Adelaide is located in South Australia and is close to the coastline of Gulf St. Vincent. We covered Things to Do in and Around Adelaide on our blog before but wanted to revisit the city and explore it some more. Adelaide is the 5th largest city in Australia. This post will show some of the most beautiful and most interesting spots to visit when on holiday in Adelaide. We will visit Victoria Square, Glenelg Beach, the Art Gallery of South Australia, tour Gouger Street, and the Central Markets.

Adelaide City Centre

Adelaide City Centre over the Torrens Lake Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Hiring a Car in Adelaide

Adelaide Map Google

Adelaide Map Photo Credit: Google Maps

Adelaide Map

Adelaide Map Photo Credit: Google Maps

Adelaide - Car Hire

Adelaide Car Hire Map Photo Credit:

Hiring a car in Adelaide is easy with Budget. There are 5 different car rental locations in and around Adelaide, so it is quite convenient to hire a car in Adelaide. There are car hire locations in Adelaide City, at the Adelaide Airport, in Adelaide North – Salisbury, Adelaide South – Reynella, and an Adelaide Trucks location close to the airport for hiring trucks, 4 wheel drive, and all-terrain vehicles. Check with your car rental agent about any driving restrictions for the area as well as driving tips and safety guidelines.

Victoria Square

Victoria Square at Night

Victoria Square at Night Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Victoria Square

Three Rivers Fountains Photo Credit:

Victoria Square is located right in the centre of Adelaide. It is one of the focal points of the city and there is often something going on there. Check the calendar of events to see what’s on while you are in Adelaide to take full advantage of Victoria’s Square. Even if nothing is happening, there is still plenty to see including the statue of Queen Victoria and the different fountains like Three Rivers Fountain and the Victoria Square Fountain. The square just underwent a redevelopment paid for by the government in 2014. Some of the new features include a relocated tram line, additional tram stops, impressive water features, various garden terraces, and perimeter gardens. Since Victoria Square is the hub of Adelaide, it is a great spot to meet and start your tour of the city in order to keep your bearings.

Art Gallery of South Australia

Art Gallery of South Australia

Art Gallery of South Australia Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Art Gallery - South Australia

Art Gallery of South Australia Photo Credit:

View a mix of modern and old art that fill the colonial-style walls. Admission is free with the exception of the specialty exhibits that are featured throughout the year. The Art Gallery of Australia is different from other larger galleries. Since it is smaller, it is quainter while still offering up a good bit of Adelaidean culture.

Glenelg Beach

Glenelg Beach

Glenelg Beach Photo Credit:

Swim with Dolphins

Swim with the Dolphins off Glenelg Beach Photo Credit:

Glenelg Beach features white sands on the shore and plenty of marine life just off shore. It has a decidedly resort-like atmosphere that is a stark contrast to the metropolitan city of Adelaide. During summer, the average maximum temperature is about 28 degrees C. So, the beaches offer a welcome and cooling relief from the heat. You can swim with the dolphins, charter boats at the marina, or go shopping in the suburb of Glenelg. If you hire a catamaran tour of the coastline, you can witness the rugged and rocky shorelines and spot for the sea lion colony that lives in Seal Bay.

Jetty Road

Jetty Road

Jetty Road Photo Credit:

Jetty Road

Jetty Road Mosely Square Photo Credit: Wikipedia

When visiting Glenelg, if you want to see the local dining and shopping district, that would be Jetty Road. The variety of different restaurants and foods you can find there is unlimited. Choose from delicious pizza joints or bistros priced right for travelers on a budget. Then there are a host of international dining spots available including Chinese, Indian, Greek, Japanese, Mexican, and more.The Jetty Road pier is a great spot to catch the sunset before or after dinner. Take a stroll or relax on the grassy areas or beach and enjoy local live entertainment and street performers on Jetty Road.

Central Markets

Central Markets

Adelaide Central Markets Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Central Market Produce

Central Markets Photo Credit:

The Adelaide Central Markets are one of the most popular attractions in the heart of Adelaide. There are usually over 80 stalls with fresh produce from all over the state. It is a very popular attraction in Adelaide for locals and visitors alike. Everyone from local chefs and foodies to tourists can be found while meandering through the streets and exploring the vendors who sell anything and everything gourmet from local produce to finished products like olive oils and local cheeses. If you like, you can even take a behind the scenes tour to make sure you don’t miss any of the highlights of Adelaide’s Central Markets.

Gouger Street

Gouger Street

Gouger Street Photo Credit:

Gouger Street Entrance

Gouger Street Entrance Photo Credit:

Gouger Street is right next to the Adelaide Central Markets and also marks the entrance to Adelaide’s Chinatown. There are many international restaurants on Gouger Street, but Asian restaurants are most prevalent with choices from all over Asia including China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, and India. In addition to the Asian restaurants, many of the businesses on Gouger Street have Asian architectural influences and even signs in both English and Asian languages.

More to See and Do in Adelaide

Mount Lofty - Botanic Gardens

Mount Lofty Botanic Garden Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Adelaide Hills

Adelaide Hills Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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