Sydney is known all over the world for its beautiful beaches, surf, and sand. The most well-known beaches are Bondi Beach and Manly Beach; however, there are several secret beaches that you might also want to know about if you want to have a more secluded visit with nature. The beaches are an integral part of the Sydney and New South Wales community. No trip to the Sydney area would be complete without visiting at least one beach, but visiting a few different beaches will each give you a different experience.

Bondi Beach

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Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s most popular beaches and is known for surfing and its picture perfect post card views. Bondi Beach has one of the world’s oldest surf life savings clubs so it has long been one of Sydney’s most visited beaches. Located just 8 kilometres away from Sydney’s city centre; it is the closest beach to Sydney. Bondi is only about a 30 minute drive away from Sydney, but we would recommend that travellers use public transportation, many buses or tours are available and are often a better option because parking near Bondi Beach is very scarce. Even though Bondi Beach only runs about 1 km long, the more popular south facing side of the beach can attract more than 40,000 visitors in just one summer weekend.

Keeping Bondi Beachgoers Safe

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Since 1906, members of the surf lifesaving club are volunteers that monitor the waters, keeping swimmers safely in between the safety flags. There are both beach inspectors as well as the volunteers of the surf lifesaving club constantly monitoring the waters off of Bondi Beach and keeping the swimmers and surfers safe, rescuing swimmers when necessary. Since 1937 there have been no shark attack related deaths at Bondi Beach. Sharks are often spotted and the visitors are alerted when a shark might be spotted in the waters, but there are nets up around the perimeters of the beach to act as a deterrent for sharks and larger fish.

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Things to do at Bondi Beach

Besides surfing, swimming, and soaking up the sun, Bondi beachgoers have a number of local dining and shopping choices. Here are some other things to do at Bondi Beach:

  • Learn How to Surf. The Bondi waves are generally calm and quiet, which is perfect for beginner surfers and is home to many surfing schools. There are also two rock pools at each end of the beach if the waves get too big for teaching.
  • Bondi Beach Night Life. Once the sun goes down, it does not mean that you have to leave Bondi. The casual atmosphere carries over to the many pubs, restaurants, and night clubs of the area.
  • Bondi Pavilion. Located right on the beachfront, check to see what’s on during your visit, there is usually entertainment and exhibitions there.
  • Golf by the Sea. If you are into golfing, you can sign up to play at one of the courses near Bondi Beach.

Sydney’s Secret Beaches

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Visiting the most popular beach is, well, quite obviously the “popular” thing to do. However, depending on your vacation plans, visiting a more secluded and even “secret” beach can be a wonderfully special experience. There are many little known beaches around Sydney’s Harbour. If you know where to look, finding a private stretch of sand with an amazing view is possible. Here are some of Sydney’s best hidden beaches:

Shelly Beach

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Shelly Beach is part of Manly Beach and is part of Cabbage Tree Bay, which is a protected marine reserve. If you take the bus to Cronulla Beach, Shelly Beach is just a short walk from there via Kingsway. Once there, you will see that in addition to the stunning secluded beach, there is a park with picnic tables and a playground. The beach also has change facilities and a rock pool. The maximum depth is only about 12 metres, so Shelly beach has become a favourite spot for snorkelers and scuba divers who like to explore the marine life in the clear shadow waters.

Chinaman’s Beach

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Chinaman’s Beach is located on the northern perimeter of Mosman. Since it is positioned well inside Middle Harbour, this beach is calm with almost no waves, making it an ideal location for a relaxing swim and isolated beach experience.

Redleaf Beach

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Redleaf Beach provides beachgoers with amazing harbour views and a safe harbourside tidal enclosure to swim in. It is located in the Double Bay precinct, and this beach should definitely be added to your list of must see places in Sydney.

Milk Beach

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Have fun fishing, swimming, snorkelling, picnicking, or just doing nothing at all but basking in the sun, sand and gentle waves. Milk Beach is at the base of Hermit Bay within the Sydney Harbour National Park. Amazing views of Sydney can be seen from this hidden gem of a beach. Access is limited but it can be accessed via public transport, limited street parking, or boats.