Daintree Rainforest is located in the northern part of Queensland on the coast of the Coral Sea. It is unique in many ways. The rainforest lines the coast and is visible from the ocean. Daintree is not only the oldest rainforest in the world; it is also the largest continuous rainforest still in existence today. It is estimated that it is 140 million years old. Filled with extreme biodiversity, Daintree has the largest variety of plants and flora per square metre on the entire planet. Many of the plants and animals here are found nowhere else on the planet. Visiting this land really makes you appreciate nature while giving you and exploration adventure at the same time.

Daintree Rainforest

Daintree Photo Credit: DaintreeRainforest.net.au

Getting to the Daintree Rainforest

Daintree Map

Daintree Rainforest is located in Far North Queensland along the Coral Sea coastline. It is alongside the Daintree National Park, which includes Daintree Village and incorporates the Daintree Rainforest plus other geological features including Mossman Gorge, Cape Tribulation, mountains, and beaches; plus it overlaps with the Queensland Wetlands World Heritage Site.  It is about 68 km north of Port Douglas.

Daintree - Google Maps

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You can hire a car in Port Douglas  and take the beautiful drive up the coastline to the Daintree It is just about an hour and half long drive, so you can make a day trip, or choose to stay in Daintree to explore the rainforest and national park. Rainforest and also visit locations and see tourist spots within Daintree National Park, which is situated towards the west. Guided tours are available and so are self-drive tours so that you can experience the rainforest at your own pace and leisure.


Daintree House

Photo Credit: DaintreeRainforest.com

If you choose to stay in the area and explore Daintree National Park for more than one day, there is plenty to do and see. Different accommodations are available in almost the same amount of diversity that is present in the rainforest. Choose from:

  • Resorts
  • Hostels
  • Camp Sites
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Beachfront
  • Wilderness Safari Retreats
  • Guest Houses,
  • Romantic Getaways
  • Family Friendly Stays
  • Eco Accredited Accommodations

Cooper Creek

Photo Credit: DaintreeRainforestInformation.com

Things to do In Daintree National Park

1.     Mossman Gorge

Daintree Swimming

Photo Credit: DaintreeRainforestInformation.com

The Mossman Gorge is on the steep valley side of the Mossman River. This section of Daintree National Park is one of the most popular spots for vacationers. Swimming, hiking, bird watching, and picnics can all be done in this one area. This spot is also rich with Aboriginal history and culture. Guided walking tours are available from the native Kuku Yalanji Mossman Gorge people.

2.     Daintree Village

Relaxation Rainforest Spa

Photo Credit: VisitPortDouglasDaintree.com

Daintree Village is known as the village in the rainforest. Here you will find accommodations, restaurants, spas, river boat tours, crocodile tours, and plenty of shopping and Aboriginal culture too.

3.     Cape Tribulation

Daintree Ocean View

Photo Credit: Daintree-rec-com.au

Cape Tribulation is the northern most region of Daintree National Park. The rainforest is contained between Daintree Village and Cape Tribulation. The unique fact about this location is that it is the only place in the world where two different World Heritage Listed Sites meet. Those two sites are the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, which is located off to the east in the Coral Sea just off the coast of Daintree.

4.     Daintree River Cruises

River Boat Cruises

Photo Credit: DaintreeRainforest.com

River cruises are one of the most relaxing ways to tour the rivers and estuaries in Daintree. It’s also the safest way to see the crocodiles up close. Tour guides impart their wealth of knowledge as you sail through the tranquil waters.

5.     Overnight Nocturnal Tours

Daintree Frogs

Photo Credit: Daintree-rec-com.au

Many tours are available and if you really want to see the difference between the rainforest during the day and at night. Nocturnal animals can only be seen at night and experienced tour guides along with flash lights ensure your safety during these late night adventures.

6.     Aboriginal Culture

Aboriginal Child

Photo Credit: VisitPortDouglasDaintree.com

The Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal people are the traditional owners of the Daintree National Park lands. They offer tours and are proud to be able to share their culture and their history with tourists. They were primarily hunters and gatherers and can unlock the secrets of living in the rainforest.

7.     Fishing Tours

Daintree Fishing

Photo Credit: DaintreeFishing.com.au

There is no shortage of fishing charters available in Daintree. Both fresh water and deep sea fishing are available.

8.     Bird Watching

Cassowary In Creek

Photo Credit: Daintree-rec-com.au

There are plenty of animals to see throughout the region, but the birds are particularly diverse and perfect for bird watchers who want to get a glimpse of rare birds, such as the ancient Cassowary bird. The Cassowary (pictured above) is believed to be the closest living relative to the dinosaurs.

9.     Hiking Trails

Walking Tour - Daintree

Photo Credit: Daintree-rec-com.au

There are hiking trails and plenty of scenic walking tours available. There is so much land to explore; and seeing it all on foot allows you to get such a close up view of the beauty in all the plants and animals.

10.  Water Sports

Canoeing In Daintree

Photo Credit: VisitPortDouglasDaintree.com

Of course, water sports are often on the top of the list for tourists visiting this area. There are water sports in the rivers, creeks, and streams within the rainforest, and then a host of other ocean adventures along the coast and out to the Great Barrier Reef as well. Your options are pretty limitless from boating, canoeing, paddle boarding, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, cruising, and yachting.