Australia’s Winter Wonderland in Kosciuszko National Park

Kosciuszko Main Range Photo Credit: Wikipedia Perisher Ski Resort in the Perisher-Thredbo area of Kosciuszko National Park Image Credit: Thredbo Ski Resort Image Credit: When you think of a holiday in Australia, skiing on snow topped mountains may not immediately come to mind, but that is exactly what you can experience in Kosciuszko National Park, located in New South Wales. It is part of the Australian Alps National Parks and Reserves and home to Mt. Kosciuszko, the tallest peak in all of Australia, sitting at 2,228 metres above sea level. Nestled in this park are the Snowy Mountains and caves to explore. Here you can climb Australia’s highest mountain, go camping, horseback riding, skiing, and stay in heritage accommodations. Come along with us today as we explore the […]

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September 11th, 2017

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Australia – Wine Country

We have been featuring some of the top honeymoon destinations for your honeymoon holiday. Today, we are featuring the best Australian honeymoon destinations in the various wine countries across the country. In part one of the Best Honeymoon Destinations in Australia – Islands. In part two of the Best Honeymoon Destinations in Australia – Mountains. […]

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September 8th, 2017

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Australia – Beaches

In one of our previous posts, we shared with you some of the top island destinations that are perfect for a romantic honeymoon. Today, we are featuring some of the best beaches in Australia that will make for a great honeymoon holiday. Cable Beach, Broome WA Staircase to the Moon Image Credit:   Staircase […]

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September 5th, 2017

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Australia – Mountains

This is part three of our series on the best honeymoon destinations in Australia. There are so many different places to honeymoon in Australia; we have broken them down into categories. First, we told you about the most romantic island getaways, next we featured blissful beaches, and today, we are highlighting the majestic mountains. You […]

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September 2nd, 2017

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Australia – Islands

When it comes to romantic destinations for your honeymoon, the islands of Australia top many of the lists. Whether you are looking for isolation, beautiful beaches, or adventures, the islands of Australia have all this and more. Here are 5 of the most romantic islands that make great honeymoon destinations. The Whitsundays The Whitsundays Photo […]

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August 29th, 2017

Brisbane Water National Park: Walking Trails in the Park

Not too long ago, we featured Brisbane Water National Park in our series on National Parks near Sydney. It is such a big park, we have gone back to feature a two part series on the park including the walking trails and things to do in the park. It is 11,506 hectares and located 27 […]

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August 25th, 2017

Things to do in Spring in Australia Part One

As summer comes to an end, it is time to start planning things to do in spring. Spring in Australia is a great time where the weather is still warm but starting to cool off and in many places, the wildflowers are simply fantastic! Here are things that you can plan to do travelling around […]

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August 21st, 2017

Recap of the National Parks in Sydney’s Surrounds

Earlier this year, we featured the national parks in the region around Sydney in New South Wales including the Greater Blue Mountains Area National Parks as well as other national parks in the region around Sydney. We did a recap of the parks that are part of The Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage-listed area: Blue Mountains National Park, Wollemi National Park, Yengo National Park, Kanangra-Boyd National Park, Nattai National Park, Gardens of Stone National Park, Thirlmere Lakes National Park. Today, we are wrapping up our blog series with a recap of the other National Parks in the region around Sydney: We featured Berowra Valley National Park, Marramarra National Park, Dharug National Park,  Ku-ring-ga National Park, and Royal National Park. Here is a summary of each one so that you can […]

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August 18th, 2017

Field of Light Uluru

Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park Photo Credit: Wikitravel Glamping Longitude 131° Photo Credit: Uluru Aerial View Photo Credi: “Uluru (Helicopter view)-crop” by User: Huntster – Modification of Image: Uluru (Helicopter view).jpg. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons Driving to Uluru Photo Credit: Wikipedia Uluru Panorama Photo Credit: “Uluru Panorama” by Stuart Edwards. – Own […]

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August 15th, 2017

Faure Island and Shark Bay Wildlife Sanctuaries

On the heels of Shark Week, the message is clear: we must protect the sharks in our oceans or suffer the consequences of the imbalance in nature. That prompted me to look to see how many of the growing shark sanctuaries around the world has been established in Australia. Actually, I thought that I would find several. Sadly, I found none. While there are wildlife sanctuaries and marine parks, there are no sanctuaries implicitly set up for sharks. There is a movement to make Shark Bay in Western Australia a shark sanctuary,  but for now, we will have to hope that the protections of the marine wildlife sanctuary is enough to help keep the many species of sharks here safe from human dangers. People who are so afraid of shark […]

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August 11th, 2017