South Australia is a diverse state with much to see and do. Each corner of the state is dramatically different between the coast, the outback, the mountains, and the caves. It’s filled with unique places, and we already wrote about Murphy’s Haystacks, Coober Pedy, the Coorong, Naracoorte Caves, the Head of Bight, and the Nullarbor. If you like to see the strange and unusual spots during your holiday, then you are going to love our blog post. We have compiled a new list of some of the strangest places to visit in South Australia.

Murphys Haystacks

Murphy’s Haystacks Land Formation Photo Credit: Wikipedia


Nullarbor Photo Credit:

Tailem Bend’s Pink Lake

Tailem Bend - Pink Lake

Tailem Bend’s Pink Lake Photo Credit:

There are only a few pink lakes in Australia and not many in the entire world. Some pink lakes have no explanation for their colour and others do. This pink lake is off of the Princes Highway between Tailem Bend and Meningie. This lake gets its pink hue from algae, so don’t swim in it and certainly don’t drink it. It’s really only good for stopping and taking some pictures. Tailem Bend is a town on the Murray River about 100 km south-east of Adelaide.

Hiring a Car in the Murray River Region

Adelaide Car Hire Map

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There are several different car rental locations near Adelaide, which makes it convenient to find the right vehicle for your trip to the Murray River Region, Tailem Bend, and surrounds. When you click through the link, you will find the rate quote calculator that will help you find the right vehicle to rent and a great price. When it’s time to pick up your car rental, ask our friendly agents for insider tips and travel details about the region in South Australia that you are travelling to. You will find them to be knowledgeable and helpful for the road ahead.

Remarkable Rocks

Remarkable Rocks

Remarkable Rocks Photo Credit: South Australia Department of Environment, Water, and Natural Resources

Remarkable Rocks

Remarkable Rocks Photo Credit:

Remarkable Rocks

Remarkable Rocks Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Remarkable Rocks are some amazing rock formations that have been formed from erosion over the last 500 million years. They are located in Flinders National Park which is on Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia. You can capture some amazing photo opportunities at any time but if you go back to The Remarkable Rocks at different times during the day, you will see dramatic differences in the light play. It makes for even more interesting and fun pictures capturing the light throughout the day.

Hiring a Vehicle on Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island - Car Hire

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There is so much to see and do on Kangaroo Island, that you can hire a vehicle and see more of the island on your own time and schedule. There are two car rental locations on Kangaroo Island. One car hire location is located at the Kangaroo Island Airport. The second car rental spot on Kangaroo Island is in Penneshaw where the ferry from mainland Australia docks. Kangaroo Island is known as KI to the locals. Consult with your car rental agent to see what type of vehicle would be best for your holiday plans. You will likely want a 4WD for the sand dunes and terrain on the island.

Umpherston Skinhole

Umpherston Sinkhole

Umpherston Sinkhole Photo Credit:

Umpherston Sinkhole Garden Umpherston Sinkhole Garden Photo Credit:

The Umpherston Sinkhole is also known as the Sunken Garden near Mount Gambier. It was a cave but the limestone roof collapsed. In 1886 James Umperston first turned it into a garden. The gardens are open all the time now and it is free to enter. The gardens are lit at night; seating is available and a free BBQ is provided.

Piccaninnie Ponds

Piccaninnie Ponds

Piccaninnie Ponds Photo Credit:

Picaninnie Ponds - Caves

Piccaninnie Ponds Sinkhole Photo Credit:

The Piccaninnie Ponds is an excellent example of how things aren’t always what they appear. On the surface, they look like flat wetlands. You can see reeds peeking out of the top of the surface which is teaming with birds and other wildlife. But, underneath the surface is a very different story. There is a deep network of limestone caves. No one is sure how deep they are. The deepest measurement they have is The Chasm, a 100 metre sinkhole. There are rumours that there is yet another cave below that one. The Piccaninnie Ponds are near Mount Gambier.

Hiring a Car near Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier Car Hire Map

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Mount Gambier is located in the south east corner of South Australia close to the Victoria border. We have a car rental location conveniently located at the Mount Gambier Airport. You will be very close to visiting the Umpherston Sinkhole. Let your car rental agent know where you are headed and they will help you choose the right vehicle and provide you with maps, driving instructions and safety tips.

The Painted Desert

The Painted Desert

Painted Desert Photo Credit:

The Painted Desert

Painted Desert Photo Credit:

The Painted Desert is located in central South Australia near Coober Pedy. The landscapes here have been carved by nature and painted by her as well. The views are gorgeous any time of the day, but they are particularly spectacular during sunrise and sunset. Years of wind, rain, weather, and erosion have molded this ancient Inland Sea bed what it is today. The coloured shale hills alternate between orange, yellow, and white.

Hiring a Car for a Trip through the Painted Desert

Coober Pedy Car Hire Map

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You can hire a car in Coober Pedy and then drive to the nearby Painted Desert. There are two car hire locations in Coober Pedy. Rent a car at the Coober Pedy Airport or right in the city. Since the South Australia outback is rugged terrain, you will want to choose a 4WD vehicle. Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right vehicle for your needs and your budget. Get a quick rate quote by clicking the link and filling in the information.

Hallett Cove

Hallett Cove

Hallet Cove Photo Credit:

Hallett Cove - Foreshore

Hallet Cove Foreshore Photo Credit:

Hallett Cove is a suburb of Adelaide on the coast of the Gulf of St. Vincent. What is amazing about this small town is that it shows the best evidence of Australia’s ice age on the northern cliff tops. It is one of Australia’s most extraordinary geological sites. The striations in the rocks allow you to see the changes that have occurred over millions of years.

Hire a Car near Adelaide and Hallett Cove

Hallet Cove - Car Hire Map

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There are several car hire locations in and around Adelaide. Hallett Cove is south of Adelaide, there is a car rental location near there at Adelaide South Reynella. If you are on holiday near Adelaide, you might be interested in reading about our highlights on the Adelaide Hills, the city of Adelaide, or things to do in and around Adelaide.