The Eyre Peninsula is located in South Australia it provides refuge from crowds and city life. A holiday here is filled with a diverse amount of landscapes, adventures, and plenty of great things to do. The Spencer Gulf is on the east and the Great Australian Bight is to the west. North of the Eyre Peninsula is the Gawler Ranges. The peninsula has a large variety of landscapes, you can be swimming in the ocean in the morning and climbing cliffs in the afternoon, and camping in the outback at night. You won’t be bored or run short of different things to do on the Eyre Peninsula, that’s for sure. On the island, you can explore the national parks or in contrast experience the strong culture of the art galleries, theatres, cinemas, museums, and libraries on the peninsula, If you are planning a longer holiday in South Australia, be sure to check out our post on the Bunda Cliffs and Kangaroo Island, both nearby destinations for touring as well as Things to Do in Adelaide.

Eyre Peninsula - Nature

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Swimming With Sea Lions

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Eyre Peninsula Map

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Hiring a Car for a Trip to the Eyre Peninsula

Eyre Peninsula Coastline

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Eyre Peninsula Car Hire Map

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If you are planning a holiday adventure on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, you can hire a car at the Port Lincoln Airport, which is located right on the peninsula. If you are coming from elsewhere in South Australia, there are car rental location options in Adelaide or you can hire a car in Port Augusta to make it convenient for you to find the right vehicle for your South Australia travel needs. Follow the links provided and use the easy car rental quote form to find the best car rental rates in South Australia. Our friendly car rental agents are standing by to help you choose the right car for your holiday and always have safety and travel tips handy.

The South Australia Aquaculture Trail

Seafood Trail

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Seafood Trail

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Seafood Trail

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The Aquaculture Trail of South Australia is also called the Seafood Trail and is one of the main attractions on the Eyre Peninsula. Take the self-drive tour and you can experience aquaculture farms, fishing boats, fishing ports, and organised tours. You can dine at the restaurants along the route or choose to cook your own finds. The amazing landscapes and tastes fresh from the ocean make this a unique and delicious holiday escape. The seafood you find here is the freshest of the fresh and couldn’t be more local. Enjoy oysters, abalone, prawns, mussels, tuna, and rock lobster among other in season delicacies that come out of the cold waters surrounding the peninsula. Want more than just seafood? Plenty of other local gourmet eats are readily available including olives and olive oil, chocolate fudge, pork and wines from local vineyards. You can choose to focus on the town or the whole region. The towns of Eyre Peninsula that participate in the trail are Whyalla, Arno Bay, Port Lincoln, Coffin Bay, Streaky Bay, Smoky Bay, and Ceduna. Port Lincoln has by far the most stops on the tour with 9 businesses ranging from restaurants, bars, vineyards, tour guides, and charters.

Fun in the Waters of the Eyre Peninsula

Swimming With Sea Lions

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Great White Shark Cage

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Eyre Peninsula - Dolphins

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The waters surrounding the Eyre Peninsula are home to many different sea creatures, some of which you can swim with. Have a marine adventure up close with sea lions and dolphins. The waters near Whyalla are protected and you can SCUBA or snorkel. If you are up for one of the most well-known ocean adventures in Australia, you can go cage diving with the white sharks off of Port Lincoln. Other marine life that you can spot in the Spencer Gulf or the Great Australian Bight include the giant cuttlefish, tuna, barramundi, cod, King George whiting and much more sea life. Then, from May to October is whale watching season in South Australia and the Eyre Peninsula. The Head of Bight is the best place for watching the Southern Right Whales from the shore. You can also see the majestic whales and their offspring bask in the waters off of the Bunda Cliffs and the Nullarbor Plain.

Nature & Wildlife of the Eyre Peninsula


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The wildlife on the Eyre Peninsula is not only in the water. On land, you will find the only wild population of koalas. The Eyre Peninsula is also home to another rarity not found anywhere else: 3 species of kangaroo live here. In addition to two of Australia’s most famous animals, you might also spot emus, wombats, Pygmy possums, hopping mice, yellow footed rock wallaby, and many, many birds soaring above. The list of birds you might spot include Wedge-tailed Eagle, Major Mitchell Cockatoo, Flycatchers, White Winged Choughs, Fairy Wrens, Rainbow Bee Eater, Singing Honey Eater, Blue Bonnets, Scarlet Breasted and Ringneck parrots, Cockatiels and Budgerigars.

Eyre Peninsula’s Landscapes

Landscape of Eyre Peninsula

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Nullarbor Point

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Murphys Haystacks

Murphy’s Haystacks Land Formation Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The sea might be what draws you to the Eyre Peninsula, but you will surely be intrigued and surprised by the different topography across a relatively small distance. The Nullarbor Plain is just west of the Eyre Peninsula. The flat and treeless (as indicated by the name) plain leads to the Bunda Cliffs at the edge of the coast where South Australia meets Western Australia. The cliffs are so dramatic; they are often referred to as “the end of the Earth”. The landscape shows the ancient history of the crust of the Earth and what it went through when the continents split millions of years ago. The result is the sharp Bunda Cliffs, sink holes, blowholes, caves, and underground caverns. Murphy’s Haystacks are located on the Eyre Peninsula and are one of the most photographed places on the peninsula. The formations are ancient pink granite rock formations believed to be more than 15,000 years old. The thing that makes them unique and one of the strangest places to visit in all of Australia is that the formations are in the middle of a wheat field on a family’s farm. Next to the ocean, the gulf, and the endless coastlines are striking rock formations, mounts and the outback.

South Australia’s Outback

Eyre Peninsula - Outback

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Eyre Peninsula - Outback

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Gawler Ranges

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Volcanic activity formed the Gawler Ranges in the South Australian Outback. The rolling hills are great for hiking, camping, and touring on 4WD vehicles. There are over 140 species of birds in the area, so bird watching is one of the top activities. About 166,000 hectares encompassing the ranges and surrounds make up Gawler Ranges National Park. While visiting the region, it is important to note and respect the aboriginal history of this land. The Wirangu and Parnkalla people both occupied the Gawler Ranges when European settlers began to occupy South Australia.