Visiting the Pinnacles Desert inside Nambung National Park, it is one of those places where it is hard to believe that you are still on Earth because the view looks like something right out of a science fiction movie from another planet. The Pinnacles are thousands of yellow limestone structures several metres high that dot the desert landscape; several of the limestone structures reach 5 metres high. The structures sticking out of the Earth are what remain from seashells from thousands of years ago when the desert was once ocean.  The landscape has been weathered over the years and is still ever-changing.

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Getting to Nambung National Park

Nambung National Park is easily accessed when you hire a car and is located in Western Australia north of Perth  and south of Geraldton  along the coast of the Indian Ocean.  When you take a road trip to the Pinnacles, travel the coastline on the Indian Ocean Drive 162 kilometres north of Perth. It is well worth the drive from Perth since it takes just about 3 hours to get to one of the most unique locations on the planet.  Whether you are just going on a day tour drive up to see the Pinnacles, or making a full on holiday drive up the coast all the way to Ningaloo, this is a must see. The Pinnacles and Nambung National Park is the major tourist attraction in this area, which is called The Coral Coast. Over 250,000 tourists are drawn to this fascinating land each year. It is surprising that the structures were barely known to most Australians until the 1960’s. The park covers 17,487 hectares and is the natural habitat of many animals. The best time of year to see the Pinnacles is from August to October and the best time of the day is sunrise or sunset so that you can see the amazing colours in the different lights and shadows.  There are a wide range of places to stay and accommodations range from hotels to quaint bed and breakfasts and even economical hostels. Camping is available as well.

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Things to Do Inside Nambung National Park

When you visit Nambung National Park, besides the fantastic sight of The Pinnacles Desert, here is a list of some other things you can plan to do during your stay:

  • Checkout the many trails and lookouts that offer different views for photographing The Pinnacles. Be sure to explore different areas at different times of the day to witness the colours of nature there.
  • Visit the Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre where you can learn about the evolution of the Pinnacles and more about the region’s wildlife, flora, and fauna.
  • Explore the native wildlife. Emus, galahs, and other native wildlife.
  • Swim and snorkel at the secluded white sand beaches.
  • Plan a picnic with the gas barbecues near the boat launch.
  • Book a windsurfing excursion along the coastline and lookout to catch glimpses of bottle nose dolphin or sea lions swimming just offshore.
  • Go Skydiving!
  • Wildflowers fill the park with amazing colours from August through October.

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Nearby Places to Visit

There are many nearby attractions or other interesting holiday spots all along the Coral Coast, so visiting Nambung National Park can be your main vacation destination or just one of many spots to visit driving up and down the coast of Western Australia. Some other nearby attractions or places to see near The Pinnacles Desert and Nambung National Park are:

  • Cervantes
  • Lake Thetis
  • Leda Nature Reserve
  • Sandy Cape Recreational Park
  • Lesueur National Park
  • Jurien Bay Marine Park
  • Hill River Nature Reserve
  • Moore River Nature Reserve
  • Badingarra National Park
  • Thirsty Point Lookout
  • Hangover Bay
  • Kangaroo Point