Perth is the 4th most populous city in Western Australia with approximately 2 million residents. It is a sharp contrast to the rest of Western Australia, which is remote with rugged terrain. That is one of the reasons why a holiday in Perth can be so interesting and diverse. You can enjoy the city life of Perth, or venture off to nearby destinations and natural attractions. Perthies are known for being relaxed and care-free and the climate is temperate and unlikely to interfere with your plans.

Perth Vacation Locations

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Hiring a Car in Perth

Sydney Car Hire Map

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There are plenty of car rental locations in Perth where you can hire a car. When you hire a car, you can find the best places to visit and the best deals for your holiday. If you are in Perth City, then you can hire a car there. Other Perth car hire locations include the Perth Airport car rental or the Perth South car hire location near Fremantle. When you are hiring a car, be sure to share your travel plans with the car rental agent so that they can give you the guidelines, road maps, safety restrictions, and holiday travel tips.

Things to Do in Perth

Perth is a city that will allow you to have very different vacation experiences from one day to the next. If you are looking for a budget holiday, check out our post: Free Things to Do on Holiday in Perth. You can see the sights in the city, visit historical places, and attractions, but at the same time, you are not far away from camping in the wilderness or eco-tours on the Indian Ocean. Here is a list of fun things to do on holiday in Perth:

Adventure World

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Adventure World is an amusement park filled with rides and medieval themed dragon adventures. The park is open from September to May.

The Aquarium of Western Australia

Western Australia - Aquarium

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The Aquarium of Western Australia allows you to explore Western Australia’s entire coastline in just one day from one place. Learn all about the marine life and eco-system from the Southern Ocean to the tropical reefs in the far north.

Tour Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison Tour Fremantle Prison Tour Photo Credit:

Fremantle Prison is a historic site that is World Heritage Listed. Built in the 1850’s, it was an active prison for close to 140 years. Now the cells and gallows serve as a museum and a reminder of Australia’s history.

The Bell Tower

The Bell Tower

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This is home of the Swan Bells, one of the world’s largest musical instruments. The tower is over 82 metres high and houses the 12 bells of St Martins-in-the-fields in Trafalgar Square. You can learn about the history of the bells and see some fantastic panoramic views of Perth and the Swan River.

Western Australian Museum – Maritime

Maritime Museum

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Fremantle is known for the prison that shares its name, but the city is a working port and also home to the Western Australia Museum – Maritime. The museum explores Western Australia’s connection to the Indian Ocean and features shipwreck galleries.

Captain Cook’s Cruises

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Enjoy a tour of the city via the Swan River that runs through it. This is a relaxing way to tour the sights, have a scenic luncheon cruise, and be entertained.