As we mentioned previously in part 1 of the Strangest Places to Visit in Australia and Tasmania, Australia and New Zealand have such unique geography and locations; they are home to some of the strangest places to visit on Earth. Most of these places do not even look like they are on our planet, with amazing colours and foreign sights that look like they are straight out of a sci-fi movie, however each of the amazing places on our list are all natural. When you visit Australia and Tasmania, definitely add these places to your list of places to visit, they are not to miss!

5 more of the Most Outta’ Sight Places to Visit in Australia and Tasmania

Pink Lake Hillier

Budget Blog - Lake Hillier

Photo Credit: AmusingPlanet

Budget Blog - Pink Lake Hillier

Photo Credit: AmusingPlanet

This lake isn’t filled with medicine for an upset stomach; it is a naturally occurring pink salt water lake. If you take the water out of the lake and look at it in a jar, it is still pink. It is an oddity to science, especially given that it is right next to the Southern Ocean, which is bright blue. There are other pink lakes in the world and even others in Australia that scientists have discovered the cause of. However, the pink hue of Lake Hiller remains a mystery. Lake Hiller is located on Middle Island, the largest of the islands and islets that make up the Recherche Archipelago in Western Australia. The closest airport and car hire service is in Esperance. Visitors can access Middle Island via helicopter tours; even though it is deemed safe to swim in this lake, it seems the main thing to do with this lake is take photographs of it.

Wave Rock

Budget Blog - Wave Rock

Photo Credit: Amusing Planet

Budget Blog - Wave Rock 2

Photo Credit: Amusing Planet

This granite rock formation located near the town of Hyden in Western Australia is one of the most interesting sites to see in Australia. It is pretty enormous in size, covering several hectares; it is about 15 metres high and 10 metres long. It gets its name from the wave shape of the formation, however it did not get the formation from waves or water, and it is a result of chemical weathering underground before Wave Rock was even exposed. Hyden is a small town in the Shire of Kondinin. The closest airport where you can hire a car to travel to Hyden is in Kalgoorlie; or it is 292 kilometres east-southeast of the more well-known city of Perth. Wave Rock is the most popular attraction in Hyden, but it is not all that there is to see while visiting this rural farm town. You can also see: Wave Rock Wildlife Park, Stargate Observatory, Pioneer Town, the annual Hyden Family Festival, The Lace Place, Wildflowers, and Aboriginal Culture.

Tasmania’s Totem Pole

Budget Blog - Tasmanian Totem Pole

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Budget Blog - Totem Pole

Photo Credit: AustraliaforEveryone

This sea stack is known as the Totem Pole and is located in Tasman National Park in Tasmania at Cape Hauy on the Tasman Peninsula. Tasmania is known for its natural wonders with almost half of the island state made up of national parks and world heritage sites. It is one of the most distinctive and well-known rock climbing challenges in the world. Hundreds of rock climbers attempt the climb up the 65 metre high rock jutting out of the ocean each year. The Totem Pole is believed to be at least 100 years old and geologists marvel at how it has not fallen because of the constant waves and weathering. Bits of rock fall off of the Totem Pole, making it a very dangerous climb, even with safety gear. Car rentals are available at the Hobart Airport in southern Tasmania and the Tasman National Park and campgrounds is accessible by car.


Budget Blog - Uluru

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Budget Blog - Uluru - Ayres Rock

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Uluru is the aboriginal name; the sandstone rock formation is also called Ayers Rock. It is the world’s largest monolith rock structure and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located in the Northern Territory of Australia; the closest large city is Alice Springs. If you visit this natural wonder, the best times are sunrise and sunset, when you can see the light reflections change the patterns and colours on the red rock. It is quite a site to see fill with both natural and cultural history. The surrounding area features springs, waterholes, caves, and ancient paintings.

Binalong Bay Tasmania

Budget Blog - Binalong Bay - Fire Rocks

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Budget Blog - Bay of Fires

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Binalong Bay is located in the Bay of Fires on the north-eastern coast of Tasmania. Tasmania is an island state of Australia that is about 150 miles south of the southern tip of the mainland. Tasmania is known for its natural beauty. The contrast in colours looks very unnatural, but is quite the opposite. The granite bright orange rocks that line the coast of the Bay of Fires get their hue from lichen, which is a combination of fungus that grows with another photosynthetic organism. The bay is part of the Mount William National Park and is a conservation location. You can hire a car near the Launceston airport and drive to Binalong Bay where you will find cottage accommodations available. The peaceful white sand beaches make for a spectacular getaway spot.