers. Be sure to inquire about a permit for your vehicle. Permits can be applied for online and are usually issued either immediately or the next day and are necessary if you are travelling through aboriginal territory including Balgo, BeagleBay, the Cape Leveque Road, Kalumburu, Mowanjum and One Arm Point. See more details about the Gibb River Road trip.

Hiring a Car for the Gibb River Road Trip

Northern Territory Car Hire Map

Northern Territory Car Rental Map Photo Credit:

Gibb River Road Map

Gibb River Road Map Photo Credit:

Broome is on the west coast of Western Australia and you can hire a car in Broome and then travel on to Derby to start the Gibb River Road adventure. There are two car rental locations in Broome. You can hire a car or 4WD vehicle in downtown Broome or hire a car directly after arriving at the Broome Airport. The Gibb River Road trip leads you across the Kimberley east to Kunurra, which is just before the border into the Northern Territory. You can always start the Gibb River Road trip there as well, or return your car rental in Kununurra. Be sure to tell your car rental agent your travel plans, that way they can give you safety guidelines, go over restrictions, and offer maps.

The Big Lap

The Big Lap Map

The Big Lap Map Photo Credit:

The Big Lap Points

Four Extreme Points of Australia Map Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The Big Lap is a famous road trip all around the coast of Australia and to each major city with stops in every state. The road trip made #2 on our list of the best road trips in Australia and it’s no surprise that it was one of the most read blog posts of 2014 because this road trip has long been a dream for Australian travelers. For other travelers, the Big Lap is a way of life; it can take months or years to complete the trip. Our blog post all about the Big Lap highlights the four most extreme points in Australia. Our starting point is in Melbourne and in addition to the most extreme points east, west, north, and south as well as the centre of Australia, Alice Springs, and the highest point, Mt. Koscuiszko.

Vehicle Hire for the Big Lap

Big Lap Car Hire Map

Australia Car Rental Map Photo Credit:

Budget Car Rental has hundreds of locations all over Australia. If you are thinking about taking the Big Lap, why not partner with us to rent your vehicles throughout the trip. Each car rental location can ensure that you have a vehicle in top working condition that is geared toward the terrain you will be covering in the next leg of your Big Lap. Rather than purchasing a camper or 4 wheel drive vehicle, opt to hire many different vehicles and partner with Budget Car Hire service, you will be in great hands. You can opt to hire a car in each territory, or plan out where to switch off vehicles ahead of time.

The Legendary Pacific Coast Road Trip from Sydney to Brisbane

Pacific Road Trip

Grand Pacific Drive Photo Credit:

Pacific Road Trip Balloon

Hot Air Balloon Photo Credit:

The Legendary Pacific Coast Road Trip runs up the east coast of Australia between two of the most popular cities, Sydney in New South Wales and Brisbane in Queensland. The drive made our #8 spot on the list of Australia’s best road trips and was one of the most popular blog posts of 2014. Our blog posts covering this road trip highlighted some of the great stops you can make along the way including Sydney’s famous beaches, Port Stephens, Port Macquarie, South West Rocks, Coffs Harbour, Yamba, Ballina, Lismore, Kyogle, Border Ranges National Park, Byron Bay, Nightcap National Park, Tweed Heads, Gold Coast, Surfer’s Paradise, and finally ending up in Brisbane.

Hiring a Car for the Legendary Pacific Coast Road Trip

Pacific Coast Road Trip Car Hire Map

Legendary Pacific Coast Road Trip Car Hire Map Photo Credit:

As you can see, there is no shortage of car hire locations along the route for the Legendary Pacific Coast Road Trip. If you are starting out in Sydney, you can hire a car at any of Sydney’s 19 car hire locations in New South Wales. If you decide to start out your road trip in Queensland and head north, there are also many car hire location options in Queensland’s east coast. You can also return your car rental at the end of your road trip at car hire locations in Brisbane or Gold Coast. When taking a road trip, our car rental agents can help you with planning and safety tips. Be sure to discuss your itinerary with your car rental agent to discover the best insider holiday drive tips.