When you think about New Year’s Eve in Australia, Sydney is likely the first place you might think of. It is probably one of the first places everyone in the world thinks of on New Year’s Eve because of its time zone, it is and one of the earliest big New Year’s Eve celebrations that takes place. All eyes from around the world turn to Sydney’s fireworks celebration to kick off the start of the New Year’s celebrations every year. However, that is not the only reason that Sydney’s New Year’s celebration is world famous. The fireworks display is nothing short of fabulous. In fact, when you look to Wikipedia to learn about fireworks, Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display is one of the images they use as a visual aide as to what fireworks are! As you might imagine then, each year spectators from all around Sydney’s Harbour are in for a magnificent fireworks display. There are many vantage spots for watching the fireworks, which come from the “Coathanger” Sydney Harbour Bridge as well as other spots around the harbour. You can see it in person, purchase tickets to special events, or see it on television, the internet, and you can even hear it on the radio. In fact, over a billion people all over the world tune into Sydney’s New Year’s extravaganza. That is pretty amazing to think that 1/7 of the entire planet watches Sydney’s display. Many celebrities from all over the world choose to spend their New Year’s in Sydney. The festivities start early in the day and usually include air and sea displays. The fireworks is preceded by a laser show and followed by a lighted boat parade. Over a million people gather in and around Sydney Harbour each year to witness this spectacular event.

Sydney Harbour - Fireworks

2013 – 2014 New Year’s Eve in Sydney Harbour Photo Credit: SydneyNewYearsEve.com

Sydney Fireworks

Fireworks from Sydney Harbour Bridge Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Sydney View map

Vantage Points for Watching the Sydney Fireworks Photo Credit: SydneyNewYearsEve.com

New Year’s in Sydney is the height of summer, so instead of the cold freeze that brings in New Year’s in America and Europe, you can experience a summer holiday in the Southern Hemisphere that includes beaches and fun in summer in the city. Because the New Year’s Eve celebration is so massive, yet so organised, it makes it a great time for everyone. There is even a special website set up SydneyNewYearsEve.com to help with information, planning, viewing points, and details about what’s on for the special day. The website also gives travel guidelines with transportation and road closures.

Hiring a Car in Sydney

Sydney Car Hire Map

Sydney Car Rental Location Map Photo Credit: Budget.com.au

If you are planning a New Year’s holiday in Sydney, you can hire a car in Sydney from one of the many different convenient locations based on where you are coming from. If you are already south of Sydney , you can also hire a car at the Sydney Airport, the Sydney east location in Alexandria, or the Sydney southwest location in Ravensby. Click the links and get a rate quote so you can find the best car hire rates in Sydney, Australia. Of course, on New Year’s Eve most regular vehicle travel is restricted around the harbour and city centre; but you will certainly want your own vehicle to get around Sydney during the rest of your stay.

Top 10 Reasons to See Fireworks in Sydney

  1. Bucket List Worthy. Sydney’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display is truly a bucket list event. Witnessing this celebration is one of those once a life time events for those who don’t live in Sydney. If you already live here, then you know how to witness the spectacular event like a local.
  2. Light-hearted Fun for the Whole Family. A fun, family friendly event with goo-humoured crowds lining the streets and viewing venues. Experience the celebration with family and friends and make some new ones along the way. Enjoy the spirit of hope and cheer together in a celebratory atmosphere you will never forget.
  3. Plenty of Choices. You can plan your evening ahead of time. Choose from a variety of viewing locations around Sydney’s huge harbour. The list of locations runs the gamut of possibilities from VIP exclusive spots to free of charge. Witness the fireworks from land or the water on a yacht or a boat charter or New Year’s Eve cruise. You can also choose to ring in the New Year with a glass of Australia’s wonderful sparkling wine or pick an alcohol-free viewing area instead. There are licensed places serving alcohol or other venues where you are allowed to BYOB. There is something for everyone and a venue to meet everyone’s taste and budget. If you plan on certain activities, you can purchase tickets in advance to venues, shows, engagements, or cruises.
  4. Safety in Numbers. Even though this is a huge celebration that attracts well over one million viewers, it is well organised and safe for everyone.
  5. More than Just Fireworks Display.

Sydney Boat Parade

Light Boat Parade Photo Credit: SydneyNewYearsEve.com

While the fireworks display is one of the largest and most amazing displays in the world it is not the only event on New Year’s Eve. There are plenty of other things to do all day long either within venues or as part of the show that starts in the late afternoon before the sun sets on the past year. One of the highlights of the night after the fireworks is the Lighted Boat Parade.

  1. Guess the Theme.

Fireworks Theme

Bridge Effect on Sydney Harbour Bridge Photo Credit: SydneyNewYearsEve.com

Each year, the Sydney fireworks display has a different theme. Locals and visitors alike ponder what the theme will be. The theme and other surprises each year such as the illuminated artwork of the “Bridge Effect” change from year to year and add to the mystery and excitement. Here is a list of past themes:

2013: Shine

2012: Embrace

2011: Time to Dream

2010: Make Your Mark

2009: Awaken the Spirit

2008: Creation

2007: The Time of Our Lives

2006: A Diamond Night in Emerald City

2005: Heart of the Harbour

  1. Two Fireworks Displays. Sydney offers an early 9pm fireworks display to kick off the closing of the year and also a great way for families with young children to get to see the fireworks before heading off to bed. You can also tune into the NYE soundtrack to accompany the pyrotechnics displays. As the clock strikes midnight, an even more spectacular fireworks display lights up the Sydney sky. It is accompanied by a countdown from a million voices participating in one of the first New Year celebrations in the world each year.
  2. Waterfall Effect.

Waterfall Effect

Waterfall Effect off of Sydney Harbour Bridge New Year’s Eve 2013 Photo Credit:SydneyNewYearsEve.com

The Waterfall Effect

Waterfall Effect off of Sydney Harbour Bridge New Year’s Eve 2011 Photo Credit: SydneyNewYearsEve.com

The “waterfall effect” is a special part of the pyrotechnics that looks like a cascade of falling flames coming from the road level of the Harbour Bridge.

  1. Enjoy the Warmth of the summer. New Year’s comes during the southern hemisphere’s summer, so Sydney is warm with summer fun during this time of the year. This makes your New Year’s holiday here even more special with plenty of other fun holiday summer activities to enjoy during your stay.
  2. Centre of Celebrations. New Year’s falls in between several other holidays in Sydney and around Australia. Christmas, of course, falls just before New Year’s, then there is the Sydney Festival in January. The Sydney Festival is a popular arts and cultural festival that takes place in Sydney every January. Then Boxing Day kicks off the start of the world-famous Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

New Year’s Eve in Sydney is certainly one of the top spots (if not the top spot) to spend New Year’s. However, there are plenty of other great spots where you can celebrate the New Year. Stay tuned for our next blog with a list of places to go and things to see on New Year’s Eve in Australia.