The Perth Hills are just east of Perth. In contrast to the one big metropolitan city in Western Australia, the Perth Hills are decidedly quaint countryside. Most of Western Australia is remote and rugged terrain, but the Perth Hills offer a different experience of rolling hills and countryside. There are a host of other nearby destinations that are just a short drive from Perth where you can see the country and experience nature, swimming, fishing, camping, hiking, and bush walking.

Korung National Park Sign

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Korung National Park Map

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Hiring a Car in Perth for a Trip to Korung National Park and the Perth Hills

Perth Car Hire Map

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There are plenty of car rental locations in Perth where you can hire a car. When you hire a car, you can find the best places to visit and the best deals for your holiday. If you are in Perth City, then you can hire a car there. Other Perth car hire locations include the Perth Airport car rental or the Perth South car hire location near Fremantle or in Burswood. Click on any of the links to get a custom rate quote with the best deal for renting a car near Perth. When you are hiring a car, be sure to share your travel plans with the car rental agent so that they can give you the guidelines, road maps, safety restrictions, and holiday travel tips. This will ensure your best car rental experience in Western Australia.

Things to do in Korung National Park and the Perth Hills

Pickering Brook

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We already covered things to do in Perth and holiday getaways near Perth and surrounds, we even covered a special post on free things to do in Perth, and now we are covering nearby Korung National Park near the town of Pickering Brook in the Perth Hills. Korung National Park is one of the many regional and national parks in the Perth Hills and is located near the town of Pickering Brook. In fact, Pickering Brook National Park was the unofficial name of the park, but the prevailing name is Korung. Bushwalking is at its best in Korung National Park. This region is known for offering a variety of landscapes and corresponding activities.

Bushwalking and Mountain Bike Riding Trails

Kattamorda Heritage Trail

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View Across Valley Road

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Since bushwalking and mountain biking are two of the most popular things to do in the park, here are some of the best trails and walks are the Munda Biddi Bike Trail, the Kattamorda Heritage Trail, and the New Victoria Dam Walk. Take Canning Road to access the picnic facilities that are at New Victoria Dam. There are walks available for all fitness levels and abilities so that anyone and everyone can witness the beauty of the nature of this area. Here are more details on 5 of the most popular walking trails in Korung National Park:

  • Camel Walk Trail: This trail has red triangles to mark the path through open woodland and farmland, including orchards. You can walk in a continuous loop or this peaceful and pleasant walking trail can be broken into two sections. It starts at the corner of Anembo Road and Morton Road. Distance: 5.1km Time: Allow 1.5 hours Class: 3 Moderately Easy.
  • Mason & Bird Heritage Trail: This trail allows you to retrace the historic path of Mason and Bird’s timber tramway to the site of the original mill. The trail crosses Munday Brook over the timber bridge built in 1872 and thought to be one of the oldest timber bridges in Australia. The distance for trail is 3 km. Allow about 1 hour for the class 3, moderately easy trail.
  • Lions Lookout Walk Trail: Trekking through this class 4 moderate trail affords you some of the most beautiful views of the Perth city skyline and Swan Coastal Plain all the way east to the Bickley Valley and reservoir. The trail is marked with pale blue triangles along the length. Journey through the open woodland of Jarrah, Casuarina, and Banksia to into the hills. Access the walk from the southern end of the Lesmurdie Lions Lookout car park. The distance for the Lions Lookout Walk Trail is 4 km and you should allow 1 and ½ hours to complete it. However, you might want to allow some extra time to stop in at Kanyana Wildlife Sanctuary where you can see how the West Australia’s endangered creatures are being protected.
  • Victoria Reservoir Walk Trail: This trail goes past the new Victoria Dam as well as the old dam. There are purple triangles marking the 6 km long trail. There are also informative signs explaining the sights and history of what you are seeing. Allow 2 hours for the class 3 moderately easy trail.
  • Chanel Ten Tower Walk: When embarking on this trail, you can park in the gravel car park about 200 metres off Pomeroy Road. Be sure to follow the pink triangle trail markers on this trail so that you don’t miss the sights through the groves of Casuarina, Banksia, and Jarrah. The trail passes by the Chanel Ten broadcasting tower. Allow about an hour for this class 2 easy trail.