A holiday scenic drive from Sydney in New South Wales to Melbourne, Victoria is an excellent way to see the southeast coast of Australia as well as tour the two largest cities in Australia. In the first part of our journey from Sydney to Melbourne, we started out in Sydney and headed south down the east coast of New South Wales. We told you about the Grand Pacific Drive from Sydney to Nowra. Then it was onto dolphin or whale watching in Jervis Bay, swimming with kangaroos at Pebbly Beach, camping in the national parks, eating fresh oysters from the Clyde River, and highlighting some of the most amazing coastal sights and farmland tours along the way. In this blog post, we will continue to highlight some of the most spectacular points along the way in Victoria from Bairnsdale to Melbourne.

Coastal Drive

Sydney to Melbourne Coastal Drive Itinerary Photo Credit: sydneymelbournetouring.com

Heritage Drive

Sydney to Melbourne Heritage Drive Itinerary Photo Credit: sydneymelbournetouring.com

Sydney to Melbourne - Coastal Drive

Sydney to Melbourne Coast Drive Map Photo Credit: Australia.com

Hiring a Car for the Scenic Coastal Drive from Sydney to Melbourne

Coastal Drive Car Hire Map

Sydney to Melbourne Coast Drive Map Photo Credit: Google Maps

Melbourne Car Hire Map

Melbourne Car Hire Map Photo Credit: Budget.com.au

When we started out in part one of the scenic drive from Sydney to Melbourne, we showed you Budget car rental options in Sydney and surrounds. As you can see, there are many convenient places to hire a car in Melbourne if you decide to change vehicles or even if you decide to start your journey in Melbourne and go in the opposite direction. The car rental locations in Melbourne are separated into north, east, south, and west regions. You can hire a car in Melbourne City, or as one of the 3 airports: Melbourne Airport car hire centre, Melbourne Airport West, or the Avalon Airport just to name a few of the convenient car hire locations in Melbourne. When you hire a car, be sure to consult with the car hire specialist so that he or she can give you travel tips about the trip to or from Sydney, share maps with you and educate you as to any driving or safety restrictions.

Picking Up the Trail near Bairnsdale

Mallacoota Waves

Mallacoota Photo Credit: visitmallacoota.com.au


Mallacoota Photo Credit: visitmallacoota.com.au

Kayaking - Gippsland Lakes

Gippsland Lakes Photo Credit: VisitVictoria.com

Once we leave Eden and pass the border into Victoria, this section of the coastline is a special treat. The lakes and inlets near Mallacoota allow you to get up close and personal with the sea life, birds, and mammals. Picnic with the kangaroos and feed the sea eagles at Gipsy Point. Or head over to Gabo Island where you can bear witness to one of the world’s largest known colonies of little penguins. Book a cruise or a charter sail on Australia’s largest inland waterway, the Gippsland Lakes. You will begin to notice the landscape change as you continue westward as the Gippsland Lakes meet the alpine region of Australia.

Bairnsdale to Wilsons Promontory

Squeaky Beach

Squeaky Beach Photo Credit: AustralianTraveller.com

Mount Oberon Summit

Mt. Oberon Summit Photo Credit: VisitVictoria.com

From Bairnsdale, continue westward, and on the way to Wilsons Promontory, there are some very beautiful sights to see. Check out the Tidal River, which has campgrounds you can choose to stay at. You can go bushwalking on the Lilly Pilly Gully Nature Walk. You might want to put this on your list just because it is fun to say “Lilly Pilly Gully”. However, it is popular of its own accord because of the diverse sightings you can see along the trail that takes you to the white sands of Squeaky Beach. Squeaky Beach is so named because of the round gains of quartz sand that squeak when you walk on them. The hiking trail up to Mt. Oberon boasts one of the most scenic views of the region.

Wilsons Promontory to Phillip Island

Wilsons Promontory National Park

Wilsons Promontory National Park Photo Credit: VisitVictoria.com

San Remo Fishing Boats

San Remo Fishing Village Photo Credit: VisitVictoria.com

Penguins Phillip Island Nature Park

Phillip Island Little Penguin Parade Photo Credit: VisitMelbourne.com

Wilsons Promontory is large enough to make an entire holiday here at the southernmost point of the Australian mainland. It is a protected national park and is known for its many scenic walking trails. While exploring the peninsula, you will likely see much of the wildlife that calls Wilsons Promontory home including koalas, kangaroos, emus, echidnas, wombats, and many birds that frequent the area. After leaving Wilsons Promontory, stop in the fishing village of San Remo for some more picturesque coastal town sights and a truly delicious fisherman’s village lunch. Then it’s onto Phillip Island. The highlight here is the march of the little penguins along the beach. Don’t miss it. You can also book a charter boat to for fishing or seal watching around the island. Spend an afternoon or an entire day at Phillip Island Nature Parks where you can get up close and learn about the local island wildlife.



Melbourne Points of Interest Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Botanic Gardens

Nympheas Lake in the Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Melbourne Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon Photo Credit: ExperienceOz.com.au

All good things must come to an end and this amazing coastal journey from Sydney to Melbourne is no exception. However, Melbourne is definitely a place to end a holiday with a bang. If you are wondering what to do in Melbourne, see our post and we’ll tell you all about Things to Do in Melbourne. We even have a blog post devoted to a Melbourne holiday with kids. Melbourne is definitely a metropolis and will be different from the small towns and villages along your tour from Sydney. You can experience the nightlife, visit the museums and galleries, cruise the waterfront, and take time out in the tranquil Royal Botanic Gardens in the middle of the city, visit the market, and much more. We hope you enjoyed our tour from Sydney to Melbourne!