The Snowy Mountains is definitely one of the most scenic places in Australia; each season is equally beautiful in its own unique way. The Snowy Valley Way, which is the scenic drive through the mountains from Gundagai in the north southward through the shire of Tumbarumba and ending at Wangaratta passes through the foothills of the NSW Snow Mountains on the western side of Kosciuszko National Park and down into Victoria. The towns that you can visit are quite historic and include Gundagai, Tumut, Tumbarumba, Corryong, and Beechworth. Experience some of the great outdoors in any season, welcoming country towns, and plan your trip around one of the many seasonal festivals and events throughout this region.

Gundagai Bridge

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Tumbarumba Map

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Hiring a Car for the Snow Valley Way Scenic Drive

Tumbarumba - Shire

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Snow Valley Way - Car Hire Map

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Travelling through the foothills will call for particular vehicles depending on the season. Consult with your Budget Rental expert to find the right car for your scenic drive. If you are coming from Sydney, you can always choose your car at one of the many convenient Sydney car hire locations there for the any of the Snowy Mountains scenic drives. You can also hire a car in nearby Canberra, or visit one of our Melbourne car rental locations. If you want to hire a car closer to the Snowy Valley Way, you can hire a car in Wagga Wagga or choose a car in Albury. Let our friendly car rental agent know where you are heading so that they can give you tips on your drive from locals and insiders. Also get important safety information about driving in the mountains and local weather.

Highlights on the Snowy Valley Way Scenic Drive

Paddy's River Falls

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Snow Valley Way - Map

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There are 4 regions along the Snowy Valley Way: the Gundagai region, the Tumut region, the Tumbarumba region, and the Towong region. As you drive through each one, you will see the different views, activities, and things to do that each region has to offer.

Gundagai Region

Gundagai Countryside

Gundagai countryside Photo Credit:

Stop by the Gundagai Visitor Information Centre to get information about this region and find out details on the self-guided walking tour of the historic township. You will find art, history, and culture and family fun in this iconic and classic Australian country town. Experience glimpses of the past by taking a stage coach ride or visiting the old railway station. The town also offers up modern beauty in the Damasque Rose Oil Garden or experience ‘Sundy in Gundy’.

Rusconi Marble Masterpiece

Rusconi’s Marble Masterpiece Photo Credit:

Marvel at Rusconi’s Marble Masterpiece, on display in Gundagai. It is a legacy from the ingenious sculptor, who cut and polished each of the 20.948 pieces of marble that make up this masterpiece. It took him over 28 years to put it together. Miraculously, no plans or blueprints have ever been found, leading experts to believe he did it entirely by sight. It is on display at the Visitor Information Centre which is open daily.

Gundagai - Railway Station

Old Gundagai Railway Station Photo Credit:

The Old Gundagai Railway Station now serves as a museum for the now defunct railroad. The original railway was built in 1885. In its time, the railway started out with service contractor trains and then also opened up to carry passengers, mail, and freight.

Tumut Region

Tumut Region

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Tumut Region

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The Tumut Region of the Snowy Valley Way scenic drive offers more amazing views and some adventure too. Exploring the Yarrongobilly Caves is one of the most unique experiences in the region. You can also go fishing on the Tumut River, swimming or picnicking at Adelong Falls, explore the tracks and trails on foot or bike, or check out the Adelong Falls Gold Mill Ruins and learn about the history of the Adelong Gold Rush.

Yarrongobilly caves

Yarrangobilly Caves Photo Credit:

The Yarrangobilly Caves are safe for the whole family to explore. They are some of the most unique and strikingly beautiful caves in all of Australia. They were created 440 million years ago. Today, you can learn about the geographic and cultural history by taking a guided tour from the Aboriginal rangers who offer a very uniquely special hands-on cultural tour.

Kayaking in Tumut

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The Tumut Region is filled with waterways where you can go boating, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, or even swimming. The Tumut River and the Goobarragandra are excellent for fishing or kayaking. Adelong Falls is a great spot for a relaxing picnic or a refreshing swim. If you would like to camp in the area, the Blowering Dam is a great spot for that and for fishing as well. The area is home to kangaroos and emus, so keep your cameras ready!

Goldfields Mine

Adelong Falls Gold Mill Ruins Photo Credit:

There were 3 Gold Rush towns in the Tumut region: Batlow, Adelong, and Kiandra. The Gold Rush started in 1852. Touring this region gives you a sense of the days of old when gold was being mined here. There is much history and culture to be learned about here. Take the time to grab a piece of history while you here.

Tumbarumba Region

Tumbarumba Shire

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The Tumbarumba Region of the Snow Valley Scenic Drive is in the centre section of the drive and is home to some of the most magnificent scenery. Post card perfect views surround you here. The beauty of the surrounds is match by the warmth of the welcoming people here. While here, enjoy food and drink, art, culture, and hospitality.

Boggy Creek

Boggy Creek Shows Photo Credit:

The Boggy Creek Shows really highlight what Australian mountain history, heritage, and culture is all about. The shows include displays of the Snowy Mountains’ horsemanship traditions, the horses, and the working dogs. During the show, you will hear stories that are entertaining and educational. You are sure to remember the authentic representation of the rural mountain lifestyle that residents, farmers, and herders experience in their daily lives here and have for centuries.

Pioneer Womens Hut

Pioneer Women’s Hut Photo Credit:

As the motto says, this is one of the most unusual small museums in Australia. A visit here will certainly be on your radar when in the area because it is talked about and makes the list of everyone’s “must see” attractions in the area. The museum “reflects the ingenuity of women in finding solutions to challenges of looking after a family in early rural Australia.”

Towong Region

Hume Lake

Lake Hume Photo Credit:

High Country Rail Trail

High Country Rail Trail Photo Credit:

The Towong Region is the southern end of the Snow Valley Way Scenic Drive. The amazing views of the woodlands here are reflected in the clear waters of Lake Hume. The region is home to the Man From Snowy River Museum, which was built to honour the life of Jack Riley, who is the Man from Snow River, famous in history and even pop culture. The highlight of this region is the High Country Rail Trail. You can walk or bike the trail, which meanders from Wodonga to Tallangatta and into Shelly in Victoria’s North East.