Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s most popular beaches. Bondi is just 10 km from Sydney and is one of Sydney’s most visited beaches. It is known for its great waves for surfing and beachside fun in and out of the water. We want you to be safe while enjoying all the fun in the sun so be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen often and swim in between the red and yellow flags where the lifesavers patrol. There are several different beaches you can walk to using the trails. Summertime goes hand-in-hand with Bondi beach, but it is a great beach to visit any time of the year. While in Sydney there is plenty to see and do. You can read our blog for places to see in and around Sydney, or visit Sydney’s beaches. We also wrote about 5 Day Trips from Sydney.

Bondi Beach

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Bondi Beach - Map

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Renting a Car for Your Bondi Beach Holiday

Sydney Car Hire Map

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When planning a holiday on Bondi Beach, you can hire a car in Sydney. If you fly into Sydney you can always hire a car at the Sydney Airport. Other car rental locations in Sydney include Sydney east location in Alexandria, or the North Sydney. Be sure to let your car rental agent know about your travel plans so that they can recommend the best type of vehicle for your holiday. Our helpful car rental agents can also assist you with local maps, holiday tips and pointers, and travel safety information.

Things to Do at Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

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Even if you have never been to Bondi Beach, you are likely to be familiar with it because it has been in more television shows, movies, and postcards than any other beach in Australia. There are many things to do on Bondi Beach no matter the season. Christmas is the most popular time to visit Bondi Beach. During the holiday, over 40,000 people visit. You can go surfing, relax on the beach, frequent the shops and cafes, or take a tour or charter.


Surf Lessons

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Surf Boards

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Bondi Beach is one of the top surfing spots in Australia. Surfing has its own subculture in Bondi. There’s the right clothing, its own language, and a laid back life style. If you don’t already know how to surf, no worries, you can learn to surf right at Bondi Beach. To seek out surf lessons, visit the Pavilion.

Relax or Play on the Beach

Bondi Beach

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Panorama of Bondi Beach

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Beach sports are one of the popular pass times at Bondi Beach. There’s beach volley ball and other water sports that you can partake in while at the beach. If you decide to swim, just be sure to swim within the red and yellow flags. This is the area deemed safe and patrolled by the surf-lifesaving team.

Shop and Eat on the Beach                                                        

Cafe Bondi Beach

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There are great shops and beachside restaurants or cafes that you can shop and dine right near the beach. Get some great souvenirs and enjoy some good eats. There’s a variety of shops with something for everyone’s tastes including art galleries, handcrafts, jewellery, and clothing stores from fashion clothiers to vintage finds.