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Refresh and Relax on the Mornington Peninsula

Refresh and Relax on the Mornington Peninsula

If you are a foodie who likes a holiday that combines fresh eats, relaxation, and still have access to the beaches, then the Mornington Peninsula is the spot for you. Mornington Peninsula is south of Melbourne on the southern coast of Australia. The mild climate, rolling hills, and rich soil yields organic produce like strawberries, berries, cherries, olive groves, orchards, and vegetables that you can buy from roadside stalls. This region is well-known to foodies who appreciate the fresh made gourmet, organic meals. In addition to some fabulous eateries, the spas here are favorite stops for vacationers to relax and refresh. The safe beaches and coastal cliffs are also excellent holiday hot spots for summer fun.

Mornington Peninsula

A beach on the Mornington Peninsula Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Mornington Peninsula

A rocky beach on the Mornington Peninsula Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Mornington Peninsula - Google Map

Mornington Peninsula Map Photo Credit: Google Maps

Hiring a Car for a Holiday on Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula - Car Hire Map

Melbourne Car Hire Map Photo Credit:

Mornington Peninsula Map

Mornington Peninsula Map Photo Credit: Wikipedia

As you can see, there are many convenient places to hire a car in Melbourne, which is the closest large city just north of Mornington Peninsula. The car rental locations in Melbourne are separated into north, east, south, and west regions. You can hire a car in Melbourne City, or as one of the 3 airports: Melbourne Airport car hire centre, Melbourne Airport West, or the Avalon Airport. If you are already on Mornington Peninsula, you can rent a car at Budget’s Mornington Peninsula location. You will find an easy rate calculator right on our site to help you get the best car rental rates for Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne. When you hire a car, be sure to consult with the car hire specialist so that he or she can give you travel tips that may include their favourite Mornington Peninsula restaurants, share maps with you and educate you as to any driving or safety restrictions.

Things to Do on Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula - Couple on Beach

Mornington Peninsula Photo Credit:

You can definitely eat well and rest well when you holiday on Mornington Peninsula. There are a variety of accommodations from luxury hotel and spa type resorts to caravan parks or camping. The fresh air of the sea combined with the fresh growing produce is sure to refresh your body, mind, and soul.

Peninsula Hot Springs

Peninsula Hot Spring

Sunset over the Hill Top Pool at Peninsula Hot Springs Photo Credit:

Sunrise Peninsula Hot Spring

Sunrise over the Hill Top Pool at Peninsula Hot Springs Photo Credit:

Hot Springs Bathing Gully at Twilight

Hot Springs Bathing Gully at twilight Peninsula Hot Springs Photo Credit:

Peninsula Hot Springs is the only natural thermal mineral springs bathing and day spa facility in Australia. You can choose between a relaxing or recreational experience in the mineral water pools that are heated up to 50 degrees Celsius. The private Spa Dreaming Centre is a more private facility reserved for guests 16 and over. The Bath House is set up for a more social, family oriented option for wellness bathing. There is a café on premises that offers breakfast, lunch, or dinner packages. The source comes from 637 metres below the Mornington Peninsula.

Cape Schanck

Cape Schanck Resort

RACV Cape Schanck Resort Photo Credit:

Cape Schanck Resort

RACV Cape Schanck Resort Photo Credit:

Cape Schanck Resort

RACV Cape Schanck Resort Photo Credit:

The RACV Cape Schanck Resort is situated in the middle of some of the most amazing views on either side with Bass Strait and Port Phillip Bay. It also provides easy access to Portsea, Sorrento, Red Hill, and Flinders. While staying at the resort on holiday you can visit the local wineries, swim or surf on the beaches, or golf at the top rated golf course.

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm Photo Credit:

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm Photo Credit:

The Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm is a great place where you can pick your own strawberries and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surrounds. The café serves delights from the fresh strawberries and other fresh produce from the region. You can also buy local produce and fits from the farm gate.

Mornington Peninsula National Park

Mornington Peninsula National Park

Elephant Rock in Mornington Peninsula National Park Photo Credit: Wikipedia

London Bridge

London Bridge Photo Credit:

Point Nepean

Military ruins on Point Nepean Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Mornington Peninsula National Park is filled with wildlife all around, from birds in the air, to mammals on the ground, and marine life in the waters, there are many protected species within the park. Just remember that no fishing is allowed in the area. In addition to discovering the local wildlife, there are several different locations where you can catch some magnificent views including:

  • Cape Schanck Lighthouse Reserve: The lighthouse helps light the way for ships on some of Australia’s most dangerous and rocky coastal cliffs.
  • London Bridge: A unique rock formation that shows how Mother Nature has carved its way into Australia’s coastline.
  • Arthurs Seat: See the beautiful coastline views from atop this hill which is a major tourist attraction on Mornington Peninsula. On a clear day the view extends to the Melbourne skyline, the You Yangs, and Mount Macedon. There is a state park here with 24 hour access. Some of the highlights include a one hour walking circuit to Kings Falls and the native, exotic formal gardens called Seawinds Garden.
  • French Island: Hop over to Victoria’s largest island just to the east of Mornington Peninsula and see the koalas that have lived on the island since the 1880s. About 70% of the island is protected under the French Island Marine National Park. The national park comprises 2800 hectares of the island and protects the saltmarsh, mangroves, and mudflats. These landscapes have a bug geomorphological significance.
  • Point Nepean: Located at the tip of the peninsula, there are many remnants of military facilities, buildings, and forts. This was an active defence post from the 1880’s until WWII.
  • The Pines Flora and Fauna Reserve: A perfect spot for walking and enjoying the panaromaic views of the Dandedong Ranges, Port Phillip, and Frankston, this reserve protects an important area of remnant heathland.
  • Coolart Wetlands and Homestead: For a different change of scenery, checkout the historic mansion and its garden set in the wetland area of this peninsula. You can stroll through the grounds which include woodlands and a pasture as well as paths to the beach and lagoon. Have a picnic, bird watch, or search for koalas.
  • Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary: This protected reef got its name from its mushroom shape. The sanctuary protects 80 hectares of open coastline on the Mornington Peninsula. Here in the coastal waters there is a great deal of marine diversity.
  • Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve: This is an area of natural, untouched bushland that is surrounded by the suburbs or Frankston and Langwarrin. If exercise is an important part of your holiday, this is the best spot for walking, jogging, cycling, or horse riding.
  • Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park: If you want to get up close and personal with the fish and sea creatures, this is the best place on the peninsula for snorkelling and SCUBA diving. When you see the abundance of sea life here, you will be happy to know that this area is a protected environment.
  • Collins Settlement Historic Site: This area is rich in history because it is the spot where the British attempted to settle here and establish a permanent settlement here.
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