Many of the top dive spots in the world are located in the waters off of Australia. In this blog post series, we are showcasing the top 7 dive spots in Australia. This is part two, in part one of this series, we highlighted the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, and Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Each dive spot is completely different. You will witness different marine life and have a different type of experience in each magical place. We will also be featuring the most convenient car hire locations near each dive spot so that you can find your favorite holiday happenings at your leisure.

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The East Coast Dive Trail, Tasmania

Diving Near Hobart

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During our blog series on the top 10 Australian Road Trips, the #1 drive was Tasmania’s East Coast from Binalong Bay on the north side to Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, down on the southern end of the east coast of the island state. This top dive sight mirrors that road trip along the east coast of Tasmania. You can follow the road trip route at your leisure when you rent a car and stop and spend as much time as you want in each dive spot and discover your own favourites along the way. Starting off in the south near Hobart you can explore the kelp forest in Fortescue Bay. The 1915 shipwreck of the SS Nord is also located there and is one of the top shipwreck dives in Australia. Further north is Maria Island which features large reefs and caves of Waterfall Bay. Between Maria Island and northward to Great Oyster Bay is the Isle des Phoques with enchanting caves to explore and seals frolicking in the coastal waters. Onward up the coast, you can view jewelled anemones and school of fish in Governor Island Marine Nature Reserve. In Waubs Bay near Bicheno, you can to a shore dive and be treated to the rate sight of weedy sea dragons. The Tasmania dive journey ends in the waters off the coast in Binalong Bay are a beautiful turquoise and crystal clear with visibility up to 40 metres.

Renting a Car in Hobart, Tasmania

If your dive holiday in Tasmania starts in Hobart, you can hire a car in the city of Hobart or at the Hobart International Airport. If you take the ferry over from the mainland, you can rent a car at the Davenport Ferry car hire location. When you do hire a car, be sure to consult with the car rental agent for guidelines about driving in Tasmania and about any specific restrictions. Much of Tasmania is rugged terrain so be sure to let your agent know where you are going so that they can provide you with the correct vehicle, proper maps, driving instructions, and valuable tips from a local Tassie.

Baird Bay, South Australia

White Shark Cage Dive

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Baird Bay is on the east coast of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. It is a fishing village that has become famous for the endangered sea-lions that swim in the protection and shelter of an offshore lagoon. There are plenty of dive tours that take you to swim with the inquisitive and playful creatures as well as dolphins. If you are up for an even bigger adventure, nearby Port Lincoln offers dive tours to cage dive with great white sharks.

Hiring a Car in Port Lincoln

 Port Lincoln Car Hire Map

If you plan on touring around the Eyre Peninsula or even seeing more of beautiful South Australia, you can hire a car at the Port Lincoln Airport. Of course, if you are travelling from Adelaide, there are plenty of other car rental location options in Adelaide to make it convenient for you to find the right vehicle for your South Australia travel needs. If you are planning a holiday in South Australia, be sure to check out our post on the Bunda Cliffs and Kangaroo Island, both nearby destinations for touring as well as Things to Do in Adelaide.

Darwin Harbour, Northern Territory

Darwin Dive Center

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Darwin Diving

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Darwin - Diving

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Diving in Darwin features coastal reefs and World War II shipwrecks that are teaming with marine life and schools of fish. The shipwrecks have been there since 1942, the tidal currents every other week allow you to explore the wrecks and swim through the sunken hulls along with coral trout, wobbegong sharks, jewfish, and barracuda. You can book a guided night dive tour that begins with Darwin’s flamingo sunset. The waters are warm, smooth as glass, and naturally illuminated. If you are already in Darwin and like to get in the water with the wildlife, consider taking a trip to Crocosaurus Cove. It is the only place in the world where you can dive with crocodiles; and some of the largest crocs in the world, at that! During your visit to the Northern Territory Top End, consider adding onto your holiday by touring Nitmiluk National Park or Litchfield National park, both near Darwin.

Renting a Vehicle in Darwin, Northern Territory

Darwin Car Hire Map

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There are two places you can hire a car in Darwin. You can rent a 4WD vehicle at the Darwin Airport, or hire an all-terrain vehicle in Darwin City. Since the Northern Territory is so rugged and remote, we have some rules in place for your safety so it is important to plan your trip after dawn or well before dusk because driving outside the Darwin city limits is not allowed between dusk and dawn. Since it is a short drive to Litchfield National Park, it is easy to stay within those guidelines.

Clovelly and Gordons Bay, New South Wales

Gordons Bay Map

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Gordons Bay

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Clovelly Bay

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Clovelly and Gordon’s Bay are very close to Sydney Harbour. Swimming through the rocky channels of Clovelly or the waters of Gordon’s Bay you will encounter a rainbow of brightly coloured fish including blue groper, bream, snapper, kingfish, eastern blue devilfish, giant cuttlefish, and flathead. Gordon’s Bay features the 500 metre Underwater Nature Trail. Keep on the lookout for weedfish, sea dragons, wobbegongs, sea stars, slugs, sea urchins, and Port Jackson sharks. There are some other fantastic beaches in Sydney and surrounds that you can read about and choose to include in your New South Wales holiday.

Hiring a Car in Sydney

Sydney Car Hire Map

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Covelly and Gordon’s Bay is just a few km south of Sydney. There are plenty of convenient car hire locations in Sydney where you can rent a vehicle so that you can make your way around town and see the sights on your own schedule. The 3 closest car rental locations to Covelly are Sydney City – Kings Cross, Sydney East – Alexandria, and the Sydney Airport.