Jamison Valley is located in the Snowy Mountains. It is beautiful and remote territory filled with forestry, rain forests, river, and natural unspoiled surroundings. It is hard to believe that it is just 100 kilometres from the bustling city streets of Sydney. You can hire a car in Sydney and travel west for a quick tow hour drive to get to the Snowy Mountains and Jamison Valley. Just remember to check with your car rental agent about specific safety restrictions that prohibit car rental drivers from taking cars above the snow line. Sticking below the snow while driving in Jamison Valley should not be a problem. Besides, once you get there, bushwalking is the predominant activity, so you probably won’t be driving much after you reach your destination.

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Echo Valley and the Three Sisters Overlooking Jamison Valley Photo Credit: WikiTravel

The Jamison Valley is in the beautiful Snowy Mountains. The unique geography is sandstone and sandstone cliffs. It is about 12 kilometres from the city of Kotoomba to the north and the Coxs River to the south. It stretches 10 kilometres from the west to the east from the Narrow Neck Plateau to Kings Tableland. The picture below shows the Kings Tableland plateau on the left and the Narrow Neck Plateau on the right; the Jamison Valley is in the centre of the photograph. The region is a World Heritage Site because of the pristine views of untouched nature combined with historical and cultural artifacts from the Peoples who have inhabited this land for tens of thousands of years. The picture below is the view from Wentworth Falls.

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Jamison Valley View from Wentworth Falls Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Wentworth Falls

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Upper Wentworth Falls Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Wentworth Falls is a one of the cities located in Jamison Valley. The quaint little town is one of the attractions to visitors in the valley. The city has a train station, several bed and breakfast type places to stay, and beautiful water falls.

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Cascades along Jamison Creek in Wentworth Falls Photo Credit Wikipedia

Wentworth Falls has many different bed and breakfast establishments located in historical homes and buildings. The building pictured below is a landmark heritage building called Yester Grange and is used for hosting events, parties, and gatherings.

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Yester Grange Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Kings Tableland

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Aboriginal Markings at KingsTableland Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Kings Tableland is a plateau near Wentworth Falls that is perched above the Jamison Valley. It is an archaeological and historical site for the aborigines of the land. This area was used as a gathering place for at least the last 22,000 years. Cultural evidence and things to see when visiting this area include engravings, axe-grinding grooves, modified rock pools, and an occupations shelter.


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View of Three Sisters from Katoomba Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The town of Katoomba is located on the north side of Jamison Valley. Its main industry is tourism and the Blue Mountains City Council is headquartered here. Most people who visit Katoomba are on their way to venture out into the Blue Mountains or Jamison Valley. However, the main attraction in the town is Scenic World. Scenic World is home to four unique ways to take in the sights: The Scenic Railway, Scenic Skyway, Scenic Cableway, and Scenic Walkway.

Scenic Railway

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Photo Credit: scenicworld.com.au

The Scenic Railway takes riders up the 52 degree incline, the steepest railway in the world. You ride in cars with glass windows and roof to allow you expansive views of the rainforest and aerial views of the Jamison Valley below.

Scenic Skyway

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Photo Credit: scenicworld.com.au

Each of the vehicles that take you high above the Jamison Valley is slightly different and afford you different views on the 720 metre journey across the expanse. The Skyway is suspended 270 metres above the views. The Skyway is unique because it has a glass floor in the cabin. If the glass floor is too much for you, seating and solid flooring is available. All cabins have 360 degree views all around you so that you can catch sight of Katoomba Falls and the Three Sisters. It lets you off near Echo Point, where you can reach lookouts and bush trails.

Scenic Cableway

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Photo Credit: scenicworld.com.au

The Scenic Cableway offers panoramic views during the 545 metre journey that gently descends into the valley and then returns back to the top of the escarpment. During the round trip you can see the Three Sisters, Orphan Rock, Mount Solitary, and Katoomba Falls. The Cableway drops you off at the entrance to the Scenic Walkway.

Scenic Walkway

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Photo Credit: scenicworld.com.au

If you would rather remain grounded and in control of your views and your pace, take the scenic walkway. This 2.4 kilometre elevated boardwalk through the rainforest on the floor of the Jamison Valley is a way to see everything up close with minimal impact on the environment. Look for local wildlife and flora. This is an opportunity for anyone of any fitness level and even wheelchairs to gain access. There are paths for 10 minute walks or 1 hour long walks with benches along the way.

Things to do in Jamison Valley

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Mount Solitary Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Most visitors to the valley come for the beautiful views and to experience nature. Camping, hiking, and bushwalking are the main activities of the tourists of the area. While traversing the valley’s landscape, there are several lookouts and points of interest that you should plan along your route.

Bushwalking trails in Jamison Valley can be followed to Mount Solitary, a great spot for camping. Also the interesting rock formation called the Ruined Castle can be seen along that hike.

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Ruined Castle Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Going through the trails in Jamison Valley will lead you past some lookouts with spectacular views:

  • Castle Head
  • Echo Point
  • Eagle Hawk Lookout
  • Flat Rock Lookout
  • Jamison Lookout
  • Sublime Point Lookout
  • Wentworth Falls Lookout
  • Princess Rock Lookout

Watercourses include:

  • Jamison Creek
  • Valley of the Waters Creek
  • Gordons Creek
  • Leura Falls Creek
  • Kedumba River
  • Causeway Creek

There are also numerous waterfalls, each one more awe inspiring than the next:

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Photo Credit: scenicworld.com.au

  • Wentworth Falls
  • Empress Falls
  • Vera Falls
  • Gordon Falls
  • Leura Falls
  • Katoomba Falls

You don’t have to enjoy the beauty all on your own; there are many different ways to experience the Jamison Valley through guided tours or pre-arranged package deals:

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Photo Credit: scenicworld.com.au

  • Walking Tours
  • 4WD
  • Cycling
  • Rock Climbing Tours
  • Child Friendly Activities
  • Eco-Tourism
  • Horse Back Riding
  • Shopping Local Antiques, Arts, and Crafts
  • Festivals and Events