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10 Best Road Trips in Australia – #1 Tasmania’s East Coast

10 Best Road Trips in Australia – #1 Tasmania’s East Coast

This article is the first of a 10 part series featuring details of some of the best road trips in Australia. made the list of the top 10 best road trips in Australia; we have outlined the details of each road trip with details and highlights of things to do in each road trip destination.

#1 Drive Tasmania’s East Coast Hobart North to Bay of Fires

Budget Blog - Bay of Fires

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Budget Blog - Hobart to Orford

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Budget Blog - Orford to Bay of Fires

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Number one on our list is the drive from Hobart to Bay of Fires. The plan that laid out in their guide it’s a 5 day, easy road trip. Day one is an hour drive from Hobart to Orford. Day two is Orford to Swansea, with a two day layover in Swansea; and finally another short 2 hour and 40 minute drive up the coast from Swansea to Bay of Fires.

Renting a Car in Hobart, Tasmania

Budget Blog - Hobart Car Hire Map

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To embark on this road trip, you can hire a car in the city of Hobart or at the Hobart International Airport. When you do hire a car, be sure to consult with the car rental agent for guidelines about driving in Tasmania and about any specific restrictions. Much of Tasmania is rugged terrain so be sure to let your agent know where you are going so that they can provide you with the correct vehicle, proper maps, and driving instructions.

Things to do in Hobart

Budget Blog - Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Budget Blog - Museum of Old and New Art

Museum of Old and New Art Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Budget Blog - Bruny Island

Bruny Island Cruise Photo Credit:

Hobart offers a variety of exploits for vacationers who love the great outdoors or city adventures. Situated on the Derwent River which lead to the many inlets and bays of Tasmania and then out to the Tasman Sea, there is no shortage of water sports and boating available. To the west is Mt. Wellington, where you can hike or bike to your heart’s content. Inside the city, there are cultural happenings, nightlife, dining, and more. Some of the highlights in Hobart include climbing to the top of Mt. Wellington and hiking or biking on some of the tours and walking tracks that are available. If you love art and culture, check out the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). Salamanca Place along the waterfront on Elizabeth Street is an area of historic architecture and cobblestone streets mixed with modern shopping, dining, music, theatres, galleries, and nightlife. If you are in Hobart for long enough, do not miss a trip to Bruny Island. Bruny Island is a 35 minute ferry ride from Hobart. Eco-friendly day cruises are popular as well as looking out for the animals that call the island and its surrounding waters home including fur seals, fairy penguins, white wallabies, and many birds.

Things to do in Orford

Budget Blog - Orford

Orford Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Budget Blog - Marie Island

Maria Island Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Budget Blog - Painted Cliffs

Maria Island Painted Cliffs Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Budget Blog - Wombat

Maria Island Wombat Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Orford is a small little town on the east coast of Tasmania where even locals like to go for a peaceful getaway. The Prosser River runs through the town, which is known for boating and its beautiful, quiet beaches. Fishing and water sports are also popular activities for holiday goers visiting the town. Of course, each of the amazing places on the road trips we are describing can likely be the only holiday destination or you can opt to take a longer excursion. Orford might just be one of those places because of Maria Island. You can take a ferry over to Maria Island for a car-free portion of your holiday. The island is a national park and the spectacular scenery there including the turquoise waters and lush green tropical landscape is simply breath taking. Maria Island is home to one of the greatest walks in the world. It is a 4 day guided tour that includes knowledgeable tour guides, food, drinks, and nightly accommodations. There is plenty to see on the island including beautiful beaches, the painted cliffs, and the wildlife.

Things to do in Swansea

Budget Blog - Great Oyster Bay

Great Oyster Bay, Swansea, and Freycinet National Park Map Photo Credit: Google Maps

Budget Blog - Freycinet Peninsula

Freycinet National Park Oyster Bay Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Budget Blog - Kayaking fom Coles Bay

Kayaking in Oyster Bay Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Swansea is one of the oldest cities in Tasmania and all of Australia; it is located in the centre of the east coast of Tasmania. First explored in 1789, it was not settled until 1821. The city is home to historic buildings that are over 100 years old. The quaint town is known for wildlife both on land in the surrounding waters; but the most famous landmarks are Oyster Bay, the Hazards Mountains, and Freycinet National Park. The Great Oyster Bay is on the sheltered side of the peninsula. You can go kayaking in the serene waters, fishing is also popular; during the winter dolphins and whales can be seen in bay. The Hazards are known for great hiking, abseiling, and mountain climbing. Freycinet National Park encompasses the Freycinet Peninsula and Wineglass Bay. You should definitely plan to swim with the dolphins in Wineglass Bay.

Things to do in Bay of Fires

Budget Blog - Bay of Fires

Photo Credit:

Budget Blog - Panorama Bay of Fires

Bay of Fires Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Budget Blog - Eddystone Point Lighthouse

Eddystone Point Lighthouse Photo Credit:

The Bay of Fires on the north-eastern coast of Tasmania and is the final stop on AustrailanTraveller’s recommended driving holiday. Bay of Fires is so names for the brightly coloured orange rocks located along the bay. The contrast in colours looks very unnatural, but is quite the opposite. The granite bright orange rocks that line the coast of the Bay of Fires get their hue from lichen, which is a combination of fungus that grows with another photosynthetic organism. The bay is part of the Mount William National Park and is a protected area. Activities in the area include kayaking, boating, fishing, swimming, surfing, and snorkelling in the crystal clear inlets and bays or just relaxing on the white sand beaches. Camping, picnicking, and bird watching are also popular activities of the area. Be sure to check out the Eddystone Point Lighthouse and also choose from a variety of lodges, beach campgrounds, and other accommodations.


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  1. I always wanted to have such kind of lists for my plan to explore this country. Thanks for sharing such an informative post. I will be visiting all these places one by one, and spending at least more than one week for exploring them to their fullest.

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