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Scenic Drives in the Snowy Mountains

Scenic Drives in the Snowy Mountains

The Snowy Mountains is definitely one of the most scenic places in Australia. There are 3 different scenic drives in the Snowy Mountains: Kosciuszko Alpine Way, Snowy Valley Way, and the Snow Mountain Highway. Experience some of the great outdoors in any season, welcoming country towns, and plan your trip around one of the many seasonal festivals and events throughout this region.

Gundagai Countryside

Gundagai countryside Photo Credit:

Snowy Valley Way

Snowy Valley Way Photo Credit:

Touring Routes - Map

Snowy Mountains Scenic Drives Map Photo Credit:

Hiring a Car for the Snow Valley Way Scenic Drive

Tumbarumba Shire

Photo Credit:

Snow Valley Way - Car Hire Map

Snowy Mountains Car Hire Map Photo Credit:

Snowy Mountains Map

Snowy Mountains Map Photo Credit: Google Maps

Travelling through the foothills will call for particular vehicles depending on the season. Consult with your Budget Rental expert to find the right car for your scenic drive. If you are coming from Sydney, you can always choose your car at one of the many convenient Sydney car hire locations there for the any of the Snowy Mountains scenic drives. You can also hire a car in nearby Canberra, or visit one of our Melbourne car rental locations. If you want to hire a car closer to the Snowy Mountains, you can hire a car in Wagga Wagga or choose a car in Albury. Let our friendly car rental agent know where you are heading so that they can give you tips on your drive from locals and insiders. Also get important safety information about driving in the mountains and local weather.

Highlights on the Scenic Drives of the Snowy Mountains


Jindabyne Photo Credit:


Perisher Resort Photo Credit:

We have covered highlights of nearby Jindabyne in another blog post which also features many of the top ski resorts in the area. While exploring the Snowy Mountains on any of the 3 scenic drives, in addition to world class skiing, you can experience excellent camping, horseback riding, fishing, as well as other mountain activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, biking, etc.

Camping in the Snowy Mountains

Gundagai Camping

Gundagai Photo Credit:

Jingellic Camping Reserve

Jingellic Camping Reserve in Tumbarumba Shire Photo Credit:

The towns you will pass through on the Snowy Valley Way are camper and camping friendly. Amenities are often provided for travellers that include parking access, access to potable water, free dumping point, and medical facilities. There are plenty of shopping areas with groceries and fresh produce with ample parking for RVs and campers. You can also park your RV or camper at many of these places and then feel free to drive your rental vehicle around to different destinations or excursions throughout the day. The Visitor Information Centres along the way are there to hand out maps, offer internet access, and information on your travels.

Horseback Riding in the Snowy Mountains

Horseback - Snowy Mountain

Horseback overlooking the Snowy Mountains Photo Credit:

Horseback Riding

Horseback tours in the Snow Mountains Photo Credit:

Horse riding is one of those “must do” things while in the Snowy Mountains. The Snow Mountains are home to the Brumby horses and it is almost as common to see locals travelling on horseback as it is to see them travelling by vehicle. You can go on a horse riding tours and guided horseback treks through the mountains. The Snowy Mountains are home to a world class equestrian facility. Local horse riding events and activities are coordinated there throughout the year including Equine Education, lessons clinics, trail rides, and camps for both adults and children. Here is a list of local horse ranches and horse riding tours that you can choose from:

  • Mountain Ash Trails Horse Riding
  • Reynella Kosciusko Rides
  • JE Equestrian Resort
  • Snowy Wilderness
  • Thredbo Valley Horseriding
  • Cherry Tree Equine
  • Cochran Horse Treks
  • Snowy River Horseback Adventure

Fishing in the Snowy Mountains

Tumut River

Tumut River Photo Credit:

Fishing - Snowy Mountain

Fishing in the Snowy Mountains Photo Credit:

Flyfishing - Snow Valley

Flyfishing in the Tumut River below Nimbo Fork Lodge, Snowy Mountains. Image Ross Honeysett Photo Credit:

Fishing is another very popular pastime in the mountains, especially in the spring and summer time. The alpine streams and rivers are home to a myriad of fish, with fresh water trout being the most popular. Some of the best fishing spots in the world are here in “The Snowies” including the Tumut River, the Eucumbene River, Lake Jindabyne, and Lake Khancoban Pondage. This is the premier region for trout fishing in New South Wales. Angling, fly fishing, or fishing from a boat is all possible, but anglers must obtain an inland fishing license from one of many service stations or tackle shops. Here are a few of the fishing charters, tours, or self-guided excursions you should look into:

  • Tumut Fly Fishing
  • Snow Mountains Fishing
  • Match the Hatch Fly Fishing
  • Eucumbene Trout Farm
  • Steve Williamson’s Trout Fishing Adventures

Mountain Biking in the Snowy Mountains

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking in the Snowy Mountains Photo Credit:

In addition to being a hot spot for skiing and fishing, The Snowy Mountains is the Mecca for mountain biking. There are so many different trails; you are bound to find something for any age and any ability. There are hundreds of kilometres of mapped trails, forests, valleys, plains, wilderness, and alpine landscape to discover and explore on bike. Here are some of the trails that you can look to ride while on holiday in the Snow Mountains:

  • Muzzlewood / Diggings Trail
  • Cascade to Pinch Trail
  • Lake Jindabyne Foreshore Trail
  • Lake Jindabyne Community Trail
  • Popers Creek / Smiggings Trail
  • Coooma Trail
  • Lake Crackenback Trail
  • Perisher Trail
  • Bungarra Trail
  • Tyrolean Trail
  • Thredbo Valley Trail
  • Thredbo Trail
  • Tumut Trail
  • Khancoban Trail

Attractions in the Snowy Mountains

Snowy Hydro Discovery

Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre Photo Credit:

There are other things to do in the Snowy Mountains as well. You can enjoy some of the magnificent art galleries and culture there. Learn about the aboriginal land owners and their traditions by seeking out tours and expeditions. Experience the fresh food and wine available, take in some shopping, and visit some of the attractions in the area including:

  • Dead Horse Gap
  • Murray 1 Visitor Centre Khancoban
  • Gaden Trout Hatchery
  • Lambie Town Walk
  • Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre
  • Pallaibo Walking Track
  • Boggy Creek Shows
  • Wallace Creek Lookout
  • Adaminaby Snowy Scheme Museum
  • Big Trout
  • Pioneer Women’s Hut Museum

Stay tuned to the Budget Australia Travel Tips blog for more details on the scenic drives of the Snowy Mountains. There is so much to see and do in this beautiful region of the country.

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